Why Jammeh Carries Rocket Launchers

Gambian opposition leader wants to know why President Yahya Jammeh has been moving around with heavy weapons wherever he goes.

Despite repeatedly bragging about his military prowess, President Jammeh has been living in a state of paranoia since the day he ascended to power through force in 1994. His convoy moves with all the heavy weapons the country can afford without explanation, many a times leaving Gambians with fears and unanswered questions.

“Gambians deserve the right to know why President Jammeh keeps moving around with heavy weapons, tanks, rocket launchers and automatic rifles,” Lawyer Ousainou Darboe told a rally of United Democratic Party youths at Latrikunda Sabiji on Sunday. Mr. Darboe wants to know why President Jammeh has a penchant for being accompanied by heavy weapons while having meetings with ordinary Gambians. “Is Jammeh expecting an invasion from a foreign country?” Darboe asked. “I doubt if these heavy weapon carrying soldiers know how to operate these weapons.”

Mr. Darboe applauded his party’s energetic youths for helping to blow the wind of change sweeping in the country. He advised them to double up efforts because there cannot be any meaningful change in the absence of youths.

The UDP leader was economical in words. He is waiting for party’s mass rally in Bakau where he is expected to talk in detail about President Jammeh’s Islamic Republic declaration, Kombo South mining crisis and other pertinent issues.  



  1. Deyda Hydara

    The answer is simple, Jammeh as a soldier has NEVER been to war. He has never seen his life being at risk. He has never experienced the horrors and atrocities of guns and explosives at work.
    Now, Jammeh having used guns to accede to power, he is of the constant believe that men with guns will attack him anytime he moves around. He also displays the heavy guns to intimidate the civilians into believing that he is well armed and untouchable.
    Yaya Jammeh is the ONLY paranoid president in this world to move around with such an armada that makes his peers who visited the Gambia to ask him “why all these weapons”?
    Will these guns be of any use to his most feared creatures, the witches? Lol!

  2. “Gambian opposition leader wants to know why President Yahya Jammeh has been moving around with heavy weapons wherever he goes.”

    Because he is a fool….A very big fool…Anyone else would be embarrassed to carry old junk around….Some of those tanks (and anti-aircraft guns) are only fit for the scrap yard…

  3. ansu badgie

    Jammeh is a coward who is always afraid of his crimes.

  4. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun ” Wayne Lapierre , NRA ( American National Riffle Association ) .
    Jammeh is the only bad guy with the gun in The Gambia , therefore he would continue to terrorize the whole country as long as there is no good guys with guns to stop him . Do you think if I have my AR-15 or Ak 47 , a stupid NIA or solider will come to arrest me at the middle of the night without any court order ? The answer is no . Do you think if ordinary citizens are armed as we have it here in USA as second amendment rights , jammeh will be foolishly brandishing his old weapons as a means to terrorize the population ? The answer is no . If he try, someone will put a bullet in his ugly ass . He knows he can terrorize the population because he is the only bad guy with the guns . Gambian people should learn how to defend themselves and that can only be achieved through the rights of personal protection by bearing arms . Today If one brave Gambian set example by standing up to a foolish NIA or military officer with his gun , then they will learn their lesson . During jawara’s regime , a Gambian in greater Banjul area did exactly that . We have to go back to whatever our great great grand father’s did , they bear arms and protect themselves and their families from all kind of evil forces . Gambian people needs to stand their ground and protect themselves . This is not about inciting violence as some hypocrites and cowards want us to believe .

  5. Saidu Drammeh

    Because he is a coward and is worried about what will happen to him when the population rise against him. So those deadly weapons he brags about will be the same weapons to be used against him when the time is right.

  6. Lamin Sawo

    Thanks Drammeh Saidou. You just took out of my mouth what I was about to say.
    k for justice for those killed.

  7. Lamin Touray

    Cowards die before their actual death. The evils men do always come back to hunt them.. he will never have a peace of mind. Deyda hydara, Koro Ceesay, Daba Marena, 14 murdered students of April 10th and 11th, Chief Manneh the list goes on.. he will never be free even in the next world we shall as..

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