Kartong: Banned Councilor Feels Pain

Lamin JambaHe Turns To Governor For Help

The ruling APRC Councilor of Kartong has started feeling the pains of being banned by his own villagers. Lamin Jamba Jammeh is now pleading for clemency.

The man, who is blamed for orchestrating the Kartong brouhaha resulting to the detention, torture and arraignment of 33 youths, is reported to have summoned his people to the Governor of West Coast Region Aminata Sifaya Hydara.

The village-wide ban on Mr. Jammeh and family officially kicks off this Sunday. They will not have access to anything controlled by the village. These include the mosque, Islamic school and market.

Individual Kartongas have already started enforcing the ban. “No one is talking to the councilor and family let alone doing anything with them,” one Kartong native tells Kairo News. “In fact, the ban is extended to one of his (Lamin’s) sisters who was secretly doing grocery shopping for the banned family. Consequently, no villager is patronising Na Dinding at the village market.”

It is reported that life becomes so unbearable for the councilor and family that he turns to the Governor for help. He wants Governor Hydara to prevail on Kartongas to rescind the painful pain.

Governor Hydara has already engaged some Kartong villagers on the ban. She wants the councilor to be forgiven, which according to our sources, is practically impossible. “It looks like the ink that writes the ban is dry,” our source mumbles in parables. “Kartongas are not even thinking of that now.”

Lamin Jamba, the man with four wives, is reportedly planning to relocate to Gunjur. “He is rarely seen in public,” a source confirms.



  1. Well done to noble kartongkolu. He can relocate to kanilai if he wants……..

  2. Kartongkas are no-nonsense people. I know so many of them who are really nice but won’t take nonsense from anyone regardless of your status or stature as perceived in the society.

    Bravo !!!!