Iman Conta Tops Chart, Her Composed Song Sells 80 Million Copies


The daughter of The Gambia’s music legend Demba Conta tops the music chart in Sweden, selling over 80 million records Life Lush that she wrote for the swedish singer Zara Larsson. Like her father, Iman Conta hits the music scene with ‘Sugar Deluxe’ by storm. She has exhibited the talents of Demba Conta in the mid-80s, an unlettered man who left his home land in search of better life abroad only to return home a music maestro. Demba’s album, the United States of Africa, is still relevant.

The gifted Swedish-Gambian born singer has proven her music prowess with a song Lush Life she has composed for a famous Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson. The song becomes a sensation spreading like wildfire in Europe. But Iman does not want to bag all the credit, for she acknowledges the pivotal role her Gambian father and Swedish mother play in nurturing her music talent.

Demba, who is anxious to pass the music baton to his children, feels proud of Iman’s extraordinary success. His eldest son, Eddie is also another kid in the block. Demba wants music legacy to be part of his progenies.


Iman Conta’s success in selling such a high volume of records in a short space of time in Sweden is unprecedented. The pop singer, Zara Larsson herself was blown away by Iman’s sudden rise to fame with a song she has composed for her.

Demba Conta, his daughter Iman and son Eddie all have musical successes. The call is rising for the trio to do a combination promoting the rich family heritage of singer-song writing.

Iman has recently toured Europe to promote her single. She will be the next guest of Mohammed Lamin Sillah, the anchor of The Talking Point on Kairo Radio.



  1. Well done Uncle Demba. It’s time to reap the fruit of your hard labour. I have and will always respect you for starting from scratch and after years of unrelenting hard work, you put our country’s name on the world map. Wish Iman successful music career.

  2. What a great achievement! The Gambia too is proud of you. Kudos to your parents.

  3. This is terrific!

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I remember Demba with the White Lemouzine. The first of its kind in The Gambia

  5. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I call on Iman to donate 2percent of her sales to the UDP. It will help a lot in removing yahya Jammeh from power in The Gambia.

  6. Wonderful achievements….Congrats to Iman and the family….I hope Gambian Youths support her music..

  7. Exactly @La manju, lets see if you can get such an amount of donations from the hard working musician.

    @ Suntou,this is what it means to be an artist today; big record deals……and so on……….., if one is willing to find a way help our young artists…….