Ahead Of Election, UDP Retains Darboe

pixlr_20160403152201978A congress of the opposition United Democratic Party wrapped up in Basse, Upper River Region, on Sunday, with party delegates electing into office a new Executive. This development moves the party closer to selecting a Presidential Candidate, a responsibility that is left on the shoulder of the new Executive.

pixlr_20160403160530907Delegates re-elected Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, Dembo By-Force Bojang and Femi Peters as the Secretary General, National President and Foreign Affairs Administrative Secretary, respectively. The three-day congress, punctuated with presentation of reports and fanfare, also saw the retention of some old executive members such as Aja Sukaina Kah and Aji Yam Secka. Mrs. Secka was elected the Deputy Secretary General while Mrs. Kah became the President of Women’s Wing. Elected as her Deputy was Fatoumata Jallow. Aji Yamundow Yarboe was elected Deputy National President.

image-f58227f4a53ca798cd3ee2b0d7b9ddc2e34060dcc6361a350c52ee8a1c87197b-VIn their show of solidarity with a man who had given all his best to the UDP, delegates elected Amadou Sanneh in absentia. Despite serving a jail term, Mr. Sanneh was unanimously re-elected the Treasurer. Also catapulted to the Executive were Ebrima Solo Sandeng, National Organising Secretary; Lamin Marong, Deputy National Organising Secretary; Lamin Dibba, Administrative Secretary; Alagie S. Darboe, Deputy Administrative Secretary; Ebrima Pesseh Njie, Administrative Secretary for Finance and Economic Affairs; Khaddy Mambureh, Deputy Administrative Secretary for Finance and Economic Affairs; Fakebba Colley, Campaign Manager; Karafa Sonko, Deputy Campaign Manager; AdamaBarrow, Deputy Treasurer. Also elected into office were Lamin Cham, Pa Malick Nyassi and Fatoumata Jawara, Youth President, Deputy Youth President and President of Women’s Youth Wing, respectively.

Earlier, delegates reviewed the party’s constitution as well as passed resolutions on redoubling efforts on women’s empowerment. These resolutions call for the participation of women in leadership positions and countrywide engagement of youths. One resolution empowers the “party leadership to continue with its engagement and also tasked to negotiate with other opposition parties for a united front.”



  1. This is a very good start. I am humbly impressed about the Gambia’s democratic process. I think change is ripe and elections are the best way to go about it.

    My only concern is the age limit. I am not in the Gambia so can someone elaborate on that. Ousainou is almost 70 years. The constitution limit the age to 65.

    Gambians don’t want any issues down the road. Jammeh should go but we better make sure we make it right from the start.

  2. Ous Njie

    Well done UDP. You have won yourself a new supporter. I have followed all the developments of the UDP congress on facebook and viber messenger ‘peaceful change’ and the updates and step by step transperent commentary was really promising.
    I am even more delighted with the new younger youth promotion to the Senior executive of the UDP. I am more delighted with Pa Malick Nyassi getting the 1st Vice President of the UDP youth Executive. This is a clear signal that, UDP is deep rooted and solid in the Gambia. The huge number of delegate participation demonstrate a clear willingness of Gambians to embrace the UDP openly and gladly. I am native of Basse Njie Kunda, I couldn’t be more happy for choosing Basse as a venue in holding the Congress.
    I appluad UDP for defying the Setsetal rule on Saturday, and also for not fighting their way in doing the Basse rally at the football stadium. Basse wish you all the best. Please try to bring the other opposition parties onboard. Congratulation Mr Darboe and his entire Executive team. Well done, This is the kind of democracy we yearn for.

  3. The age limit is stupid constitutional provision which is designed to eliminate productive citizens in taking part in our national development. Those who helped Jammeh to draft such irresponsible and unintelligent provision in the constitution are unpatriotic citizens. shame on them wherever they are.

    • That’s very true, but it still does not take away the fact that it is the reality…The decision to retain Lawyer Darboe as S/G and party leader is the prerogative of the UDP but the age limit does present a problem that must be overcome, without engendering a (constitutional) crisis..if the party leader is the constitutionally mandated official to represent the party at the Presidential Elections… (I.am.saying “if” because I don’t know)

  4. Bax, election of lawyer as SG and party leader has no relationship with presidential candidate for 2016 election. I think UDP is well aware of age limit which barred mr Darboe to contest. I believe they are not going to nominate someone who is already constitutionally not allowed to contest. Even when they did, it is still act of defiant and will show to the tyrant that we mean business. I don’t know what you mean by constitutional crisis when we already have witnessed constitutional crisis for the past 21 years . Every action Jammeh has done is constitutional crisis or violation. We have to acknowledge these problems if we are serious about fighting for democracy. This is the problem some of PDOIS supporters who refused to acknowledge this. This is the year of defiant and political revolution. No more fear, no more intimidation and no amount of threat will prevent true citizens to take back our country.

  5. It’s all the realistic phase of the Struggle unfolding; anyone watching can deny not seeing this coming, running in circles….

    The very so-called chairman of the electoral commission’s expired mandate, the period of charging & treatment of detainees & the arrested, etc etc, have all been stipulated by the very same constitutional provisions….;

    Selective dispensation of constructional entrenchments, totally UNACCEPTABLE….

    UDP won’t change Ousainou, as PDOIS will do Halifa neither, & any other party for the matter; the political terrain is foreseen & expected…..

    What is certain is for collective political assault, to annihilate the Predatory kanilai Idolatrous Devilish Lunatic Murderer successfully; ANYTHING short, spells catastrophe & UNCERTAINTY……

    How can we pave the way forward folks….¿

    Time for all to brainstorm for Gambia, NOW….

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