Recall Threat Hangs Over Zuma

zumaThe leader of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema has told thousands of party supporters that President Jacob Zuma should be recalled once the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg rules that the President has breached the constitution.

Julius Malema was a former President of the governing African National Congress Youth League. He was instrumental in the resignation of former President Thabo Mbeki before he fell out with the party and got expelled. Malema has since formed the EFF and became an elected lawmaker who had given tough times to Mr. Zuma. He has one goal: to boot Zuma out of office.

Malema saw no reason why the ANC must not recall Zuma when the court rules against him. He said if the party can recall Mr. Mbeki base on the ruling of one judge in KwaZulu-Natal that he had possiblly interfered with Zuma’s case, then the ANC must not struggle to act on the orders of a full bench of judges. He said any adverse findings would end Zuma’s presidency.

“Once you say he (Zuma) has violated the constitution, it means he is not fit to be the president,” Malema said, expressing his party’s resolve to impeach Mr. Zuma in parliament if the court rules against him. The EFF, he added, would ask the Constitutional Court to impeach the President if the ANC dominated parliament blocks the impeachment.

The Constitutional Court has reserved judgment in the case.

In a 2014 report, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela wanted Zuma to pay back some of the $21.9 million dollars spent on upgrading his Nkandla home. The president’s failure to comply has forced the EFF and Democratic Alliance to sue him. They said Mr. Zuma’s failure to comply with the remedial action recommended by the public protector is a breach of the constitution.

“His lawyer doesn’t explain why Zuma didn’t pay all along and changed today. He was laughing in parliament because he thought he is untouchable and now that they have realised he is a human, he must be subjected to the constitution,” Malema said, regretting why he had voted for Mr. Zuma


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  1. Democracy is beautiful if it is nurtured and allowed to work, but democracy will not work until the people are empowered to know, not only HOW it works, but WHY it must work that way…

    Bravo to all those parties that seek political office through empowerment politics, and deliberately refuse to trivialise politics…It is, no doubt, the hardest route to power, but it is the right one…

    In.the South African experience are abundant and relevant lessons for The Gambian electorate…