Secret Hearing: Sacked Magistrate Ebrima Jaiteh Persecuted

Magistrate Jaiteh

The Assassination of law and Order By Gambia’s Bar Association, their complicit in lawlessness and executive abuse of power. 

Former Magistrate Ebrima Jaiteh’s case came up again yesterday at the Brikama Magistrate’s Court. The matter was presided over by Principal Magistrate Hilary U. Abeke, a pro-Jammeh mercenary. It was held behind closed doors and the public was excluded from attending the case, in contravention of the constitutional stipulations on open trials.

The Gambia Bar Association is deeply divided and polarised that it lacks to muscle to stand up and defend the rule of law. One does not expect an association whose members are concerned about preserving their careers to advocate for fair treatment, especially when one of their colleagues needs their solidarity and undivided support. Kairo News has been informed that some of the legal careerists are so numb and blinded to the plight of their colleagues like Magistrate Jaiteh to the extent that they don’t discuss their cases.

The pro-Jammeh mercenary Judge Abeke below:


Magistrates belong to the Bench, a body at the mercy of President Yahya who hires and fires judicial officials for ruling against his government’s favour. But it becomes even more disturbing that Dictator Jammeh controls the Bar. Who can deny this assumption when Judges, Magistrates and lawyers continue to be thrown under the bus while the Bar Association keeps mute.

Magistrate Jaiteh’s only crime – if there is – is to acquit the Caliph of Darsilameh Sanghajor, Sheriff Muhideen Hydara and Alkalo Buya Touray. All sorts of fabrications are now manufactured and placed on him. The trial is now held in camera. The Nigerian and compromised Gambian Judges and Magistrates will confer with their handlers before deciding on a case.


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