To Be Or Not To Be? That’s The Question?

Abdul SavageBy Abdul Savage

FIRST and FOREMOST, I have said, time and time and again, for years, that I DO NOT condone, advocate, support and will never, ever be part of anything and everything that has to do with “force” to effect a change of government in the Gambia. THAT is what I DO NOT support, DO NOT advocate, DO NOT encourage and will, NEVER, EVER be part of.

WHAT I do Support, Encourage, Advocate and will be part of is a UNITY OF ACTION by the politicalplayers on the ground through elections.

FOR your information, BRAVERY does not mean you compromise the INTEGRITY of any missions and or task. BRAVERY means you plan and execute smartly. NOW, we all know the most recent attempted failed development was a compromised mission, hence resulting in the loss of lives. BUT ask yourselves did Yaya Jammeh compromise his mission of coup over 20 years ago like the other missions of coups against him were compromised? I will let you answer that.

NOW, we all know there are segments of some of our own brothers and sisters overseas, in this thing called so-called struggle, who want nothing else but for the Gambia to blow up in flames, while they sit comfortably overseas and try to instigate “violence”, “coups”, “rebellion”, “demonstration”, and any and all other means of violence, going as far as wishing and praying for War in the Gambia.

OF COURSE, they will flatly deny that they do not wish for WAR, but they knowingly instigate “violence”, “coup”, “rebellion”, ”demonstration” or “revolution” that they know could have the propensity to degenerate into a war, or some “conflict” of unimaginable consequences.

AND when you examine or look at the people who are making these CALLS you notice that Most of them were or are former Enablers who used to work for this same government until they were kicked out, and they found themselves overseas, in America, Europe or wherever. Are they now bitter and mad that they were kicked out? Where are their allegiance and loyalty? What if they were not kicked out, would they today be overseas castigating this same regime or would they be in the Gambia working for this same regime?

FURTHER, one is prompted to ask: WHY then they go on the ground and lead this “coup”, “revolution”, “violence”, “demonstration” or what not? They have been “talking” for years now, BUT if they plan it, in just couple months or few months, they could save enough money to buy their plane tickets to go to the Gambia, if they do not already have enough money to buy their plane tickets. I bet they will not come up with some go-fund scheme or activity to raise money to buy their tickets…lol.

When I was in the Army, we used to call it “Command and Control”. WHY not they go on the ground themselves and take “Command and Control” of any and all situations?

BUT if you notice they are not stupid enough to take their NONSENSE and Cheap Talk to the Gambia…lol…and they have been at it for how many years now…lol. These characters are Funny.

And they are not STUPID either. They “instigate” some people to do their “dirty work”, when they could do it themselves but they choose not to, for whatever reasons. I call that COWARDICE.

And FOR THE RECORD, I do not need to prove my RECORD to anyone and every one of you. My RECORD, Distinguish, Outstanding, and Honorable, with Exceptional BRAVERY, speaks for itself, both in the Gambia and in the Greatest Country in the world, America.

Our Allegiance and Loyalty MUST be to the Flag of the Gambia, NOT to any ruling Party or government, as governments come and go, BUT the Gambian people will ALWAYS be there.

God Bless the Gambian people.


Abdul Savage

Retired, US Army

Honorary Judge, State of Texas

Member, Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars.



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bull’s Eye, Savage!

    I am on record for taking on the war-mongers for years and have nothing to take away from or add to what you say. Just this:

    Last week, Secretary Clinton’s emails were released by Wikileaks.

    Secretary Clinton said:

    “Destroying Syria will also destroy Iran and that would be good for Israel”.

    GOOGLE conspired with Secretary Clinton – and ALJAZEERA – for “Regime Change” in Syria.

    400,000 people have died in that attempt – and do Clinton, Aljazeera and Google care about them?? Some FIVE million are now refugees from a once civilised and peaceful Syria.

    And all Clinton, Google and Aljazeera are interested in is Bashar’s fall!!! Or rather the destruction of Syria for Israel’s sake.


    Clinton’s famous last words in 2012:
    “Russia will not dare to challenge us in Syria”.
    Well, well, well … frame those words and hang them above your desk Secretary Clinton!

  2. Iran will spend anything to support his friend mr Asad against Muslims ,,,Shia against Muslims,,because Shia is too far from prophet Muhamed SW. But Islam will win

    • At least, Iran is supporting the LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY in Syria….Not the cut throats and rapists of the so called “opposition”: a collection of religious fanatics and Zionist lackeys committed to trading Syrian sovereignty and legitimate territory to satisfy their greed for material, power and political ambitions.

      Islam’s greatest enemy today is not the Shia strand, but the extremist Sunni strand of Wahhabism, practiced in “Saudi” Arabia and exported around the globe, with the help of the Petro-Dollar. The Al-Sauds have got accomplices in their attempts to spread terror around the world and they are very powerful, well resourced and skilfully crafty players…We, the people of the world, are in for a very long and brutal fight against terror and must be vigilant because this war is not as straight forward as we may think..

  3. Savage, you will not know it because you did not feel it. Just keep quiet because you are not a Gambian.
    Foreigners like you are the ones making life unbearable for Gambians. Please foregners keep out of our business.

  4. It takes the patriotic, sincere & mature Gambians & friends, with wisdom, to know that ensuring successful liberation in confronting dictatorship world over, ALL options must be kept on table….

    It’s left to one’s sincerity & level of commitment, to do our utmost to salvage reclaim what’s left of the ruptured motherland from the poisonous infectious jaws of the Predatory kanilai DEVILISH Tony Alligator Da kun fatta bah….

    Whilst it takes the foolish & greedy to wine dine with the DEVIL, only to learn when they had been given taste of the devilish-pills; EVERY genuine Gambians & true friends must cautiously learn & experience from others’ mistakes before, & strategize to contribute our Constitutional quotas in Gambia salvage Struggle UNTIL successfully completed…..

    The day will come when the December 30 heroes & others, will be ennobled; they were betrayed by double mercenary agents, & exchange of information with US, which is now under strains in relations….

    I won’t engage in responses with immature comments; giving away information to the enemy….

    Evil yaya jammeh knows it is enmeshed in oppressive banditry, treason & murderous activities for past 22 years; & it is inextricably evident in degree of criminalities IF yaya is to be lucky, & be accorded what it devilishly denied many innocent people it oppressed, tortured, maimed & killed; & get prosecution for crimes against humanity to serve its time at its Mile II “hotel”; or continue to defy the oppressed masses & pay alternatively….

    “Great” United States got where it is today through liberation from monarchical dictatorship; Apartheid South African too, for examples….

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