Battle For Political Life; Dictator Jammeh Visits Guinean Marabout

The Gambia’s dictator president is currently sojourning in Guinea where he is consulting a renowned marabout on the fate of his political life. President Yahya Jammeh’s insiders reveal to Kairo News that the power hungry leader does not want to leave power. However, under the present circumstances, things are not going as planned which is why he wants to use anything under the hot sun to cling on to power. He is ready to use voodoo or black magic to bewitch the nation into submission.
One of the reasons for visiting the renowned marabout is to know the identities of Mr. Jammeh’s would-be 2016 contenders. His goal is to bewitch and render them useless well before they enter the election ring. It seems the President is not satisfied with his Gambian magicians, and he does not trust his messengers anymore. Our close insider states that Gambians must intensify the momentum because “nothing is working for President Jammeh anymore.” The trust he has with some of his close insider circle is also crumbling fast.
The Guinean witch doctors will be among a long list of sub-regional magicians Jammeh plans to seek blessings from in order to prolong his political career and tyranny.
Confidential sources reveal that Jammeh can give D250, 000 to a marabout without any hesitation. Marabouts in Cassamance, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania have all benefited from Gambian leader’s heavy spending. Some marabouts even said Jammeh will do anything his contracted marabouts ask on condition that they don’t offer any service to his (Jammeh’s) opponents. “He does not hide his jealousy when it comes to spiritual works,” said a presidential close aide. “Jammeh treats marabouts with respects and will even serve them food or sit on a mat while the marabout flounders on a comfortable sofa. But he is prepared to kill any marabout that deals with his political opponents.”


  1. Deyda Hydara

    haahhahahahaaha! As if Allah is not the Creator, the Sustainer and the Timer of all things.
    Blaise Compaore, Amadou Toumani Touray and Laurent Gbagbo had more marabouts and idol worshippers than Jammeh, were are they today?
    Guinean Opposition Leader Celou Dalien Jallow has more marabouts than anyone in Guinee, yet he did not win the last elections.
    Marabouts and idolatry are like drugs, once you use them, you will continue using them until the FATEFUL day knocks in like the angel of death.
    Before I forget they too have to have their share of the booty…. lol
    “Koun faya koun” has already decreed and no living or dead thing can do anything to modify the divine decree.

  2. The idiotic evil dictator always consult his idiol before making any decision . Jammeh believe in marabout and voodoo business . Even the food people eat at statehouse , every night jammeh has to use his voodoo water to wash his filthy hands , face and feet inside the basin of water which is used for cooking because he believe that will help him to control anyone working under him . In his little mind , everything that happen has to do with witchcraft and idiol worshipping . Jammeh is obsessed with witchcraft , marabout business and idiol worshipping .

  3. It is being reported that Burkina Faso has issued an international arrest warrant for Campoare for the murder of Sankara…I hope Ivory Coast cooperates and executes the arrest warrant… There should be no hiding place for these criminals…

    Jammeh very worried about this development..It is.only a.matter of time for him..It’s either violent death or a long term imprison, unless he does what Mathew Kerekou did in Benin…Seek forgiveness and step down..

    Senegal has set an.example with Habre’, former Chadian dictator… President Ouatara should not be found wanting, being a democratically elected president, who has also handed his predecessor to the ICC for prosecution….

  4. Bax , you speak my language when you said ” it’s either violent death or a long term imprison unless he does what Mathew Kerekow did in Benin .. Seek forgiveness and step down “. I think this statement indicate to me that you began to finally understand that jammeh is not going to leave power in peace unless he seek forgiveness and step down which he is not going to do based on his behavior and track record , therefore every option should be used to get rid of him including violent means . This is the approach we should have been doing to deal with the tyrant but not mere letter writing or thinking that mere election will remove him from power without necessary confrontation . As you said there should be no hiding place for this criminal masquerading as president . Jammeh should be capture alive and then inprison or death violently , please do not try to contradict yourself on this one lol.

    • Max…You either don’t understand my view on “non violence”, or you deliberately choose to ignore what I’ve made very clear…

      My position is that the opposition (parties and others) have enough democratic avenues to pursue in order to effect change…That must be the priority and route, as far as I am concerned..

      If violence is unleashed on them whilst exercising their democratic rights, then they reserve the right to defend themselves…This defence may be violent, but in my book, they would not be the perpetrators but rather, the victims…

      Yaya Jammeh has indicated on many ocassions that he was ready to unleash violence on.anyone who tries to unseat him…Thus, the possibility of his violent end, even without the participation of the civil population, is very real…Infact, that started way back in 1994, when November 11th signaled the intent of some members of the GNA…Stating that fact is not contradictory at all.

      With regard to calling for demonstrations to instigate change, I have always stated that every Gambian has the right to choose how they want to achieve change….

      Those who want a demonstration should get up and do so…They shouldn’t expect anybody, especially those who don’t see the need, to do that for them…It is cowardly and selfish of people who live thousands of miles away from The Gambia, and have no wish to be part of any demonstrations, to call on others to do so…

      Book your tickets, board your flights and get your demonstration..Who knows, you may have become the proverbial mouse that bells the cat…

      After all, recent demonstrations that overthrew unpopular governments elsewhere have all not been started by any politicians…So the in your courts, if you want a demonstration…Bax can’t call for one because I’m thousands of miles away and can’t be part of any..I hope that is clear.

  5. Janjanbureh

    Bax, your views are contradictory and that can never bring changes in any dictatorship. The people are affected the most are the people living in it so therefore, they are the ones that need to get up and fight against the oppression. Throughout world history, I have never heard of changes happening by citizens aboard flying in to bring down dictatorships. Yes, there might few diaspora citizens participating in the cases like Ukraine Velvet Revolution, in Serbia, Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Tunisia, and recently Burkina Faso but it is the home grown citizens who stood up and got rid of their problem. The disaporas can help financially, morally and seek international support for the cause but what they cannot do is all of them coming to fight dictatorship in their belove country which to me doesn’t make sense at all. Who is going to support them to feed themselves? Bax, sometimes you show the sign of the Campama syndrome which is you make sense for a while and at the end you start loosing it and sometimes it can be contagious. Gambians will get up when the time is up because they are the ones been oppressed, hungry, jobless, killed, arrested and imprisoned for no justifiable reasons. I do know that you cannot rid of dictatorship by simply writing, talking, dancing, demonstrating, and praying because God knows we have done all of that and I can tell you that Gambians are the most patience human beings in the whole world but this time they have to get up and confront this menace before they can get rid of it. No easy way around it. Good luck Bax with your endless theories.

    • @Janjanbureh…”The people are affected the most are the people living in it so therefore, they are the ones that need to get up and fight against the oppression…. ”

      Comment…You and I.agree on that point, (then) because I am on record for saying that only the people can effect change and when they are ready, no force on earth can stop them…It is Max who claims that the diaspora, not the people, hold the key to ending this struggle…

      @Janjanbureh….”Throughout world history, I have never heard of changes happening by citizens aboard flying in to bring down dictatorships… ”

      Comment….I have never heard of it too, but you missed it, didn’t you..? It’s called “sarcasm”… the context and you will see that I was being sarcastic…Or do you lack the skills to derive meaning from context, like your friend, Max..?

      @Janjanbureh….”Bax, even if you are one mile away, you will not be part of it because you are against anything that will get of Yaya without PDIOS leading it period…”

      Comment…Where did I ever advocate for PDOIS to lead…? Provide proof or cut the bull shit…

  6. I know you will argue with yourself and contradict yourself again . Oh Bax , you always amaze me . Lol

  7. Janjanbureh

    Bax, even if you are one mile away, you will not be part of it because you are against anything that will get of Yaya without PDIOS leading it period. Please stop playing games with us because we are tired of the bull shits been played to derail the struggle. Enough of it my friend. Sit in the frozen corner of your world while we do our own thing then later you can come and run your mouth after. Happy holidays to every one.

  8. Janjanbureh , excellent points . you are very right , Bax keep changing his position like political prostitute who is trying to make everybody happy which is impossible . I don’t think he is aware of his own writing sometimes because i noticed he always contradict himself and argue his position . As you said he sometimes make sense in his writing but other times I would think he is jammeh’s spokesperson

    • Max….

      Janjanbureh believes that it is the people (on the ground) who should get up and effect change, not the diaspora….The diaspora ‘s role, according to him, is complementary…

      Bax also maintains that the people are the ones to effect change when they are ready, not the diaspora…and that their (diaspora) role is complementary. …

      But you said earlier article that “the diaspora holds the key to ending the dictatorship”…NOT the people…

      Are you now changing your position..? If Yes, you should say so….If No, you should not agree with Janjanbureh…You can’t have it both ways…

  9. Janjanbureh

    Max, you are absolutely right. It is part of the PDIOS indoctrination. In the case of The Gambia, it will be very easy to get rid of this problem but we need unity among the willing oppositions and Bax will be back in Fajikunda chilling Lol.

  10. Opinions are not a sketch plan in a man’s head. We indeed have that tendency to change our opinions from one point to another or from one position to another in search for the right or appropriate ideals to our problems.

  11. This is the kind of contradiction and hypocrisy that should be referred to as KAFR attitude in Islamic teachings. To be one to declare a multi religious country an Islamic state and still be indulging in voodoo, idols and witchcraft.

  12. Janjanbureh

    Mr. Njai, this is how dictator Jammeh used Islam against the rest of the Gambian society since he knows most of the people are Muslims. He is not a Muslim but he uses the religion very well to gain support from the people. At the same time, he will arrest Imams and other religious leaders because they are condemning so of the sexual activities in Kanilai with married women having sexual relationship with other men. Yaya himself having sex with young girls, drinking alcohol etc. Until we all wake up and refuse to buy all his gimmicks, he will continue to use tribal and religious differences against Gambians to stay in power. We all know that Gambians are inter- related across tribal lines and religion has never been a problem within Gambian society. Therefore, we should not allow him to exploit them against us. He is Satan or Ibilis in disguise.

  13. Ggapm , I think you are very right about changing position or opinion to search for appropriate ideas for our problems but there is a problem when one is always contradicting himself and refused acknowledgement of changing positions in a debate or political position .

  14. Bax , I maintain my position as to why the diaspora is holding the key to regime change . That key signifies a lot of things such as financial , political pressure , advocacy , exposure of regime brutality , atrocities , defiance to jammeh’s dictatorship and many other factors . Dispora can plan military interventions or armed struggle , coup and anything as it was done in past . So we could engage in any activity which could result to change of regime however deadly or dangerous you might think . After all , this is continuous efforts till death do us apart with jammeh or when he is capture . This trend is never going to change . Many attempts so far but one will succeed .
    Please read your first comments and think again if you have contradict yourself .

    • Max…

      Point out the contradictions if you know what a contradiction is or where I have changed my position…

      Just to remind you that my position has always been that I advocated a non violent democratic approach….

      The only contradiction therefore, can be the expression of any views that contradict this position…You now have an obligation to point out anything I have ever said that contradicts this position…

      My pointing out what I believe to be a possible eventuality of either a violent death or long term imprisonment (and I should have added life in exile) for Jammeh cannot be a contradiction to my position, in any sense of the word…If you disagree, then show me how..

      I.should also point out that though I advocate a peaceful, non violent, democratic approach, I have never ever stated that the process of change will be violent free and can be achieved without violence….

      I have, however, made a distinction between the advocates and perpetrators of violence, on the one hand, and the victims of violence, on the other hand…And I have stated that those against whom violence is unleashed (victims) have a right to defend themselves…

      So the onus is now on you to proof me wrong and show that I have contradicted myself…

    • Janjanbureh

      Thank Maxs for that clarification to Bax. He should now get the point. The main key to any removal of dictator Jammeh from power will be financial and the disapora have the means. Therefore, they are needed to finance the oppositions or any activities because Dictator Yaya Jammeh controls or owns most the businesses in the country. The rest of the businesses are trying to move or moved already to the neighboring countries in sub- region.

      • Bax don’t need clarification on that…I know that the diaspora has a role to play in this struggle, but whatever they contribute can only complement the efforts of those on the ground, who hold the key to this struggle…

        The diaspora, as far as I am concerned, has a COMPLEMENTARY ROLE….The KEY PLAYERS are the people on the ground…And the key players have the right decide how they want to fulfill their role…

        Fortunately for.our country, we have cool headed leaders on the ground, who have all agreed to pursue the peaceful democratic route (regardless of the immense disadvantages they faced), ignoring the bullish and sometimes, disrespectful and insulting calls for violence, often coming from people who have long since fled into hiding, or.dont dare utter a word against the regime, when they visit the country…

  15. I for one, am totally against violence in anyway shape or form. Let jammeh be there a billion years. It is going to be catastrophic and it will be ugly if violence breaks out in the small Gambia.

    You guys must be young youths. War is not and never a solution. Our parents are old, they cannot run for a mile without running out of breath. The Gambia is a poor country too. We do not need a calamity.

    If the opposition will unite, Jammeh will be history. We all know that. Why ain’t we talking about that. It is peaceful and orderly.

    The choice is ours.

  16. Janjanbureh

    Malangba, you are a punk. Do you think Gambia will be free of Jammeh without a fight. All the killings, torturing, imprisonments, disappearances of human beings in the country everyday and you want us accept that from Dictator YayaJammeh without a fight. You are out of your mind. 2016 is here, Yaya will be killing, torturing, exiling many Gambians than 2015 and still you want us to accept that from him until he finishes every Gambian who is not a Jola. He is dividing Gambians on tribal, religious and on regional lines so that he can continue to stay in power at any cost. We Gambians are not better than any nationalities who stood up and free themselves from dictatorship. This coming year will be the end for him whether he accepts it or not, his time is up. May God bless The Gambia. Amen.

    • People.are fighting the Jammeh regime everyday: politically, economically, intellectually,socially, religiously, defiantly etc…

      It’s only those who are obsessed with a desire for senseless violence, who can’t see this fight…

      @Janjanbureh…”This coming year will be the end for him whether he accepts it or not, his time is up…”

      If this is a.prayer, then I say “Aamin”…May your prayer be answered…

  17. A self impose authoritarian who blamed the former government for not promoting him to the military higher position in the hierarchy command position. Jammeh is rude to his seniors, tribalist against the majority Mandinka ethnic group. In his coup d’etat to power everybody knows Yayha was installed by the majority. Mandinkas. He accused President. Jawara of being tribalist, but everybody knows Jawara never built his own hometown,but Yahya built Kaninli the second state house. He insulted the Mandingoes threatening to exterminate Mandingoes everyone heard this world wide. He even went on saying majority who got deported are. Mandinkas and continue to say Mandinkas dislike Jawara people should know this hypocrisy.

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