Why We Are Proud Of Kenya Muslims

Sheikh Khalifah@Hissan
              Sheikh Khalifah@www.hiiraan.com

We are definitely proud of the brave Kenyan Muslims who risked their lives to help save the precious lives of their Christian brothers from the wrath of Al-Shabaab terrorists earlier on Monday. These Muslims did the heroic act of shielding Christians from the bloodthirsty militants who attacked the bus they were travelling in northeastern Kenya. The Muslims defied militants’ order to divide them so they could single out Christians for killing. This resulted to a standoff in which two people were killed and three others injured when the Somali-based terrorists fired shots. But the attackers fled when they heard the sound of a vehicle thinking the police were closing in on them.

This humanitarian act was greeted with huge applause, with Muslim and Christian leaders sending congratulations to the Muslims for their sacrifice.

“We congratulate the Muslims who offered their lives to save those who were non-Muslims,” the Secretary General of Kenya’s Muslim Council Sheikh Khalifa told www.hiiraan.com. “That is the love that the Quran teaches. Saving one life is saving the whole world; killing one life is killing the entire world. These were heroes,” Khalifa added, hoping the bravery will redeem the bad image terror groups have portrayed about Islam.

“This is an example that faithful from all religions must emulate. We should not fall into the trap of a national enemy who wants to divide and defeat us. Our oneness as Kenyans comes first before religion. None of us chose to be born in any religion, it was the will of God and it is the same God that we all worship,” he said, believing that government should reward the heroes for their selflessness.

We hope this selflessness will bridge the bad blood between Muslims and Christians in the East African nation where terror attacks in recent years have replaced trust with mistrust. This story comes after Garissa University deadly attack in which 150 students were killed by Al-Shabaab militants for not reciting verses from the Quran.

We are proud of anyone who sees their neighbours as humans whose lives need to be protected. These innocent people would have missed this year’s Christmas thus throwing their families and friends in mourning instead of enjoying and praying together. Their selfless Muslim brothers prefer to die than being traumatised with senseless killings of close neighbours. The very essence of neighbourliness is to stand for one another in good and bad days. That is the only way we can all live in peace rather than in pieces.

Merry Christmas to all our Christian brothers and sisters!


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