Court Denies Kartong 33 Bail

Outside Brikama Court
Outside Brikama Court

After hours of heated arguments, Principal Magistrate Hillary Abeke of Brikama this evening denied the 33 protesting Kartong youths bail. The court sat until 19:35 PM before the Nigerian Magistrate delivered the ruling.

Below is the charge sheet about the case.



  1. This is crazy. Kartong youths were savagely attacked. This is lawlessness.

  2. The REVOLUTION that will end Yaya Jammeh’s regime will start from Kartong to Koina.
    Everyone on the ground is now convince that there will be INSURRECTION in the Gambia and no amount intimidation and torture will stop it.
    The next few days will be interesting to watch.

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The police too should be charged for assault occasioning actual bodily harm, negligence and abuse of office. They have no right to torture people and subjecting them to degrading and inhuman treatments. How can you ask someone to insult his or her own mum?? Disgraceful.