Dictator Jammeh, The Liar And Manipulator

yahya jammeh
Lying from Day 1

It is a Big Flat Lie, versus a mass determination to re-establish Democracy

When he came in 1994 to justify his coup d’état, he told us that no president should stay in power for more than 10 years. He swore to Allah that will never happen again in the history of the Gambia. In 2016 he counts 22 years in power and still wants to be in power for 27 years and even more. He clearly therefore, made his coup d’état to stay in power for as long as possible regardless of the maximum number of years he solemnly swore to Almighty Allah in front of the entire people. He therefore lied to us in 1994, he conceal his true intentions of making coup d’état. He feels no shame to lie to whoever cares to listen to him. His word, his swearing, his repeated false promises have all become blue flat lies over the years for all to see. For how long should we let him continue lying to us?

When he came in 1994, he told us that he did not come to enrich himself. In 2016 he became the richest Gambian on earth. He had less than D600 in his account in 1994. Today he built several buildings, mansions, zoos and bunkers and transformed his home village of Kanilai into a second town restricted for his exclusive use where no other Gambian is allowed to enter except with his permission. The irrefutable fact is he made a coup d’état with the sole aim to enrich himself and stay in power for as long as possible and nothing else.

When he came in bloodless coup d’état in 1994 he bragged to the whole world that not a chicken died. During his 21 years in power how many citizens has he killed? How many has he tortured and imprisoned illegally? How many civil servants has he dismissed without benefits? How many has he compelled to flee to exile to save their lives? Verily he came to power by force of arms because he was full of hate and bloodthirsty, certainly he didn’t need chickens instead he needed human flesh and blood to satisfy his anger.

Unfortunately many Gambians did not know that he hated rule of law and democracy and anything civil. We did not know that he hated politics and a class of people that could convince the people democratically before and after 1994. He definitely hates competition and fair play. He hates anyone who tells him no, he also hates people that tell him the truth. He is arrogant and childish. Here is man who even hated his childhood and his real birth date. Here is a so-called president whose legacy will be remembered with big flat lies, hatred, blood, theft and arrogance.

He believes only in corruption, brutality and immorality. He loves organizing endless parties and festivities he missed so dearly during his youthful days, where all pervert acts are permissible and encourage. Verily, he wants to drag as much people as possible in his path to GOD’s wrath for as long he can, just like Satan’s final encounter with GOD when Adam was made.

Jammeh has no true friend; he looks only for accomplices to work with economically, politically or militarily. He is a witch in white clothing.

Verily, all the above facts are not new to Gambians. Even the APRC, the Military and the Supreme Islamic Council in their private moments will complain and agree to these hard facts about Yaya Jammeh’s satanic nature. What will be new to Gambians is the day he is gone for good; it will be a big sight of relief for Gambians all over the world.

As always in between election periods, Gambians will continue to try to depose Jammeh by all means necessary. In election times, Gambians should also try to vote him out of office. We should seize the election opportunity whiles the world has its eye on the Gambia. If Jammeh is not voted out of office, it simply means Gambians are not yet ready for him to go, for we can collectively deny him over 80% of the vote cast.

Foreign voters alone cannot vote Jammeh in power he also needs unpatriotic Gambians to vote for him. Thank GOD many Gambians have turn their back on Jammeh openly and secretly. We should take the opportunity to convince them and those that do not vote to come out and vote massively against Jammeh the selfish and self confessed tyrant in our country.

When Gambians talk about Jammeh, we are of the impression that all of us want him out but when we counted the votes in the past elections, the true nature and intentions of majority Gambians are revealed in the results albeit the rigging during the ballot transportation to counting centers.

Will December 2016 be different? Only the vote counts will tell. This 2016 election is very special, the “on the spot counting” will dispel all rumors of vote rigging and no one should cry foul about the results. We are therefore left with our conscience and sincerity and willingness to remove Jammeh democratically and joyfully so, for all those who vote against him this time around, including the APRC, the military and the SIC and Imams who would eat his money and secretly vote against him.

The power to remove Jammeh from office reside in our voting cards and our collective will to change a president who had lied to us for 22 years, using the barrel of the gun, the torture chambers and the kangaroo courts.

Together we can defeat Jammeh in the polls in December 2016. Thank you.

By Deyda Haidara



  1. Shakespeare’s Macbeth

    “I am in blood steeped so far that, should I wade no more,

    Returning were as tedious as going over.”

  2. Yaya Jammeh is the biggest criminal liar ever to come from Gambia. He has been lying since day one when he illegally overthrew elected government . His lies is being supported by sycophants and opportunists whose main goals is to destroy the country for their selfish interest .

  3. Great piece DH..I think time has shown to all that Yaya Jammeh is a schemer; he is a liar; he is a deceitful person; he is untrustworthy; he is greedy; but worst of all, he is a delusional, mentally sick and a very dangerous psycho..

    I am certain that his co-conspirators (those who are still alive) must have all regretted the decision to select him to lead the council and become head of state..

    His apologists often claim and attribute the bloodless coup to his credit, but he does not deserve any credit for that…He is on record that they were prepared to die on that day, which means that they were also prepared to kill on that day…

    The credit for the bloodless nature of the coup, therefore, goes to Sir Dawda Jawara, who did not put up any resistance, though he has the navy at his disposal…We understand that the navy was as equally equipped and trained, as the infantry and they could have stopped the army, if they had been deployed…

    Though I don’t agree with Sir Dawda’s decision to shirk his constitutional duty to defend the constitution, I still give him credit for the bloodless coup…

    Proof of that is in the fact that it didn’t take Jammeh and his gang of thugs long to start shedding blood of colleagues and innocent Gambians…as well as torture and dehumanise officials of the ousted government…

  4. I said it elsewhere and will affirm it once more.
    Taking part in this coming election is morally indefensible and constitutionally unlawful and a treasonable act in enabling an unlawful act against the people of the Gambia. It is every Gambians birthright to stop a treasonable crime being committed against the national security of the Nation. This makes it the duty of all stakeholders to lay down all differences at these urgent times and set the records straight -until then that all records are set right before going back to partisan politics.