UDP Responds To Jammeh’s Threats

UDP logoThe opposition United Democratic Party has swiftly responded to President Yahya Jammeh’s threats directed at opposition politicians. He accused them of “fanning trouble in the country” and that “they would not live to witness the 2016 elections.”

Read below the full oppisition rebuff statement:


The United Democratic Party (UDP) has taken note of yet another threat by President Yahya Jammeh publicly directed at the members of the Gambian opposition in general.

Speaking at a public meeting in Janjanbureh in the Central River Region during his “dialogue with the people tour,” which was repeatedly rebroadcast on the National Television, President Jammeh swore to the Holy Quran three times that opposition politicians he accused of fanning trouble in the country would not live to witness the 2016 elections.

In his own words, President Jammeh declared that he would cleanse The Gambia of those he described as trouble makers and irresponsible politicians. He said: “we will kill the trouble makers and politicians and nothing will come out of it.”

The UDP condemns in strongest possible terms these irresponsible comments by President Jammeh which is a new low in his unstoppable slide to self-destruction.

We want to make it categorically clear to President and his thugs as well as his security forces which he use to unleash terror on innocent Gambians that participation in politics is not a gift but a right. The UDP will not negotiate with President or indeed anyone on our rights to participate in party politics.

If there is any filth that needs to be completely cleansed in the Gambia, it is President Yahya Jammeh’s divisive politics which has brought irreparable damage to the Gambia. For over two decades now, this despotic regime headed by Yahya Jammeh has killed, maimed, exiled and tortured its political opponents and perceived enemies who could have otherwise been in the Gambia today contributing their quota to national development efforts.

It is now a trend entrenched in Yahya Jammeh’s politics that anytime he is cornered, he will find a convenient scapegoat to heap his failures on.

Since the past one year, the UDP has reorganized and started fruitful engagement with the Gambian people. As a result, we have now succeeded in unmasking the “fear factor” that has encompassed the life of ordinary Gambians.

Today the vast majority of the Gambian people have now mustered courage and are speaking out openly against a government that has institutionalized corruption; betrayed the confidence of its people; continues to use deception to divide people through narrow fault lines of tribe and religion; and continually ignoring the plight of our farmers and youths.

President and his party are indeed highly shaken by a rejuvenated UDP and other opposition parties. The Gambian opposition are not demanding anything other than a free, fair and credible electoral process. And we shall not relent in this demand. Gambia cannot be an island where its leaders perpetuate self-rule through fraudulent and sham elections.

We are notifying the international community and indeed member countries of ECOWAS and AU of this latest threat by Gambian President to the opposition. If Yahya Jammeh wants to spill more Gambian blood which he has been doing since he accidentally became our head of state though an illegal coup d’état, then he should be prepared to meet us half way.

President has always wanted to make the Gambia a one party state but this dream has not been fulfilled because of the uncompromised position of the combined opposition against the idea. The UDP in particular, will continue to conduct its meetings and engagement with the Gambian public and we will not seek approval from anybody over that, not even from President Jammeh. We will not compromise our rights to engage in party politics. And we will not give in to threats from any quarters.

Long live the UDP
Long live the Gambia.



  1. ” The time comes in the life of any nation when there remains only two choices – submit or fight . That time has now come to South Africa . We shall not submit and we have no choice but to hit back by all means in our power in defense of our people , our future and our freedom” Nelson Mandela .

    “What country before ever existed a century & a half without a rebellion ? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance ? Let them take arms . The remedy is to set them right as to facts , pardon & pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two ? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyants . It is it’s natural manure ” Thomas Jefferson

    Dictator jammeh and his gangs of thugs must realize that for 22 years , the civilized and Patriotic Gambians are sick and tired of his evil oppression going on in our country . It is better you resign now and hand over the country . Time is not on your side . We have reach the tipping point when you will benefit from the seeds of your personal destruction . This time around , your self mystification , insults , tirades, arrogance , buffoonery and stupidity will not save you from the ultimate down fall you are so scare of . As a coward who prey on innocent victims , you must realize that greatest forces of evil who lived before you and who were millions times evil , rich and destructive than you were ultimately toppled from power . Even the most innocent victims of your brutality , never imagine how heartless you are to mankind . Dictator Jammeh no one fear you except fear itself . No one despise you more than the people you always assume to love you . Your brutality has no tribal , ethnic , religious and social boundaries , for you are a special beast created as evil forces to bring destruction , destitute and oppression to peaceful people of the world . Yours days are finally numbered . Patriotic Gambians and peaceful international community will do our utmost best to see your end as the tyrant and last lonely dictator in Africa and The Gambia in particular .

  2. Apparently Yaya Jammeh has now sense that, he is taken his last breath, before taken his first step in The darkest places of the hell.

    Now is up to us, We are the victims, but also the jurors in this courtroom , and international communities are the judges and are waiting with willing desire to deliver a lasting judgment in this election year 2016, or we give him five more years to finish the remain of our country , and turn it into irredeemable state .

    So can we come to our senses just for a minute, and put our egos and differences aside even for temporal moment, to unite and speech with one voice, to put an end to this madness.

  3. Yes, that is the simple fact! [His unstoppable slide to self-destruction]. Yaya Jammeh has become too dangerous to predict.

  4. Thank you UDP for taking the leadership role that was lacking over the years. This is the language and position Gambians have been waiting for and we are with you all the way in thick and thin. No retreat, no surrender, no more fear to the last man standing. Jammeh here we come …!!!!

  5. Thank you UDP for assuring us that you will not accept intimidation, likewise all other opposition parties. This will assure other parties that they have an ally in the UDP. Jammeh also received signal that the old way may not work. However, such a statement without an author may bring doubt as to who is behind the wordings. Also those who are opposed to Halifa and PDOIS writings should stop being negative and accept that writing and informing the populace is part and parcel of politics anywhere in the world.
    Bravo UDP

  6. Yero Ba , why you gave “thank you note ” to UDP if you believe that such “statement without an author may bring doubt as to who is behind the wordings”. Do you see yourself contradiction in the process of sending your “thank you notes”. ?
    No one is saying Halifa sallah should stop writing to condemn jammeh’s illegal misconduct by press release but writing letters to advise Dictator jammeh who never listen to him doesn’t make any sense . UDP press release is different from numerous letters send to Dictator jammeh from mr sallah . Halifa sallah’s letters are not press release because they are address to the Dictator . UDP press release are statements of their position which is address to the public with regards to events occurring in our country . There are PDOIS press releases which is also different from letters Halifa writes to the Dictator . I hope you understand the difference between press release and the letters . In fact , jammeh never listen to any letter whether it is from courts or any political party . The only letters he likes are the ones from his apologists or sycophants . The guy is a tyrant and not a civilized human being who understand the language of diplomacy .

  7. I would encourage the UDP to make sure this PRESS Statement goes to all Embassies, NGOs, International organizations, ECOWAS, AU, EU and UN.
    Take no chances and leave no stone unturned. Jammeh is on a suicide mode as we have seen him raining insults to all and sundry. Jammeh is a mad, deaf and wounded lion.
    Down with the arrogant dictator.

  8. Hydara, when dictators are near the end of their dictatorship, they did exactly what Jammeh is currently doing in The Gambia. Saddam and Libyan Dictator did exactly the same thing, that is they insulted their subjects and called them all kind of ugly names. Psychologically they feel that their sense of entitlement is being attack and they can’t believe that the population is turning against them. Jammeh is deceive by his so called rented crowds who are mostly green boys from Casamance but in the reality Gambians are sicked and tired of him. The day will come he will regret why he is even a president in the first place that day is fast approaching.