Football Is Our Problem

The Lions of Gambia fight over Football but not on human rights. They quarrel and end friendship on Arsenal and Manchester United rivalry, some between Madrid and Barcelona…

Gambian youths see the Senegalese youths active and progressive in national affairs when called upon. Just bring football on, you will see our youths’ expertise and interest. But talk to them about dictatorship, the lions fade away.

Gambian youths fail to take active part in politics because many are insulated by brothers and sisters in Europe and America and other business trading African countries.

Some diaspora activists want Gambian youths to protest and be affirmative in their political resolve. However, the underlying reason why Gambian youths don’t pay attention to politics is the high their dependency ratio on others.

If you see Gambian youths arguing over Manchester United or Arsenal football players and matches, you will be dumbfounded how enthusiastic and happy they are. Some get so tense that you think their father or mother is dead.

Why is football successful in England, Germany, France, and Spain? Those countries have good governance, the rule of law, free business enterprise, and no government or security agents go around arresting and torturing people.

The local Nawetan clubs are also on the rise; however, those local clubs are poorly run and hardly financed. Yet, a change in the overall political climate and fortunes will bring more open and success among the youths.

Gambian youths are brave tigers. However, their bravery is selective and individualistic in nature.

Let us encourage the youths to bring in their sports enthusiasm into public life issues. The fear cannot be ended if youths only bravely argue over Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, or Madrid and Barca.

Yahya Jammeh understands the mindset of the Gambian youths. That is why he organises them into groups encouraging them to party and become naughty. In many towns, Green Youths have boxes of condoms and freely mix, spreading teenage pregnancy. Open you eyes our Lions, get a voter’s sisters and brothers, don’t vote for Jammeh whatever happens. Politics is why you risk your life in high seas…Wake up from your deep sleep. It is make or break moment for all of us, especially you the Cream of our nation.


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