The APRC Is Dead; Yaya Jammeh Killed It

JammehWhen Yaya Jammeh stood in Farafeny town “probably under drug influence” and insulted Senegal’s three successive presidents – Abdou Diouf, Abdoulaye Wade and Macky Sall – he did not realize that he made himself the national common enemy of 100% of the Senegalese people. That day Jammeh lost the last esteem any Senegalese had on him. Men, women, young and old turn their back on arrogant Jammeh for good. We all remember the roar loud and clear throughout the Senegambia media for weeks. Even those that used to support him for material gains or his seeming Muslim or Islamic penchant had turned their back on him publicly for good. Senegalese will never forget or forgive the affront hence they were waiting for a good change to retaliate without lifting a finger and Jammeh gave them the golden opportunity with the ferry tariff increase. They decided to travel 1000kms than talking to an arrogant Yaya Jammeh.

Since then it is Jammeh who is sending emissaries to Senegal to beg for negotiations to no avail. Not a single emissary came back with good news from Senegal. What Jammeh didn’t know about the Senegalese culture is that when it comes to national issues they always get united to deal with it. This is exactly what they are collectively doing with the border closure to show Jammeh that no man is an island and that he is NOTHING but an arrogant buffoonery after all. They will teach a silent and deadly lesson to Jammeh, they will show him what Senegal is made of without much noise. So far, Jammeh has not dispatch his media dogs to the GRTS to hail insults and threats on Senegal as he did in the past with Njogou Bah and Momodou Sabally. Jammeh suddenly woke up from his arrogant daydreams but helas! it is too late, there is no one to listen to him in Senegal, the divorce is consumed for good as far as Senegal is concern.

Last Sunday at the King Fahd Mosque in Banjul during the Koran recitation for the death of Amadou Samba’s mother, Imam Ratib Cherno Kah from no where as if he was bitten by a scorpion, said so loudly that if the Senegalese border closure continues it will bring untold sufferings to people in the border villages and towns of the Gambia. He said that all Gambians should do something about it before the damages reach chaotic proportions. Imam Kah almost cried and did not worry about the poor corpse that he was about to pray for. All state ministers and APRC big wigs were present and all of them nodded silently and embarrassingly in agreement. What Imam Kah did not tell people in the mosque were the poor welcome he received from the Senegalese religious leaders when Jammeh sent him to plea? Imam Kah used to receive lots of gifts from the Senegalese Muslim community in the past but this time around our Imam did not even go to Friday prayers in his usual mosque where he was always announced as a special guest and sometimes given the honor of leading the prayers. Imam Kah’s last trip to Senegal was like to visiting hell on earth instead of the paradise he used to enjoy in Senegal. No wonder he sounded the alarm bell so loudly in the presence of the full government of Yaya Jammeh. It was the unique occasion for the APRC big wigs to know that their boss has killed their last hope of staying in power for another five years.

When Jammeh can imprison three Gambian Imams at Janjanbureh without a single public contest from the Gambian Muslim Ummah [Community], Jammeh thought he can scare the Senegalese neighbour anyhow he likes and nothing will come out of it. No behold! Mr. Jammeh, Senegal is not the Gambia and no Senegalese will take your bullshit of disrespecting their leaders and presidents. What will you do now? Who would you arrest next? Who would you blame next?

Your mixing Gambians against Senegalese for the past 21 years is now over. You were the one who used to say, “Give the fool is long rope to tie himself.” Who is the big fool here? You used to say “Allah is my world bank.” Where is the bank now? You said “the world is three days.” Yesterday you were unknown, today you are doomed and tomorrow you will PUBLICLY apologize to the Senegalese people. That day Gambians will STORM the state house to chase you out for you have never apologize to them for the past 21 years of bullying, torturing and killing.

Fellow Gambians, our Senegalese neighbors are showing us that Jammeh is nothing but a loud nasty mouth and that the ball is in our court to strike the FINAL BLOW come December 2016.

APRC is dead.

Deyda Haidara.



  1. Hydara, very good article. Indeed you articulate the silence and careless attitude of imam Kah. I think this border Closure is good thing politically. This is why i said Senegal has upper hand politically and economically. Imam Kah and Jammeh now know that Senegal is not like Gambia, Senegalese are united on national issue and have respect their religious leaders. Imam Kah is very aware of all the atrocities committed in The Gambia but he has never said a word. His silence and many of his fellow imams has led to moral bankruptcy and decadence in The Gambia

    • Senegalese now hate Jammeh to the core since Farafeny and now want Gambians to take him out before turning their face back to a Gambia’s New President. They mean it in all honesty. Yaya Jammeh is a thing of the past for them.

  2. With the fall in petrol and diesel prices Senegalese truckers can afford to take the long route around the Gambia to avoid the exorbitant duties levied by the bankrupt Jammeh regime. Ships from Europe to Asia are also avoiding the Suez Canal for the same reason and plying down Cape Town.

  3. kairo Watchdog

    The Mourid and Tijaniiya brotherhood angle in the whole thing, Now the chess game is on..How far will Senegal go?

    • Until Gambians kick out Jammeh out of state house, that is how far Senegalese will go. You can take the statement to the bank.
      Just watch.

  4. kairo Watchdog

    “Imam Kah used to receive lots of gifts from the Senegalese Muslim community in the past but this time around our Imam did not even go to Friday prayers in his usual mosque where he was always announced as a special guest and sometimes given the honor of leading the prayers. Imam Kah’s last trip to Senegal was like to visiting hell on earth instead of the paradise he used to enjoy in Senegal.” Deyda Haidara
    Very revealing…if the religious brotherhood is frosting then the situation is tense.

    • Senegalese in general respect leadership. President Senghor was a christian in a 90% muslim country and he was highly respected up to his demise. In Senegal once a minister even if you are out people still call you minister, once president of an organisation, you are always called a president, “Serign bi” or general or colonel etc until death. This is to show that Senegalese respect and honor leadership in all strata of society despite political differences.
      Yaya Jammeh did not know this aspect of the Senegalese culture and since the stupid fool is used to insulting our elders, parents, Imams live on GRTS he thought he could do the same with the Senegalese presidents without repercussions.
      Imam Kah knows the senegalese culture very well but preferred to venture in hell to serve his evil master Jammeh than defending his fellow Imams in jail in Janjanbureh. He got what he deserved.

  5. And who knows the Senegalese parliament did make a constitutional consultation with regards to the issue before the border closure……., thats how democratic states work and not just the mere art of patriotism of shouting a country’s name. I think they have the democratic and the political sophistication to be a reliable alliance for the struggle for restoration of democracy in the Gambia.

  6. Once again, Gambian people praising Senegal at the expense of the Gambian people. Sometimes I wonder if you people are really Gambians. There is one thing they called MIGRATION. If Senegal is that good, please move there and leave us alone with our misery. How about that.

    Senegal is collectively punishing Gambian people and breaking international law every day and you people condone that…..

    The Gambian people are very smart and resilient. We will find a way to confront this bully because the Will is there. Senegal is always and very jealous of our unique nature. We have more Senegalese youths in the Gambia on business ventures than Gambians going there.

    All politics is local. Who cares that the Senegalese people don’t like our Gambian leader. They did not elect him. We do. In fact, the Senegalese I kmow here in the states prefer Jammeh to all their former heads of states.

    Jammeh has brought tremendous development to the Gambian people from education to agricultural. From health/hospitals to sanitation. Just to name a few.

    Senegal is a very big country compared to the Gambia. But my Senegalese friends here in the states are telling me how dysfunctional their government is. Too many beggars and corruption. Sanitation and poverty is at all time high.

    IDK much about Senegal now since they stole my luggage there in 2005 at the airport while I was in transit. I now go through Europe for a direct flight to the smiling coast of Africa.


    This is a terrible government which is not sustainable. Looking at this poor imams, I felt some sympathy for them because in their quite moment of reflection, they will tell you that Jammeh is evil but scared to tell him the truth to avoid a brunt of his excesses. To do justice to our country and to the people of the Gambia, Jammeh and his evil regime should be flush out by ballot or bullet.

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    No the Aprc is not dead. It is still alive and capable of winning elections. Let us not be complacent.