Why Sey Is Wrong About Trump

Donald Trump

By Max

I think Essa Sey is very wrong about Mr Trump. If Mr Trump were UDP Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, majority would say Mr Darboe is tribalist because Mr Trump’s languages are vitriol against minorities such as immigrants, Muslims or Blacks. Therefore, Mr Trump’s rhetoric has no place in any civilized society because his rhetoric is bigotry which is tapping into worst fear in people. Mr Trump’s language has no decency and doesn’t exemplify a character of a true and geniune leader who understands that diversity and our differences form integral part of the Human race. Mr Trump’s language is no different from Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s vitriol against the Mandinka ethnic group, which I think Sey had condemned. Jammeh is also tapping into the same stupidity and ignorance of some Gambians by his anti-Mandinkas sentiment. Jammeh and his supporters must be laughing when they read Mr Sey’s statement about a man who called for a ban on Muslims, ridiculed immigrants and has no respect for Black people.

The Republican Party  establishment knows that Mr Trump is not good for America because of his rhetoric and anti-diversity stance, which is why all efforts are now being mounted to stop Mr. Trump from sealing nomination doors ahead of the Cleveland Convention.

Mr Sey needs to revisit his interview because Mr Trump’s rhetoric is not a reflection of public opinion but a reflection of small part of Republican base. I think Mr. Sey’s view is also a reflection of Red state he lives in. Those who live in Blue or Progressive states and vast majority of Americans, including majority of Republicans, see Trump as a threat to core American values such as religious freedom, enterpreneurism and diversity (melting pot). Being an American is a concept that includes respect for individual rights (including religious and political rights), pursuit of happiness and personal responsibility. This is why America has become the melting pot and land of immigrants. Mr Sey should understand that as a leader, whatever word you utter matters. Today Gambia is in mess because of continuous inflammatory statements and vitriol by President Jammeh. Mr Sey should know better.



  1. Not only Essa was wrong but this shows his true nature. He is blind and at the same time a hater. He worked for jammeh and executed his policies if you understand what am saying.

    Trump should be stopped before its too late. He wants to go back to the old days. That was when minorities especially black people had less opportunities.

    Essa agreed with Trump. I can see why he was fired by the Gambian president, Jammeh.

  2. An article and a picture of him on the Kairo pages may be doing much better to him than his hateful heart and hate campaign.

  3. I totally agree with you, Sir. Words do have consequences. Looking at the unbecoming conducts of Trump supporters at this juncture, one can only wonder how the social and political environment of the US would look like with Trump at the helm of power. Anyone who thinks that we shouldn’t judge a potential leader by his rhetoric but only on his accomplishments, must just be another blind follower. History keeps teaching us that incendiary remarks do indeed have consequences and Hitler just come to mind !