Injuries Sustained In Kartong Melee

Youths on the streets of Kartong
Youths on the streets of Kartong

An all-out melee involving defiant youths of Kartong and officers of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) has led to injuries, Kairo News confirms.

“It was an all-out physical fight at the mining site in the Kombo South town of Kartong,” our reporter investigating the story confirms. “Many people from both sides sustain injury in a fist fight that began last night.”

The fight became so tough that the PIU officers on the ground called for more reinforcements to contain the already tense situation. It was a matter of do or die affair for the youths who see their town being messed up by sand mining. They stood their ground throughout the melee.

Dozens of the youths have been arrested and escorted to Brikama Police Station. Hundreds of concerned family members have since followed them to show their support and solidarity. “One of the youths arrested is my brother-in-law which is why I am going to Brikama Police,” one man told Kairo News.

Tension is still high in the coastal city culminating in a meeting at the alkalo’s residence. The said meeting is aimed at simmering pockets of resistance. But the people of Kartong see no room to compromise with a man-made catastrophe that leaves you empty handed. “The government collaborate with the Chinese to destroy our environment by digging pits that have become breeding places for snakes, crocodiles and mosquitoes. And to top it all, the town is not getting anything in return,” one Kartong native told Kairo News. “Our fight is worth pursuing,” he added.

Kairo News will follow the story and keep its readers informed about any unfolding development.



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