Gambia Without A Secretary General

Lamin_NyaballyThe removal of Mr. Lamin Nyabally has left The Gambia without a Secretary General, Head of Civil Service and Presidential Affairs Minister. Mr. Nyabally has been relegated to the Fisheries Ministry.

No reasons have been explained for the demotion. The president’s office only issued a statement, saying the president has used Section 71 (4)B of the Constitution to relieve Mr Lamin Nyabally of his appointment as Minister of Presidential Affairs, Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, with effect from 18 November 2015.

President Jammeh is yet to name Mr. Nyabally’s successor.

Mr. Nyabally was appointed the Secretary General after President Jammeh removed Dr. Kalilou Bayo in January this year.  Dr. Bayo had been in office for only six months before Gambian leader’s electric broom struck him. He replaced Momodou Sabally who had fallen out with President Jammeh. Sabally was arrested and detained for  more than five months before he had been slapped with several counts of economic crimes. The Gambia’s self-anointed pen is now recycled as the Manager of the Daily Observer Company, which has become the official mouthpiece of President Jammeh and his ruling APRC.



  1. Most likely mr Momodou sabally will be back at statehouse as SG . Mr sabally has never learned his lesson. The dictator has no choice but to go back to his former enablers .

    • Ebrima Taal

      It is very much likely Mr Sabally will be back as Secretary General. At the the moment though, he is busy publishing Yahya Jammeh’s fantasy stories at the Observer news paper. When will Gambians learn and have faith in the Almighty Allah and stop praising Yahya Jammeh and his unrealistic dreams.

      Reading another article in the Observer newspaper today, I must be honest Yahya Jammeh is the biggest liar ever to live on this planet. Another vision, another lie. Why would a president address the entire nation about something even an economic illiterate knows is unrealistic? Mr. Jammeh transforming the entire Gambia into city states would take a lot more than you could ever imagine. The world super power, the U.S.A has not achieved such a miracle. These would require building the country’s institutions as well as the infrastructure.

      Mr. Jammeh, I think you are and have been lying to the Gambians for twenty one consecutive years. The Questions you should be asking yourself, that is if you ever pause and review your past promises. What happened to Vision 2020? Is it still attainable that the Gambia within the next five years will become the richest country in Africa? What about Vision 2016? Why would you refrain from rice importation all of a sudden? Or what about the CD you presented that the Gambia would be a donor country? Or have you forgotten about your promise of rural electrification?

      Fellow Gambians I have very high regards for our country and to see our Head of State making such unimaginable promises makes me question our tolerance for such utter nonsense.

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