President Yahya Jammeh: The Worst Dictator You’ve Never Heard Of

“This is going to be your last breath,” they told Imam Baba Leigh as they threw earth over his bound body. Then they stopped and laughed. It was a mock execution, one of many tortures the Muslim cleric told Amnesty International he endured during his months in captivity.




  1. Yaya Jammeh is the most brutal sadist West Africa has ever produced. He enjoys inflicting pain leading to death. He must see it live on video whiles his butchers are at it.
    Bai Lowe’s narration of how Marcie Jammeh and Haruna were killed with rope around their necks and some others with 6″ nails driven into their skulls is horrible enough to classify Jammeh as a blood thirsty witch in white robes. But hey! payday is around the corner.
    He will pay for all his crimes at GOD’s appointed time together with the executioners. These are the horrible issues APRC supporters would never want to discuss specially those in the USA. They value materials more than life yet they will cry when they lost a loved one. As if their lives are better than other lives killed by Jammeh, they slide into lies and deceptions eyes and ears closed. GOD cannot be fooled they will follow Jammeh to hell.

  2. Horrible, I can’t think further than that, I have never thought such inhuman act would be possible in the Gambia. It’s now up to the Gambians to decide, whether to leave Yaya Jammeh alone to kill as many as he could or to go after him and get rid of him.

    • Yankuba Jobe, am sorry to say this to you, but this has been going on when your brother was in power. So it is not new. I am not starting any attack on you or anyone. Please it is a fact I want you or anyone to understand.

      • Maxs, You are completely free to attack me, directly or indirectly. I am a Gambian, and any issues regarding the Gambia matters to me. I knew that, Baba Jobe was once an executive member of the Yaya Jammeh’s APRC, and Imam Leigh was with him in their camp. If you want to believe that, anyone worked or working with Yaya Jammeh is/was a killer, you must be completely out of your sense! Baba Jobe has created Green boys as everyone believed he did, and that was the copy of PPP youth movement in early 1975, no difference between the two groups.One thing I’m certain, Baba has never killed anyone during his 7 years out of 22 years of APRC. I am proud of that! The driver of the killers is now called a Hero. I must build a mental hospital in the Gambia after Yaya Jammeh. Thank you.

        • Yankuba Jobe, to be honest with you I don’t want to have another debate with you about Baba Jobe but I am surprise to know that you never thought that there was such a horrible human rights violations going on in The Gambia since 1994. Those of us who are against the regime since day one when this criminal leader took over are fully aware of these horrible crimes and this was why I have never supported this regime. Your claim that “green boys of APRC was a copy of PPP youth movement in early 1975, and no difference between the groups”, I think such claim is mischaracterization. Aprc Green boys are militia arm of this regime and they engage in political thuggery, intimidation and harassment. Do you want to mischaracterize UDP youth wing, GMC youth wing or PDOIS youth wing in the same manner? Yankuba, even if your claim was right, do you think it is justifiable to have such a terrorist-minded group in our political process and used that as a justification for the existence of Aprc green boys. Whatever the case might be, Aprc green boys today are rented crowd with political thuggery mentality which unleash violent on Gambian people. We should condemn any Gambian associated with such a despicable group.
          Another claim you made was Imam Baba Leigh was in the same camp with Baba Jobe, I think such a claim did not pass any genuine comparison and I will consider such a claim as political displacement of blame or political projection. In psychology, such a behavior is consider a projection which is simply a defense mechanism meant to shift blame to someone else. imam baba Leigh has been on the record defending human rights in The Gambia and this was why he was arrested and tortured. So the truth squad will rate your claim about imam Leigh as completely false and baseless.
          Your claim that Baba has never killed any one during his 7 years out of 22 years of Aprc, is unsubstantiated claim at this moment. As I said before, Mr Jobe has supported and laid the foundation of our current predicament through his political operation. His legacy or anyone who helped to oppress Gambians will always be part of our political history. As Ggapm beautifully stated “no one’s got a direct responsibility of a blood brother’s deeds in a public office or entity “. I think it is better you accept that truth and speak for yourself. I simply mentioned your brother because when he was in power, we had the same or worst human rights violations at the time. It was a reminder. Remember that victims of this regime will never forget about human rights violations which took place since 1994. Please go and ask Koro Ceesay’s family, Lt Barrow’s family, families of 14 students violently killed by this regime.
          Our current problem is bigger than any one of us and I hope we look beyond our individual family issue and focus on The Gambia.

          • Maxs? Yes indeed, the political intimidation, including physical violence against NCP did exist, and Kemesseng Jammeh of UDP can simply clarify that to you. He has been the double victim of the Gambian political violence since the time of PPP to APRC, and I was one of the witnesses of one incident that took place in my own village! But with all that, I have never or will ever justify the brutality of the Green Boys of APRC, and it doesn’t matter to me whoever created them, but we have to be little bit realistic and think little bit further than our noses here in this issue. If Baba was the God father of Yaya Jammeh and therefore, he and the entire family should take the responsibility of what what has been happening in the Gambia for the past 22 years, then you really need help! What about Yaya Jammeh’s parent? [His Dad and Mum]? And why God has created hem to become a Monster in the Gambia, not in Senegal or Mali? From today, I will stop disputing with you about a Dead person, who never come back and hurt you or your family members. May Allah forgive him and Bless his soul, just like anyone else died before him.

  3. No one’s got a direct responsibility of a blood brothers deeds in a public office or entity. That is probably the reason why out here, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters can belong to different political parties or ideologies and have diner together in peace. In my layman opinion, politics can mean getting together the best ideals to democratically administer a country or nation and not necessarily to get families and ‘friendship interests’ together, within a public space.