APRC Reaches Height Of Desperation

He's always seen Mandinkas as his Angel of Death.
The wounded lion is venting venom on everyone

President Jammeh’s ruling Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) had now reached the height of desperation as evidenced by the party officials’ radio and television programs, urging people to grace the party leader’s Thursday’s meeting at Brufut in Kombo North.

The desperate call followed record crowd pulling rallies by the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) in the Kombos, particularly Brufut. The UDP is quick to capitalise on the APRC’s failed campaign to woo Gambians. “It’s as a result of our successful tour of the Kombo,” an opposition activist tells Kairo News.

The poor attendance has turned President Jammeh into a “wounded lion” that goes in the wild unleashing anger on everyone. He is already battling depression caused by abandonment, one source said. “How do you feel when you go to the rally and keep seeing the people you move with?” asked a presidential source.

After 21 years of lying, bragging and never-ending bigotry punctuated with gross violations of their rights, majority of Gambians think they have had enough of a president who has disvirgined the country and create artificial poverty for her people. Mr. Jammeh himself has seen the writings on the wall. He is feeling the pains and the only way for any bad boy to voice anger is to get dirty hence the insult spree.

Like most Gambian communities, the struggling poor Brufutians have had their ancestral lands seized by the greedy dictator who is inviting them for insults.

Jammeh’s opponents see no reason why any leader will insult his poor and hungry subjects. Anyone who gets insulted at his rally should blame him/herself. “Let Jammeh take his rent a crowd who will accept his insults because he pays them. Our UDP Brufut photos speak for themselves. We didn’t do any GRTS broadcast because GRTS never publicise our meetings and rallies. People come out by free will,” a UDP youth activist says.



  1. There is a proverb which says “what destroys the eye, the eye will not see”
    Not only APRC is worried that they see only the “rent a crowd” but old faces they used to see are no where to be seen. This means Jammeh has lost the popularity and the confidence of Gambians. More over who watches GRTS? only the Foni residents.
    Game over!

  2. Jammeh is like any dictator who lived before him. With all his insults and self mystification, he is the biggest coward ever to live in The Gambia. He is very scare of Gambians while pretending that he own the country. He will be captured in the rat hole just like his mentor Gaddafie.

  3. Press TV has reported that Jammeh has finally announced on.TV that The Gambia is now an.Islamic State.. Any news on.that editors.?

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The declaration doesn’t mean anything, in my view, but to fool Arab muslim financiers into giving money to The Gambia. The Gambia remains a Secular State regardless of Jammeh’s declaration which is without authority or legitimacy of any sort.

    The opposition needs to be careful with this one because Jammeh can twist their comments on this and set them against the large muslim population. If I were them, I will just ignore this declaration means nothing.