When Shall Africans Stop Dancing?

Prof Lumumba @ Google
Prof Lumumba @ Google

Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba is among a few intellectuals who have clear understanding of Africans and their continent. Africa needs more people like him to bring about meaningful change.

The Pan-Africanist Law Lecturer, named after the assasunated Congolese Prime Minister, has challenged Africans “to embrace who they are in order to achieve economic growth and total liberation from the Western world.”

Professor Lumumba said myriad of challenges facing the African continent is the offshoot of the continuous reliance for assistance from “our former colonial masters.”

For Africa to be a powerful, he believes Africans first have to “recognise who they are and begin to behave as such.” They must also break the artificial boundaries that have been left behind by their colonial masters.

“Africa can only realise her potential if we only recognise that the boundaries bequeathed to us by the colonialists are artificial. And the sooner we begin to engage as one people the safer we are,” Professor Lumumba told a conference in Ghana themed “Good governance, whither Africa?”

Professor Lumumba doubts prevalence of meaningful change in a continent where tribalism becomes a sore throat and leadership left in the hands of “hyenas” who careless about development or combating corruption. He could not fathom why Africans are always dancing. “When shall we Africans stop dancing?” he asked. Professor Lumumba does not want Africans to dance for politicians who continue to make life miserable for them.

Listen to Professor Lumumba’s thought-provoking speeches on Kairo Radio today.


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