Where Is Allah’s World Bank?

jammehChange of leadership anywhere comes with uncertainty, especially for those at the helm of affairs. Power is sweet and easily corrupts it holder. The longer the people stay in power the more they see themselves as super natural beings. One of the classic examples is our own Killer President who has worked hard to make us believe that he is omnipotent, a feature that belongs only to the Almighty Allah. How many times did he threaten to send trouble brewers to hell? It is only last month when he admitted his mortal nature and said he too would die. But he soon screwed it again when he threatened to dump people in Hutimat, one of the gates of Hell. One then wonders what the heck is wrong with this most unpredictable title-hungry leader.

With all his nuclear power, even Russian President knows his limits. Vladimir Putin last month avenged the downing of his country’s passenger plan by the Islamic State terrorists. Before he ordered shelling Islamic State militants in Syria, he said “my duty is to send the terrorists to God who will then decide whether they will go to heaven or hell.”

The Americans have been going to the moon since 1969, and have said everything about the Space except talking to the Almighty God. Yahya Jammeh has never been to Space. But in 2001 election victory jubilation at the July 22nd Square, Mr. Jammeh openly lied that he had spoken to Allah who assured him of election victory. Perhaps, he has become the first people to do so after Prophet Musa. Not even Prophet Muhammad – Allah’s beloved Messenger who was sent to the entire humanity – never told us he had spoken to his Lord. The Quran mentioned Prophet Musa as the only mortal being that spoke to Allah directly.

Another presidential fat lie was the claim to get money from Allah’s World Bank. Our question to Mr. Jammeh is: what happens to this bank? Is it that his loyalty to idols has angered angels to deny him access to the bounty or his account has run dry.

Lies can neither feed nor govern a nation. Every relationship that is not based on truth and justice will not last long. So you better repent and seek forgiveness before it is too late, Mr. President. The doors of repentance remain open until Munkar and Nakeer [the two questioner Angels] visit you in the grave. There will not any lying on that day.



  1. They write and write and then write some more. No action, just talk.

  2. Allah’s bank is a spiritual aspect that we are believers in God. HE is the provider and sustainer of everything. Allah’s resources is infinite. That’s not open to debate.

    We need to believe in ourselves and rely less on the west. That’s the only way black people can be free. God’s name is very important for us to use it loosely. Thank you.

  3. Lies, more lies. The dictator is out of stories but 2016, he will manufacture more lies again. He is a cronic liar.