Jammeh Delivers 1st Islamic Republic Christmas Speech

Jammeh at Brufur rally@www.statehouse.gmPresident Yahya Jammeh has delivered what has become his first traditional Christmas message since he declared The Gambia an Islamic Republic on December 11, 2015. In what has become the Gambian leader’s shortest ever Christmas speech in history, Jammeh’s message generally sounds reconciliatory in nature. He exhorted Gambians to emulate Jesus Christ who, according to him, “preaches and values peace.” Throughout his five and half speech, President Jammeh did not mention anything about the country being an Islamic Republic. We don’t know why but a click on the embedded video will tell will tell you a lot about Babil Mansa’s body language. You be the judge.



  1. Please kaironews , there is no reconciliatory nature in an evil idiot expressing his hypocrisy . Whatever he pretended to say in that speech , he does opposite of what he say in public statement . An evil idiot talking about corruption , nepotism , killings and all evil acts are exactly what he is doing every second he is in people’s house . Why are we Gambian always fall for ignorant thing coming from the dirty mouth of a tyrant who has no respect for human life ? Jammeh is pure evil and the worst human being ever to be born in our country in million years .
    He is sick and pure evil . Looking at his face , he lack confidence and energy . His fingers are flaccid , dry and flanky . Clearly his diabetes and cancer is taking a toll on him. A sick psychopath and pathological liar dressed in Islamic dress disparaging terrorists while he is the chief terrorist in west Africa . Jammeh always pretend to hate Boko haram when he is exactly like Boko haram . He killed people , kidnapped men and women , raped young girls , illegally detained , tortured people . I do not like to watch his face because he gives me nausea and frequent vomit . Jammeh lives a double life . Historical mistake and evil leader.

    • He should also know – if he doesn’t, that Gambia is a country in conflict – psychological conflict – the war that he is waging against the Gambian nation and the Gambian people. Conflict is not only of the violent kind; even more insidious is the conflict wrapped in fake garbs of peace and reconciliation. Hopefully, the All Mighty God is getting tired of the nauseating hypocrisy and obnoxious violence being perpetrated in His Holy Name by Mr. Jammeh. God is indeed, the Peace, Love and Justice of the heavens and the earth.

  2. Unless, we recognize that Jammeh is neither a Christian nor a Muslim, we would be wasting our valuable time and energy. Jammeh is pagan in heart and mind and his witch pronoucements and mysticism are what he practices daily.
    What I observe most is that the guy is getting tired of carrying the weight of his 22 years of sins against man, country and GOD. He has lied to himself and cheated so much that he is now looking for a new lie that unfortunately his paper could not produce.
    Those who knew Jammeh before 1994 know that Jammeh was never a muslim and his respect for the Christian community is beyond doubt as he had NEVER uttered a negative word against the Christians. Jammeh does not even care of what the Priest preaches in his church as oppose to what the Imam preaches in his mosque.
    Jammeh has never respected Islam or the Muslims as he insults, tortures and jail our Imams. His use of Islam is for political propaganda gains only and unfortunately little and simple minds fall under his trap and vote for him.

  3. Based on my little understanding of his English language, His Excellency Babil-Mansa was trying to reconcile, but perhaps, he does not know where to start and how to start. My humble advice to the president is to release all the political prisoners, religious leaders and publicly go to the Gambia Radio and Television service and ask forgiveness from the Gambians, and tell them he has not been guided and he is sorry for everything he has done wrong against the Gambians for the past 21 years. Perhaps, that mighty be a very good start, and we can take from there and move to the next level, which is free and fair election and possible compensation of the victim’s family.

    May Allah guide and bless the Gambia.

  4. Thanks I think I heard enough.

  5. The hypocrite at it again, always masquerading himself and hiding his true self. Time will definitely tell who is fooling who.

  6. Thank you President Jammeh. The Gambia is a muslim country just like the Americans consider America a Christian nation. The majority carries the vote.

    If anyone knows jammeh, the diaspora is number one. What’s jammeh reconciliatory about. We have to live by our values.

  7. He is a complete liar and a son of bixxx. This idiot should stop acting like a savior because he is the most brutal, hateful, corrupt and divisive leader ever. All the nonesenses he is saying he doesn’t believe in anyone of them. Please dictator Yaya Jammeh, you can go to hell with your this bullshit.

  8. i am presently in the Gambia. The social reality on the ground doesn’t support any proclamations that the Gambia is an Islamic State. What i have seen going on right before my eyes is an anathema to everything that is Islamic. To say that I am shock is an understatement but it is reality which is quite normal to most people.