AC Milan Drags Gambian Player To Court Over Age Lying

AC Milan take Yusupha Yaffa to court after player claimed he was 19, was actually 28

An insane story is getting traction this Monday, revealing how AC Milan were duped by Gambian footballer Yusupha Yaffa into believing he was much younger than he actually was.

Yaffa was on the books at the San Siro after he was signed by the Rossoneri in 2013.

The African forward was drafted into Milan’s youth setup, while he went on to become a regular for the Milan U19 side.

There was only one problem, however. Yaffa, while claiming to be 19, was actually 28!

Yusupha Yaffa is currently on the books of German side MSV Duisburg, however one suspects that deal could come to a rapid end.

According to reports, Yaffa has now been summoned to court in Italy by AC Milan for fraud.

Should the trial come to pass, it will be interesting to find out the details of how the footballer managed to dupe one of the biggest football clubs in the world about his age.

It should also be pointed out that the revelations about Yaffa’s true age arose due to social media.

Apparently things started going awry for the Gambian when old schoolmates realised he’d doctored his age on his Facebook account, and it wasn’t long before people started talking about the footballer’s alleged fraud.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Yaffa claims he lost his documents on a number of occasions, and when he arrived at the immigration office in 2009 in Italy, he claimed he was born on the 31st of December 1996, instead of the 14th of November 1987.

It’s not the first time that Yaffa has found himself dealing with the law. In January 2015, soon after moving to Frankfurt, he was accused of raping a girl and he was arrested.

Gazzetta also report that while Yaffa protests his innocence, during his trial a number of former trainers and coaches from Milan will be present, including Filippo Inzaghi.

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  1. It is lesson for all those who think that lying is a good thing . A lot of Africans lied about their age and in the past some don’t even know their age . This is the second type a Gambian player has been disgraced by doing such a dishonesty act . Last time , a national team was disqualified due to lying about their ages . Gambian president Yaya jammeh even lied about his age and gave himself a birthday which is an important calender in our history . Lying is a crime in the west but in The Gambia , it is acceptable to lie as long as you don’t offend someone else . I don’t think this story is insane rather it is shameful and disgraceful. What is cultural acceptable in The Gambia , that is usually a crime in the western society. The government of The Gambia lie every single day without any consequences from the population . In The Gambia , those who lie usually don’t face any serious consequences but those who point out the lies usually get into trouble because when you point out that someone lies , that person will quickly indicate that you are insulting him or her . How can we stand for the truth when you cannot indicate that someone lie without getting into trouble . Jammeh and his gang of criminals has been using the term ” giving false information ” to public official to prosecute so many Gambians ., the sad thing about it , jammeh himself has been lying to Gambians since 1994 and nothing comes out it .