The Gambian Christian Church And Dictator Jammeh’s Money

Lawrence Jabang hitting the nail on the head!

By Lawrence Jabang

The Church has been receiving stolen money from the President of The Gambia!

It is about time we revealed the activity of the CHURCH in The Gambia. For a long time, many thought that it was only the Supreme Islamic Council that has been benefiting from embezzled money from the national coffers. What was not known is the CHURCH behind closed doors, from public view. For many years the church in The Gambia has been receiving gifts from the President in many forms: cows, rice and CASH and sometimes, on personal notes to some Christian religious leaders, including the Chairperson of The Gambia Christian Council, Most Reverend Hannah Faal Heine.

Most Reverend Hannah Faal Heine

What the Church and some members of the religious leaders failed to realize is that, each time they are called into the State House, eyes are on them and what they received is also recorded by some staffers who work in State House. One day, Gambians will be gravely stunned at how much the Church in The Gambia has been benefiting from stolen money, yet they pretended to be Holy men of God. I hope and pray that we all live to witness this day.

It’s very disheartening that, the Church that should have stood by oppressed Gambians is, in fact, participating in sharing the money of the poor. The Church is corrupt and this will be proven one day. No Church should be engaging in this type of behavior. This is very sad. Where is Jesus Christ? Now people will understand why the Church will never challenge the idea of [President Jammeh’s proclaimed] Islamic State. How would you in the wake of cash flow?

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  1. It’s unfortunate Lawrence, human beings have now exceedingly possess materialistic greed, above service to God & humanity; one can’t afford not to at times wonder, if those in the act really know, & or care, what faith reckons, on “day of judgment”….???

    But Satanic Ibliza Lucifer has been mentioned in both the bible & Qur’an; especially a Manipulative Murderous kanilai yaya DEVIL who plays to both religions but indulge in idolatries, to extents of devilish human sacrifices; in attempts to perpetuate murderous oppressive selfish aggrandizement….

    Murderous kanilai yaya DEVIL once remarked to Dominic Mendy, “….who said I’m one of them….; if any Muslim said to you I’m, just ask them which mosque I have baptized in from Christianity to Islam, because you know I’m christian….”

    The same filthy Idolatrous kanilai Murderer is proclaiming to be “researching in Qur’an & “Islamic Gambia” state declarations; our Murderous sydola DEVIL dines in perpetual demonic hypocrisy….

    This is just signs that, all genuine Gambians, friends & international community to strive hard, to enable Gambia avert the impending catastrophe with our current affairs of State under the our Satanic kanilai Lunatic…

  2. The Christian church(s) choose the easier route to co-exist with the regime. The fear hovering over their heads being the dominance of the over zealous SIC. So until dato they felt comfortable with the lesser of the two bales plaguing Gambia.
    The banjul muslim elders, on the other hand, have long cultivated restraints. They have accompanied the whole maniac (grand display of islamic faith)with suspicion.
    But the good news is that the tide is fast changing and our fellow citizens of the Christian faith, like our humble muslim folks mainly from the provinces, know now, with whom they are dealing with. Luckily!