Commander Badjie’s Doubtful Story

 The Gambia government is at it again, selling to the general public the reported escape of a senior military official from its jurisdiction. We at Kairo News have and will always greet such news with pinch of salt by a government that breeds on misinformation. How many senior government officials have escaped from The Gambia without their names being displayed on national television? Why then the authorities do in the case of Lt. Commander Momodou Badjie is the puzzle we are struggling to understand?

In a press release aired on GRTS on Wednesday, the government accused Badjie of squandering an unspecified amount of money belong to the state.  The scanty release described Commander Badjie as “a former administrative officer of the Gambia Navy.” This release opened the gate of confusion for failing to state when and why Badjie was dismissed from the army.  A careful scrutiny of the sentence below will drive home our point of argument.

“The former administrative officer of the Gambia Navy, Lieutenant Commander Momodou Badgie, is on the run, after misappropriating substantial sums of money.”

Despite feeding the public with incomplete story, the Jammeh government interestingly wrote that “this despicable action by the senior officer is a serious breach of the trust and responsibility vested in him.” Commander Badjie is henceforth referred to as “a fugitive from justice” who must not be provided shelter. The general public is urged to provide any information on Badjie to the security forces because granting him refugee will be punishable by law.

Most Gambians may not see any news value in the government’s press release. We are also in this boat but our problem is how to trust a government that does not stand by the truth and does its best to keep every vital information secret. The same government can issue a press on the escape of a military officer on the run while ignoring the death in custody of a trade union leader. Where is justice and fairness? Or Badjie’s case is given prominence because there is money involved or those who die in state custody do not deserve justice? We therefore doubt Lt. Commander Badjie’s story until we are proven wrong. Who knows whether he was secretly killed by the very government that is declaring him wanted? God knows the best.



  1. Jammeh’s regime is always engage in propaganda to ensure that anyone who fall out with the regime is painted in a negative manner . Lt commander Badgie is privacy to some information which was of immense interest to the Dictator Jammeh . It is a policy within Jammeh’s regime that anyone who has direct knowledge of inner circle of Jammeh’s regime will be painted negatively to the Gambian public and also at international level when he desert the regime . This press release serves that purposes with the overall goals of preventing the deserters from seeking and gaining asylum oversea and speaking up . They want to ensure that UNCHR , amnesty international or international community do not believe in stories of such individual when they file for asylum or refugee’s status with UNHCR. They did the same thing in the case of PA BOjang who was later helped by diaspora in his relocation to USA . This is well calculated moves by the Dictator . Any military officer who was fired, killed or wanted by the regime , must have direct knowledge about Jammeh’s Private life . General Martin was fired because he has direct knowledge of Jammeh’s private life such as corruption , rape of young Gambian girls and various executions or poisoning in military . It is therefore important , anyone who want to desert must be ready to be on offensive by publicly talking to the media first before the regime start character assassination. The regime only assasinate the character of those who they have classified as threat to Jammeh’s presidency .

  2. You’re spot on Max. These deserters have choice to tell their stories before dictator Jammeh outsmart them.

  3. My question is: when shall this stop? For how long do Gambians have to live with a government that never does the right thing but always apportion blame on others. I am 99% sure that Commander Badjie is an innocent. He hight have personal problem with Yaya Jammeh but that does not give the government to tarnish his image. This should be a wake up call for all those who work for the dictator; he will use you and assassinate your character when he is done with you.

    • How much did he steal and how did he steal are missing in the story! My conclusion: it’s another fake story meant to destroy an innocent Gambian. I don’t know Commander Badjie and I am not here to defend him but I don’t see the rationale of this so-called empty press release. Man up Yahya Jammeh and tell the truth and avoid using innocent people as scapegoat.

  4. Having worked and lived with Badjie for a whole year in the same house, I am saddened again that an innocent man is being destroyed as in all cases.

    Badjie is honest and hardworking. I personally acknowledge his trustworthiness. Am sad about him.

    May Allah help us.

  5. Gambia, can you please tell us about those security forces involved in various murders or human rights abuses in The Gambia . Last time , you indicated that you will testify in courts post Jammeh if I am not mistaken, I think now is the best time to reveal these people and expose them . Don’t sit down with relevant information . Your memory can fade as time passes . Expose these evil citizens for us . we need to expose bad guys..