Imam Conta Counts Blessings; She Wins P3 Gold Award

Zara & ImanThe daughter of Gambian reggae star Demba Conta has again attracted media attention after she had won Sweden’s National Radio’s biggest competition. Iman Conta has not only won “P3 Gold” award, she is also nominated for the best song of the year award at Swedish Grammis scheduled for February24th. 

Demba Conta described the new kid in the block as what the music world has long been waiting for. “Do you remember My daughter Iman Conta who wrote Lush Life for the Swedish singer Zara Larsson?” Demba wrote in a Facebook posting. “She’s just won the National Radio’s biggest competition called “P3 Gold”. 

In an earlier chat with Kairo Radio, Iman was grateful to her parents for their support. She also explained the rationale for composing Lush Life, which according to her, perfectly defined Zara Larsson. The song, which sold over 80 million copies, has been viewed by more than as 135 millions on Spotify.

Iman who was born in an environment that had been filled with music released powerful songs of her own. In the three songs – Paris, High for You and Sugar Deluxe – the new kid on the block poured out her heart. In Sugar Deluxe, which was released not long ago, Iman’s aim was plain.

I want to do something new. So I started analysing the way men describe women in songs and the mainstream pop music, especially in the [United] States and Europe.  What I found was that they’re often very objectifying, they always describe women as belongings rather than active people; rather than people with emotions, intelligence and so on. So I wanted to write something that’s kind of ironic and sarcastic but to the point. Look, you can write this about guys exactly the way they write about women. I wanted to start a conversation, start questioning norms, to make people wondering what kind of music they’re listening to.”

The  Gambia’s living legend could not hide his feelings on how his daughter is musically faring. “Ask me ‘how do I feel?’ And I answer “I’m feeling marvelous”, wrote Demba Conta, an unlettered Gambian who left his country in the 70s and traveled abroad only to return home a reggae star. Conta’s song United States of Africa has added flavour, value and meaning to the continent’s unification agenda.

The wonder kid’s songs are found on YouTube and Sportify under “Iman”.


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  1. She should refrain herself from the dictator ,because Jammeh will one day go but Gambia will stay and history will be here to judge every one .

    Mohamed Keita
    Basel Switzerland