Where Is President Jammeh?

Jammeh 2The absence of President Yahya Jammeh in public has raised mountains of questions, with news from the grapevine insisting he has been grounded by sickness.

Gambian leader, who is currently on a low crowd pulling nationwide tour, has not been seen in Basse. Mr. Jammeh uses the tour to unload his anger on innocent Gambians. At one point, he had hauled insults at Senegal’s leaders and threatened to kill opposition members bent on causing troubles ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Mr. Jammeh’s unexplained public absence has thrown the country into confusion and uncertainty. Kairo News has been inundated with messages from concerned Gambians. We have since put our impeccable sources to work. But their accounts vary, to call spade a spade. When sources contradict each other, editors are left with using the only tool at hand. The use of our editorial judgment in this case becomes an obvious necessity. 

“The President is as fit as a fiddle,” said a presidential source. “Someone has just spoken to him. He arrived in Basse Monday night,” the source adds.

“Allow me to probe into the story,” says another source who is convinced that something might have been wrong with President Jammeh.

Most of the sources on tour with the President have had their phones switched off, which doubles up our suspicion. But our Base resident source adds fuel to the suspicion when he confirms President Jammeh’s absence at Basse youth center meeting this evening. “We gather there with the hope that President Jammeh will turn up but only the ministers and the governor grace the meeting. No reasons have been advanced which makes us tilt towards unconfirmed reports that he might be having some health challenges,” our resident source adds.

One observer thinks President Jammeh’s propaganda machinery is at work, spreading false news in a bid to divert public attention on his failed tour characterised by misguided rantings. “We have to remain cautious until truth comes to light,” he says.

Whatever the case, we expect any responsible government to issue a statement to confirm or deny rumors fast milling in town that the President is sick. Any story relating to the health of the President – true or otherwise – is too important to be left hanging in the air. Like any of us, the President too is not immune to sickness or death. What then is so peculiar in his sickness?



  1. Dictator jammeh lack of good health is common knowledge to his trusted and closed aides . Jammeh has serious health problems which includes brain cancer , Bipolar , hypertension and diabetes. Jammeh is seen by his Syrian Doctor on daily basis during which he check his blood pressure, blood glucose ( blood sugar ) , heart rate as well as comprehensive assessment and give him his hypertensive medications as well as cancer drugs . Jammeh’s diabetes is so bad that he ordered podiatrist outside the country to come to Gambia for his foot care . This individual is young beautiful girl from Latin America who jammeh sexually abused .Jammeh had gunshot wounds to his foot during his military days. His history of wounds on his foot is compounded or worst by diabetes he has. Being an ugly man he is , you will never see jammeh without a socks on except in his room .Jammeh also believe in herbal medicines . He frequently drink herbal medicines almost every two to three hours’. A thorough health history of jammeh also includes significant mental health problem such as bipolar and borderline personality disorder which is manifested in his erratic behavior.,Jammeh is heavy smoker of marijuana , and cigarettes. Jammeh has so many bad habits . He love red meat especially bush meat which he was used to as a child .
    It is not surprise to see him isolated on his tour due to his sickness because this happened regularly at statehouse. At the Time of prisoners’ release , jammeh had similar experiences and also months before that.

    • But Max where the hell he’s got those bullet marks from?,….. if he has never been to any war…. Or did some of his hostages resist during one of his summary killings??… Maybe he got the wounds to those scars hunting wildlife………or??
      However, thats exactly what the armed political liability wants; unpredictability and misterious speculations of his whereabout. God bless the searh for unity of the Gambia opposition parties to restore democracy and the rule of law in the Gambia.

  2. I don’t think he smokes marijuana. He use to smoke Piccadilly and love drinking alcohol but hates smoking weed, even though 99% of his family cultivate it. I learnt from a mate that he is a big cocaine user now a days. Hence his erratic behaviour.

  3. The media should not fall for this sort of things…Don’t speculate on what’s happened or not happened to him…Just restrict yourselves to reporting the fact that he was absent at the Basse meeting..(Period)

  4. I love Brother Bax’s analysis but I don’t agree with him here. Kairo News is not speculating but bringing to light the results of their investigation about the absence of President Jammeh in public. Wbat do you expect them to do other than responding to the concerns of their readers who in fact demanded clarification. I don’t call that a speculation but the results of what sources reported. I give Kairo News A for expressing the views of its sources in editorial and not news. Let us remember that editors too deserves the right to expresd their opinion. The Gambia government once again fail Gambians for not clearing the air. Point your gun at them instead.

  5. Just a note of caution sister Alimatou..This man is full of nasty little tricks…He may very well be sick, but a ploy at discrediting diaspora activism, in particular, and the entire opposition, in general ( since they make no distinction between the two) should not be completely ruled out..

    He is under pressure and he needs something to discredit those who put him under such a pressure…

    What better way than to give the impression that they (his opponents) are “liars” because they said he was “dead” or “sick”, but here he is “alive” and “healthy..”

    Indeed, as already stated by the editors, it is the responsibility of the state to inform the nation about Jammeh’s state of health, but let’s not give them any ammunition to turn their current near disaster of a tour, to their advantage..

  6. Bourne , jammeh had accidental gunshots wounds during his military days . Jammeh legs are all covered with scars . Few months ago , freedom newspaper released a picture of which has evidence of jammeh scars all over his legs .

  7. Like politicians, like journalists. They should be responsible and be accountable for their reportings because the ramifications of false information can be catastrophic.

    Personal interest and reporting fair and balance are very clearly stated in journalistic curriculum. Unfortunately, many of my compatriot journalists are deficient or myopic in that area.

    Always stick to the truth no matter how the wind is blowing. The truth shall set us free. Not propaganda or false pretence.

    MAXS is very eloquent in his comment. But are his rantings backed by facts.

    The Gambia is a very small country and with it’s social fabric, people know right away what’s a lie. I pray for all sick people because that somebody could be me.

    Certainly, jammeh will go and it’s a matter of time. That’s not the question. The question is, are we ready.