Surprise Of All Surprises; Jammeh Snubs State Opening Of Parliament

Gambians leaving parliament full of disappointment @ Touch On Gambia

President Yahya Jammeh, who was scheduled to preside over the State Opening of Parliament on Thursday, decided to snub the occasion. Ironically, Mr. Jammeh’s office failed to provide justifiable reasons thus throwing the public into total confusion characterised by murmurs.

Parliamentarians, diplomats and members of the public gathered at the National Assembly building in Banjul and waited for President Jammeh to show up for the 2016 State Opening of Parliament. After several hours of waiting in vain, Mr. Jammeh did not show up, leaving everyone wondering about the reasons for his absence or no-show.

police outside parliament
Police outside parliament prepared to mount guard of honour @ Touch On Gambia

Hours later, the Speaker of House Abdoulie Bojang informed the public about the event’s cancellation. He, however, failed to dilute confusion in a country where majority of people rely on rumours to feed their souls.  Mr. Bojang, who admitted he was not in control over the news, only said the program has been “postponed until further notice.” Gambians are at pain with their government’s failure to tell them the reasons for the abrupt cancellation of such a very important national program.

President Jammeh’s unexplained absence has also thrown parliamentarians of both sides – opposition and ruling party – into total confusion. The Majority Leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta who used the Daily Observer newspaper to appeal to the public to attend the event was also disappointed.

Also pissed off with Mr. Jammeh’s no-show was the Minority Leader. Samba Bah blamed the executive branch for unnecessarily wasting taxpayer’s money.

“Something must definitely be wrong with President Jammeh,” our Banjul source said. “He has been playing games on several occasions – mostly trying to make us believe that the country is faced with security concerns. I think this time around he has a real issue at hand. But it will come to light no matter how long it takes,” he said.

Some sources linked Mr. Jammeh’s absence to sickness. Kairo News is trying to corroborate this version of the story.

This is the first time in history that any sitting Gambian president would be absent in the State Opening of Parliament.

The State Opening of Parliament, which officially marks the beginning of the Legislative Year, is a constitutional requirement that allows the president to highlight the government’s development programmes and policies before lawmakers. It also gives him the opportunity to showcase the government’s achievements and shortfalls for the past year.



  1. Jammeh does’nt give a damn about what people think or feel about him. Not even the diplomats accredited in the country. That’s what you call foolish pride. These unfortunate shameful incidents are not about Jammeh as a person but about the image of the Gambia projected around the world.
    The APRC should take good note and secretly vote for the opposition come 2016. Jammeh is dying man and no doctor can cure him.

  2. Dictator Jammeh is dying slowly . He has brain cancer , diabetic and hypertension . He is heavy smoker of cannabis and love red meat ( bush meat ) . His Syrian Doctor has advised him to seek treatment oversea but he refused . Jammeh suffered from constant fever , seizures , diarrhea and vomiting . He drink a lot of local herbal medicine as treatment for his numerous diseases . There is high probability that Jammeh will die in office before or after 2016 election . He is not a happy man . His family is in mess . His only hope is Mariama Jammeh and illegitimate ( wedlock child ) a six year boy named Yaya Jammeh who live with Jimbey Jammeh and other family members at Marina in statehouse . Marina house is a building built for Jammeh’s family at statehouse . Little Yaya Jammeh is a son of a Fula protocol girl who was killed few years ago through poisoning . Her family were told that she had mysterious disease but the fact is , she was poisoned by Jammeh when they had a dispute about this little boy , named Yaya Jammeh . Jammeh has so many children out of wedlock with diffferent women in The Gambia . Some of these women has taken low profile in the society . Muhammmed Jammeh has Down syndrome which is public knowledge now . So Gambian should know that Yaya Jammeh has no heir to continue his brutal legacy . This is the most important thing we need to remember . Within his immediate family , some of them are also victims of his repressive rule. When Jammeh die , topple or remove from office , that is the end of his family . This is the good news . So I am optimistic about the future of our country . It is a matter of time . Jammeh not showing up at the opening of National Assembly , is a clear indication that he is sick and dying man.

    • Maxs, am beginning to buy your assertions that Jammeh is a sick man who might die sooner than we think. On the ground there are people who vehemently believe the same thing. That he will not witness the December elections. As I post this comment a lot APRC big wigs are confused and scared and am pretty sure we will see more and more defections these coming weeks and months.
      One thing I know for sure is Allah punishes evil deeds and Jammeh will not escape his share of it.
      Have a nice weekend.

      • Hydara, my sources within corridors of power have indicated that Jammeh has been sicked for a long time and he is taking herbal medicines as well as being seen by Syrian Doctors. This is a common knowledge in statehouse that he is sick and dying man. Whatever I write in this forum regarding Jammeh’s regime is 100 % true and they will come to light soon .Jammeh has illegitimate child named Yaya Jammeh who live with Jimbey Jammeh and others in marina house . He also has counterfeit machine he used to print our currency . Please let kaironews find out from those on the ground how is Gambian’s currency notes today . The investigation has reveal that Jammeh has direct hand in the counterfeit currency found with the Senegalese musician who was recently released from jail . Gambia’s president is a criminal of highest standards . Jammeh is phony and fraud character. In kanillia , he spend more than $200 million for his security , building and the zoo . This excludes the sindola hotel , banks and other development projects in the village . Kanillia is a palace and is ten times beautiful than statehouse in Banjul and five times even more beautiful than Senegalese statehouse in Dakar . Jammeh has consider both statehouse and kanillia as his personal properties . Jammeh is already a king without a crown .

  3. I agree with the author. This is surprise of all surprises. Above board.

  4. Such are the implications in all dictatorships; the state of impunity.This is a case or vote of impeachment in a true democracy. Isn’t it fellow citizens with a political know how? How can Mr.Bojang be in control of such news? He just needs a big round red nose to his beautiful tie to be ready for the circus where he will be of great service to one like Dida.

  5. The comedy continues, though it ain’t funny and never will be….

  6. Yaya Jammeh’s generation, the most regrettable period of our country’s history, even some of the elderly people who suppose to be with the council of elder to discuss about the future of our country are now those writing only nonsense. What unfortunate! Yaya Jammeh’s death would not benefit Gambia at all, rather he should be removed by all means and face trial, otherwise, the Gambia will be left with nothing but speculations or [Radio Kanka-information]. The Gambians have to brave enough to confront Yaya Jammeh, but not wishing him dead, the soul belongs to the only God, One may die earlier than the one he/she wishes to die. Fear your Lord and behave well.

    Thank you

  7. There’s no smoke without fire…..

    kanilai Lucifer’s day WILL surely reckon…..

    Maybe our Murderous Oppressive syndola DEVIL can claim another cure for its soul, just as its aids & other cures….

    To keep oppressing Gambians for billion years….

  8. Where’s Sheriff Bojang who fools himself thinking he is the government mouthpiece? Why is he mute over this calamity if he knows anything? A government that have the courage to issue a press release on a soldier’s escape but does not have the balls to explain why the president cannot attend state of parliament opening. I’m sorry for Gambia and Gambians.

    • Sheriff knows he is out of touch. He is only a tool that is waiting to be used when Jammeh and his bad boys screw things up. I pity him because I hate to see him in this despicable situation.Let’s pray for him to see the light. He looks like someone who is being possessed.