Why Ben Jammeh Runs For His Life

Former IGP Benedict JammehDetails of why the former Director General of National Drugs Enforcement Agency ran for his life are emerging, although in bits and pieces. Benedict Jammeh fled into exile in May 2013 after he had fallen apart with President Yahya Jammeh. He has since been living a quiet life in Senegal.

The man affectionately called Ben is an uncle to President Jammeh. He had occupied many top security positions before he fell from grace, which followed his arrest and detention. What actually motivated Ben Jammeh to flee while on a five million Dalasi has kept Kairo News busy for sometime.

“Ben is alive today thanks to his influential Jola fraternity that is close to the corridors of power,” said a close source. “This fraternity admires Ben’s intelligence and smartness. Ben was tipped him to run for his life to escape Yahya Jammeh’s plot to eliminate him. The fraternity is loyal to Ben Jammeh.”

Our source said Ben would have stayed home and proved his innocence in the courts but he “could not bet on his life. He knew the danger was waiting for him and took off before it happened.”

Kairo News gathered that President Jammeh would never recover from the shock resulting from the escape of Ben and Pa Ousman Bojang, Jammeh’s cousin brother who has melted in the United States. “Both close relatives are custodians of President Jammeh’s secret bags. Jammeh would be finished anytime they untie the bag.”

Ben Jammeh had earlier declined President Jammeh’s reconciliation offer, fearing he would be killed if he returned home.

Benedict Jammeh and his co-accused persons – Abdoulie Ceesay, former public relation officer of the agency, Foday Barry, former agency Director of Intelligence and Investigation, and Yusupha Jatta, the agency former Director of Administration – were accused of 90 counts. These include economic crime, abuse of office, giving false information, false publication, false broadcasting, theft, fabricating evidence and negligence, among others.



  1. None of them learn anything until the Vulture start eating them. They call it blind loyalty. Ben’s quietness makes him a suspect. That’s my conviction. Let him prove me wrong.

  2. I think this story has no significant use to move the struggle forward because Ben and many of Jammeh’s enablers have contributed to oppression of Gambians . Our focus should be on stories that would expose the regime human rights abuses , corruption , mismanagement , and Jammeh’s misconduct which includes his sexual predatory behavior . Ben Jammeh’s personal story and how he escaped death shouldn’t be topic of our discussion because he has contributed to human rights abuses in The Gambia and this story may even help him to secure an asylum . Kaironews , please report stories that expose Jammeh’s evil behaviors and how he is systematically destroying our country . Let us stop talking about irrelevant individuals who are silent and they don’t care about the welfare of ordinary Gambians . If Ben jammeh come forward and narrate his ordeal then we have right to question him about his role . Until he come forward to talk about human right abuses I think we should regard him as nonexistent . It is time we use our energy and resources to engage in information warfare with the regime which continue to abuse our people . Be on offensive and publish stories that would expose Jammeh’s enablers . We shouldn’t be sympathetic to Ben jammeh or anyone who have contributed to oppression of Gambians . So Please do investigative journalism about an individual who is inprison in statehouse and who is immense interest to jammeh , foreign imported girls currently residing in statehouse and are use as sexual entertainers for the evil dictator or story of counterfeit machine at the basement of statehouse which Dictator jammeh used to print Gambian currency . There are many other important stories which are relevant to expose this regime and they are important issues which the public deserve to know about their leader .