President Jammeh’s Insults Hurt

jammeh and darboeIf there is one thing that Lawyer Ousainou Darboe can control and manage right now it will be the uncontrollable venom that comes out of President Yahya Jammeh’s mouth. The man rarely winds up talks these days without unloading insults on mostly the wrong targets as if he is grappling with dimensia or bipolar disorder. Like a mad dog, the Commander in Chief tours the country howling and barking randomly, sometimes catching his close aides off guard.

But the United Democratic Party leader is struggling to adjust with being reduced to a “laughing stock” by the man who is mandated to protect honour, dignity and respect of The Gambia and her people. As the man at the helm of our affairs, he doesn’t know that whatever he does or says matters.

“We are a laughing stock to our neighbours,” Mr. Darboe tells Kairo News. He is not comfortable with being ruled by a leader who fails to learn proper methods of communications after 21 years in power. “Gambians should not be insulted neither should profanities be expected or allowed from a democratically elected president,” Mr. Darboe adds, calling for urgent need for change so Gambians “regain their national dignity.”

Mr. Jammeh utters his insults without boundaries without caring. In Foni, he wants those who hates his offensive statement “to lick their eyes.” At one point, Jammeh threatened to circumcise religious and traditional leaders for opposing his impromptu ban on female genital mutilation. He even insults women for wearing pants, forgetting that his own wife Zeinab Suma Jammeh is a pant wearing woman.

“This is wrong and completely unacceptable,” Darboe says. Evidently, the Lawyer politician concurs, the president’s manners fall well below both national and international standards.

“Gambians deserve respect, decorum and humility from their president but not contempt and insults,” Mr. Darboe says, adding that his behaviour leaves no room for emulation. Gambians wonder who will be next offended by Jammeh’s loose tongue. 



  1. Criminal clowns are good at reducing good people to a ‘laughing stock’ and that is a fact all honest and intelligent people understand. Mental rehabilitation experts will tell you how someone under the influence very dangerous drugs behaves.
    In the Gambia itself, Good people can be reduced to a ‘laughing stock’ because we are not even good at making the right jokes from wrong. This is why you have people who will laugh in the first place when people under the influence of dangerous drug joke around.

  2. Thank you lawyer Darboe. I am Banjulian, and the speech by Jammeh at Banjul is insulting and sad. We say back at you punk ass. Thanks Mr Darboe.

  3. Yeah @Ida, that is what I was trying to say too, Lawyer darboe is thanks worthy. Criminal clowns; (Jammeh and clique), can’t reduce him and the beautiful Gambians into laughing stocks. If all of us where wiser, no Gambia will be amused by his jokes in the first place.