Ann Quits; Is NRMG Disintegrating?

pa modou

The former Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement of the Gambia has tendered his resignation.

In a letter to the NRMG, former Lt. Colonel Pa Modou Ann  confirmed his resignation as both a member and executive officer of a movement that emerged with the ultimate goal of ending more than two decades of the Jammeh dictatorship. The Minnesota-based Gambian fell short of providing reasons for walking away from a movement he had helped create.

Mr. Ann was the Secretary General of the two-year old movement until August last year when he was replaced by Alhaji Kanteh. No reasons were advanced for the move. Little has been heard of or written about the NRMG since then.

Read below Pa Modou Ann’s resignation letter which comes on the heels of rumour milling in town that Jammeh’s propaganda machine is at best working hard to disintegrate Gambian organisations in the diaspora. It is not clear whether Ann’s resignation has anything to do with Yahya Jammeh’s behind-the-scene machination.

The Executive Committee
February 10, 2016

Dear Colleagues:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the honor to work together in the name of our dearest motherland, The Gambia; to free her from Jammeh’s dictatorship, terror, and economic deprivation.

I also want to thank you for the confidence and trust you had by selecting me as your leader. I want to take this unique opportunity to thank all Gambians for giving me the privilege to work with them in this very difficult epoch in our country’s history, especially all of you who one way or the other expressed support in what we stood for.

To my NRMG’s mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, I say, thank you for travelling with me on this difficult but necessary journey, it was indeed humbling to have served as your leader. For me this journey with the NRMG unfortunately comes to an end, mutually parting in different directions.

The threat to our country’s existence still remains, therefore, my continuous personal commitment to my fellow Gambians to free our country is unwavering and steadfast, and I would continue to pursue that commitment with all means necessary with relevant Gambians/organizations.

It was a true honor to have served you as a member of the Executive Committee and your Secretary General.

I am with regret tendering my resignation from the Executive Committee and as a member of the NRMG with immediate effect.

Please contact me for any questions you may have.

Kind Regards,

Pa Modou Ann



  1. Being an ordinary supporter of NRMG, Silence would only increase my confusion to my desperation. Therefore, after carefully evaluation of comment on Pa Ann’s resignation from the NRMG or not to comment, I have finally decided to comment! I have never met any of the NRMG’s top executive members, thanks to the modern communication facilities. I have spoken to Pa Ann previously both on phone and Skype and his words convinced me that, the Ex- Lt. COLONEL of the Gambian ARM FORCE want to see the stable and peaceful Gambia, but whatever reason that made the Lt. Colonel change his direction to a new direction, is only known to the Colonel, God and those he probably might have told them why he quit. I wish Colonel Pa Ann all the best of luck! And I shall continue my loyalty and support for the NRMG until all the members have quit! When I said yes, it is yes and when I said no, it is not. I can’t flip flop that is not my nature. The truth will prevail no matter how long it may take. May Allah guide and protect the Gambia.

  2. I hope Pa Ann is not one of those self-serving OLD fools like Sam Sarr, Ebou Jallow and the dummy (Falai Baldeh) in the diaspora who outlived their usefulness and would scum to any means necessary for their survival. Each of these fools have records of been celebrated LIARS…In summary, Ebou would eloquently lie to his teeth claiming he met with some Senegalese officials and some South African mercenaries about logistics to remove Jammeh while the bold face liar, Sam Sarr would boastfully add that his entire book entries about the 1994 Coup were fabrications. For the dummy – Falai, he would say in his rotten English….”the last development in the earth” referencing to migration of Gambians to the West.

  3. Clearly, the NRMG is not unfortunately providing us any answer either. Both NRMG and Pa Ann failed the basic principles of democracy which is to inform the people. Do they want to emulate Babil Mansa who will fire wuthout explanation? NRMG is not different from Yahya Jammeh, they are birds of the same feather that’s why they are flocking the same way. Pa Ann come clean before we empty your can. What are privy to what has been going on behind the scene.

  4. Who trust these so-called former soldiers who either help Jammeh to power or torture for him. They have lost the opportunity to cleanse themselves.

  5. The Gambian situation is just sad you just do not know who to trust anymore; in the meantime the world is moving to achieve better democracy, greater economic development and above all better human right and rule of law. But guess what sadly the opposite goes for Gambians in Gambia simply because those who can do it are proven to be pathological liars, self-centered and the list goes on and on. God Save the Queen!!! What is going on Gambians – you are the most talented Africans in diaspora the world knows that, but unfortunately you cannot honestly deliver to your people….. Shame on NRMG AND ITS LEADERSHIP. Gambians are fed-up with your fine English and brave talk; it’s all about you period!!!!