Jammeh Faces Growing Backlash Over Anti-Senegal Remarks

Opposition leaders in The Gambia have dissociated themselves from President Yahya Jammeh’s latest rant against Senegalese President Macky Sall and his predecessors.

“It is one of the most unfortunate incidents that can happen from a leader who is supposed to cement cordial relationships between the people of The Gambia and Senegal,” Omar Amadou Jallow of the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) told this reporter.

Earlier this month, the Gambian leader made headlines in ferociously attacking Senegalese leaders. Mr. Jammeh branded branded his Senegalese counterpart Macky Sall as a ‘fake President and hypocrite who must not be voted into office again’. Mr. Jammeh’s attacks did not even spare former Presidents Abdoulaye Wade and Abdou Diouf.

Omar Amadou Jallow described Jammeh’s move as being out of diplomatic order. “I see this statement as one of the most irresponsible statements that can come out from the mouth of a President. Whether Yahya Jammeh likes or not, the relationship between the two countries will continue to flourish.”

The opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) had earlier demarked itself from the infamous rant and ‘vehemently’ condemned “President Jammeh’s conduct as it offends all conventional wisdom and decency.”

“By stooping this low in insulting Senegalese leadership, Yahya Jammeh has shown his lack of respect and decorum for anything decent. The Gambian and Senegalese people are one and the same and no amount of immature rhetoric and vitriolic outbursts from the leadership in Banjul will change that,” the UDP statement reads.

The General Secretary of Dakar-based human rights watchdog RADDHO warned Jammeh to be mindful of uttering what can tantamount to hate speech. “Persistent human rights abuses in Gambia are a cause of international isolation. Jammeh has no excuse and should try to improve his poor human rights record,” Aboubacry Mbodji said.

Under President Jammeh’s 20-year rule, Senegal and The Gambia have gone through many diplomatic feuds. While speculations surge over a possible crisis between the two countries, fears remain high about the consequences of the attacks on Senegalese leaders.

Written by Abdoulie John



  1. Ebrima Taal

    Yahya Jammeh’s rant about Senegalese past and present leaders should not be a surprise to any decent human being. Considering his past statement about everything. Nothing decent comes out of the mouth of this absolute MORON called president. The trouble we as a country are facing is that Yahya is no better than his enablers. People like Fabakary Jatta, Mayor Yankuba Colley, Ousman Sonko and many unfaithful Gambians. You only have to talk to these individuals for a minute to realize what sort of a predicament the Gambia is in? It is as a result of these enablers that Yahya continue to lie to Gambians about everything. Vision 2020, Vision 2016, Rural Electrification and now an even more stupid promise of transforming all Gambian villages and towns into cities by 2025.I thought the Gambia would have been a super rich nation by 2020 i.e. vision 2020. Listening to such promises makes me sick to the bone and even worst is that when he made such stupid promises at a political rally, senior government officials joins the illiterates and clap for him. How could any sensible person even waste his time and attend Yahya Jammeh’s political rallies is completely beyond any logical explanations.

  2. I want to know why Macky Shall will back out of building the bridge at Yillitenda. This is not a personality contest but the bridge will benefit immensely both peoples.

    The current opposition can come together to defend Macky Sall, one may ask, when are they going to do the same thing for the Gambian people.

    They say, every politics is local. I am always amazed by the Gambian opposition and the diaspora. If you really care about the Gambian people please talk about issues not just bashing Jammeh.

    We have a long way to go, that one I know for sure.

    • Ebrima Taal

      Babli Mansa should build the bridge and not Macky Shall. I think Yahya Jammeh is worst than a plague. The biggest accidental president in world history. All he is good at is lying to the Gambian people.

  3. Macky Sall and Senegal, as a maturing African democracy, can cut all types of relations with such a government in the Gambia as if humantarian crisis won’t caption it consequnces. That is how the democratic world wants to be related to dictators and power hungry killers; SANCTIONS and TRADE EMBARGOS, but indeed due to humantarian reason they never, in reality would impose and airtight sanction.

    • To write, —can cut all types of relations with such a government in the Gambia if humanitarian crisis won’t caption the consequences.

  4. Malang, I think you are on this medium merely to create diversion from the very traumatic and abnormal situation that obtains in the Gambia. You use techniques like sometimes appearing to be sympathetic to the plight of tortured victims, but in fact you could be one of Jammeh’s torturers.

    Who said Macky Sall backed out of the proposed Yelitenda bridge. You know Malang, Jammeh can pave the streets with gold for all we care, in so far as he continues to murder, torture, prostitute our sisters, and imprison the innocent at his whim, the majority of Gambians will continue to oppose him.

    Bear in mind that he is not the first murderous dictator the world has seen. Despite winning 99.99% of the vote, they all end up miserably, and Jammeh will be no exception.

  5. Thank you Modou , if malang’s sister was sexually abused or raped by jammeh , I don’t think he would come here to defend him. If malang’s father was murdered by jammeh I don’t think he would come here to defend him . Malang,if jammeh tortured your father for merely expressing his view and broke his hands for his journalism as it happened to musa saidykhan and many who were exiled, would you still support jammeh. If jammeh sexually abused your mother as he has done to other people’s mother or sister , would you still claim he is good leader for our country ? Please I want your feedback on these questions.

  6. I am not here to justify any form of violence. I always emphasis that i am not a politician. I am also not interested in Jammeh’s personal life. Only God can judge that. For one, i do not believe all these sexual accusations against him with such a beautiful wife and a committed Muslim.

    Even a mad man or the inventors of viagra cannot be having sex like you are alleging.

    I am only interested in the welfare and the development of the Gambian people in all aspects. In my humble mind, i think jammeh has fulfilled his purpose fantastically.

    The Gambian people have gone through a lot and for someone giving them university, schools, hospitals and clinics just to name as few is what I am all about.

    • @Malang, the king your lord is on plan to visit Saudi for medical treatment. If he do forget his lessons in curing himself as a self proclaim doctor, he could have sort treatment from one of the million hospitals and clinics he’s built instead of going away to seek medical treatment. My advice to him is to watch his back.

  7. Also, I have asked a very simple question and I will be grateful if someone can answer then.

    1. Did Macky Sall backed out of the Bridge Construction that would benefit both peoples. If he did that, I think we should know why.

    2. If the Gambian opposition can come together and defend Macky Sall from Jammeh’s wrath, why can’t they come together form a coalition to rescue Gambian people. As you guys are always saying Gambians are suffering under Jammeh.

    Please don’t attack my person. Lest stick to issues. Thank you.

  8. “I want to know WHY Macky Shall will back out of building the bridge at Yillitenda”. “Did Macky Sall backed out of the Bridge Construction ” Malang, your quotes in two different postings. Answer your own questions.

    Dealing with Jammeh is a deadly serious business for many Gambians. Forget about his sex life, which he seems to be obsessed with, as evidenced by his numerous vulgar references to matters sexual in his several speeches.

    With near economic melt down in Gambia, you must be the only one thinking that Jammeh has fulfilled his mandate to the Gambian people.

    Continue to bury your head in sand, and keep pretending by saying “i am not a politician “. We are all of reasonable intelligence on this medium and we know a provocateur when we see one.

  9. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The bridge was a European Union funding project. Of course we all know that political dialogue between the EU and Gambia has stalled over human rights concerns.


  10. Malang , you have very little brain to understand who is jammeh . Do you think all these women or young girls will go and make allegations about sitting president who is a tyrant for that matter ? Jammeh is psychotic and psychopath and sexual predator. You claimed he is Muslim with beautiful wife , let me tell you jammeh and Zeinab are not married for a long time . Their relationship is false and Zeinab is there in The Gambia for money . Zeinab haven’t spend a night with jammeh for very long time and it has been years now . She currently has Moroccan boyfriend who she cares about . When Ello Jallow was murdered by jammeh in the statehouse through strangulation by jammeh’s jugulars who are part of his security team at statehouse, Zeinab was very sad for three months and she didn’t talk to jammeh . Zeinab loved Ello Jallow because Ello is handsome and decent guy unlike jammeh who is ugly , rude , didn’t know how to talk to women , unclean with his big and crocodile mouth .
    If jammeh sexually abused your sister , would you still support him ? Please don’t tell me you are not a politician because you can answer that question.

  11. Dabo jula , please don’t give him any hint . Let him just die in Saudi. We don’t need his body on The Gambia soil . I would recommend that he will be buried in high sea just like Americans got rid of chief terrorist Bin laden. You bury terrorist in high sea.

  12. Janjanbureh

    Folks, this Malang guy is the same person using Fafa Cham and Buba Soli in HelloGambia website. I have reviewed his writing style and made a conclusion that he is here to distract and create confusion anyway possible. He is playing the innocent line that he is not a politician and other craps is just a way to fool people. Please don’t waste too much of your time trying to educate him because he is one of the dictator’s enablers.

  13. Thank you very much janjanbureh . Malang is here to distract and provoke . He is internet troll. He is brain dead individual who cannot be educated . There is no neurological functions of his brain vital organs and therefore we can declare that he is officially expired from now on . Even when there is involuntary movements we can always assume that he is deceased. It is time to call mortuary so that the mortician will pick the remains. I would suggest that his remains be burned into ashes and thrown into high sea because it is contagious for humans to give him decent burial . Rest in hell fire with the Dictator and all those who committed heinous crimes against their fellow human beings .

  14. Janjanbureh

    Thanks Maxs. You are a visionary and a real patriot. For Malang Bulfaleh, he is here to support a brutal dictator who is running out of time. 2016 will be his year to be chase out of town and nothing can stop that even with all the Marabouts, charity givings or idol worshippings can help him. Time is up dude.

  15. Thank you janjanbureh for your compliment. Malang is supporting jammeh based on tribal line . If jammeh is capture , he will go back to where he came from ( cassamance)

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