Hamat Berates Jammeh’s FGM Ban

Hamat BahHamat Bah, the leader of the National Reconciliation Party, has described as “inappropriate” the decision of President Jammeh to ban FGM in The Gambia.

Last month, the Gambian leader made a policy pronouncement at a meeting in his home village, Kanilai, banning the practice in the country citing numerous health consequences associated with it.

However, Bah said his party, the opposition party with the second largest following in the country, does not support the policy.

“Banning FGM in the country isn’t going to make it go away. This is centuries-long practice that can only be eradicated through intense nation-wide sensitisation,” he said.

“You can even teach the students at school about the negative effects of FGM. Humiliating and sending people to jail won’t change anything.”

Hamat Bah made these arguments on the weekly Civil Engagement Hour radio programme that is aired on Capital FM.

The NRP leader further likened the ban on FGM to that of skin bleaching and abuse of Koobay Jaaro (local intoxicant once commonly used among Gambian youths) both of which, he argued, went ineffective.

He added that when the Government relaxed arresting people and spoke to them instead about the effect of KoobayJaaro, it disappeared.

“Most young people don’t even know about Koobay Jaaro,” he said.

However, the NRP boss said he does not support FGM because “it affects the health of women”.

Bah has recently led his party to two National Assembly by-elections and won one, thus increasing his party’s seats in the law-making body to two.

After falling out with the opposition colleagues over an electoral boycott last National Assembly elections, the NRP contested winning only one seat, Niamina Dankunku.

Despite Jammeh’s policy pronouncement, a law that formerly outlaws the practice is yet to be enacted.

However, with only two National Assembly seats controlled by the NRP and three by independent candidates, any bill that gets the blessings of President Jammeh, APRC’s leader, will pass with ease.

Hamat has become the second opposition leader in the country to comment on FGM in a media interview since the ban.

Barely a month ago, Lawyer Darboe, the leader of the biggest opposition party in the country has supported the President’s policy pronouncement and urged the Government to urgently enact a law outlawing the practice.

Source: www.touchongambia.wordpress.com



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bah, Bah, Bah! As usual! I support Jammeh and Darboe in banning FGM – no further “sensitisation” or “discussion”!. Now a Bill in the National Assembly is needed URGENTLY to make it illegal – “Rule of Law” a must as Darboe says. My in-law Hamat Bah is playing to our Fula constituency – but my beloved Fulas (and the Ethiopians/East African Fulas too!) need to be dragged SCREAMING into the 21st Century on this issue (I love them otherwise!).

  2. If you looking for a political leader, privately agrees with incumbent virtually on everything , but disagree with him in public to safe his face, look no further.

    Mr . Bah’s arguments on FGM, is as confusing as his arguments on electoral boycott. What’s your stand Mr. Bah ? are you for it because of medical reason, or you are not for it because of moral reason? Word INAPPROPRIATE does not explain you position Sir.

    You are so funny Mr. Bah, you just want to say something nobody understands so that they’ll do practically anything you want them to .

    Seasons greetings to all my comrades.

  3. For some reasons, I agree with honourable Mr. H. Bah. Eradication of such a sensitive and long-time practices, need to be taught in schools, from primary to high schools. You can’t just have imposed laws on people in a case like this, but that is how a retard leader is good at. They normally act before thinking further than their noses. Personally, I will not encourage any parent to practice it because I wouldn’t do it either, but we are all humans and we should treat each other humanly, rather than insulting everybody in a political gathering in a village where the practices was common. Only Yaya Jammeh can do that in this world. A president who has no adviser but a bunch of hypocrites around him. This is a trial for our country, and may Allah the Almighty forgive us, guide us and Bless the Gambia and her rightful people.

  4. I am totally against banning female circumcision. We can improve the practice medically and at the same time reaping all the benefits of it. I am just witnessing another way the west and the Arabs imposed their religions on us.

    They coarse you and I to believe that this is the most crude and idiocy of human rights violation. We fell for it. It makes me sad anytime the story comes up.

    These West people are trying to break our social fabric. I will never trust the west as Bob Marley advised me not to.

    We can medically improve on the practice. Why can’t we debate that but instead just blindly accept whatever they say. We all know that the benefits far outweigh everything. Why are black people always stupid. When are we going to embrace ourselves and be proud.