Jammeh On The Loose Again

Jammeh and Macky
     Presidents Yahya Jammeh and Macky Sall

President Yahya Jammeh has once again betrayed the trust and confidence Gambians have bestowed on him by focusing his energy on issues that are irrelevant to our national interest. Instead of using his countrywide tour to address the many problems, Mr. Jammeh is picking bones with Senegalese leaders as if they are sabotaging his development agenda or on the verge of invading The Gambia. Cementing good brotherly relations with the government of a country that surrounds us in all sides except by the ocean is a necessity. Jammeh’s tone is loaded with jealousy and frustration. He is jealous of his Senegalese counterparts for achieving what he could not in 21 years, despite going through both front and back door. Here we mean that Mr. Jammeh used fair and foul means to attain the ECOWAS Chairmanship. If Gambians don’t know what we are talking about Jammeh does. We will leave that for another time.

Both former President Dawda Jawara and Senegalese leaders headed the sub-regional economic grouping. In fact, the ECOWAS elected President Macky Sall just two years into his presidency because he is a trustworthy leader who preaches what he believes in. He is unlike The Gambia’s bully, unpredictable leader who spares no one with his gores. ECOWAS leaders will not elect into office a leader whose backyard is full of baggage and is not willing to do the clean up. Besides, how can Jammeh lead ECOWAS when his government has no respect for the Community Court’s verdicts?

For Mr. Jammeh to lead the 15-member body he has to go through a complete rebirth or baptism first. That means he must, among others, believe and behave like a a real democrat, shun human rights violations, investigate unsolved tortures, murders and disappearances and allow other arms of the government – the Judiciary and Legislature – to operate independently. The laundry list is just too long.

President Jammeh is frustrated with the positive attention, support and praise Senegalese leaders enjoy. Let’s not forget that President Barack Obama visited Senegal two years after President Sall was elected. Mr. Jammeh could not stomach it any more that is why he is badmouthing Senegalese leaders. He did not understand why they outpace him in everything.

We ask one favour from President Jammeh: leave Senegalese leaders and focus on the baggage in your backyard. Gambians did not vote you into office to settle personal scores with their Senegalese brothers. Our only difference is the colonial divide. Don’t create problem where there is none.



  1. Alimatou Sarr

    I agree that Jammeh is on the loose once again but the question we must always ask is: when shall we be free from these never ending baloneys. Worst of all the mad dog does not realise the scar he is inflicting on our souls. Listening to this man is sickening.

  2. Kairo News is again doing what its editors are good at. That’s analysing issues so a layman can understand. Thank you guys for your selfless service.

  3. Jammeh knows exactly what he is doing. This is deliberate provocative acts so that there will be conflict between the two countries . Senegalese president Macky Sall is well aware and he is doing everything possible to avoid direct confrontation with jammeh . What jammeh did not know is international community including ECOWAS is well aware of all his criminal activities both in The Gambia and the region. Senegal leadership knows that jammeh is criminal leader who continue to lie , kill , rape , embezzle and loot Gambians. Mr Sall has been working with Nigerian counterpart with regards to Jammeh’s erratic behaviors , human rights abuses and corruption in The Gambia . What Gambian people didn’t know is that we have reliable partners who are waiting for the citizens acts and as soon as there is an opportunity such as demonstration of students or oppositions , ECOWAS will acts follow by U.S. And UK .
    Jammeh is looking for trouble with Senegal so that he can use cassamance Rebels to fight for him . Jammeh knows that when there is conflict with Senegal , most Gambians will support him regardless of his dictatorial rule . Therefore it is in his best interest politically to create instability between the two countries . Mr Sall is very aware of this strategy . Jammeh is trying to tap into nationalistic approach when dealing with Senegal . As we speak international community is aware of specific crime committed by jammeh in past few months and jammeh himself is involved in this crime . President Obama is aware of it , Nigerian president is also aware of it and off course mr Sall . This is ongoing investigation which Gambian people are not aware off . This crime has international dimension . 2016 is critical year for Jammeh’s presidency .

    • Son of Africa

      Please leave Babili Mansa alone. Stay with your French Colonial Masters. It is not easy for the Gambians because of all the sanctions and restrictions these collaborators bring on our shores. May Allah continue to bless, protect our dear leaders. Things will get better. The truth is very bitter to swallow for the hypocrites. Oh Allah guide and protect Babili and brings those who plot against him to the right path. Let us all stop to listen to the serpent who seek to divide and rule us forever. Amin

  4. Max…Are you suggesting that Jammeh is goading Senegal into a fight because he believes Cassamance rebels and “most Gambians” would support him.? You got to be kidding, mate..!

    Jammeh and his “advisers” know that they cannot survive a military conflict with a neighbour that almost encircles them and is much, more powerful militarily..

    Cassamance Rebels are not the fighting force that people are making them to be..They are not even a fighting force..They are enduring because they are engaged in gorilla conflict : hit and run operations..They will have no chance in a conventional war against the Senegalese Armed Forces.

    I agree with you though, that Jammeh knows what he is doing, but not for the reasons you advanced..

    My own view is that he wants a diplomatic row with the Sall Government..He knows that it is safe to pick a diplomatic “fight” with Dakar because, not only are they politically mature, they also respect International Law and would only respond to him diplomatically, unless he initiates a military conflict, which he will not do in a million years, unless the “bolts in his head go completely loose..”

    Jammeh is comfortable with that and in the event of a diplomatic row, he and his sycophants will most probably play the “Nationalist card”, to rally support across the nation, even amongst potential opposition members..

    Such an eventuality would also give him a bit of respite from the attention of the population on his failing policies and the hardship of life in the country generally..

  5. Bax, jammeh is very smart criminal . Gorilla conflict Or warfare is the most difficult conflict to win by any conventional army . This is why cassamance rebellion is going on for three decades . Jammeh plans to use such situation to prolong his stay . Remember that today , Jammeh’s security lies on cassamance citizens who are part of Gambia military as well as those Rebels forces in cassamance . For years now , jammeh has recruited so many cassamance Rebels into The Gambia army . If you go to kanillia , you will notice that 95 percent of his security forces are jolas from the cassamance and The Gambia , therefore jammeh has secured himself very well . Kanillia is a place where even school children sing national anthem in jola and this was pilot project he started but because not to be seen as tribalist who he is , jammeh decided not to expand the signing of national anthem into other parts of the country . Jammeh is working with these Rebels .
    Bax said ” jammeh is comfortable with that and in the event of a diplomatic row , he and his sycophants will most probably play the “nationalist card” to rally support across the nation , even amongst potential opposition members “.

    The above quotation is exactly what I meant incase of military conflict when most Gambians will support him regardless of his dictatorial rule . It is the same nationalistic card I am talkng about though you didn’t believe that jammeh will initiate military conflict between Gambia and Senegal . I never underestimate or discount Jammeh’s unpredictability . Jammeh is not a diploma but a seasoned criminal. He will do anything to remain in power because he knows the consequence when he leave power . Senegal government is waiting for Jammeh’s to leave power when they will take legal actions against him . Five months ago , he kidnapped three Senegalese with the help of cassamance Rebels which still anger Senegal government . There are other countless death of Senegal citizens and military which jammeh has a hand in cassamance . Senegal knows he support those Rebels forces .

    • Son of Africa

      When was the last time you helped someone in your family or community. Why should the president be responsible for everything that goes wrong in the Gambia? Please just stop the hate and bring your case to the people in a more democratic manner. Stop attacking Malang. It wrongs.

  6. To compare Macky Sall to Jammeh is not only fair but total misinformation to your readers.

    Jammeh have started everything from scratch. Like building schools, and a university. Millions of Gambians have greatly benefited from these formidable institutions. No need to elaborate on this since we are all Gambians.

    The hospitals are not the best but Jammeh with the scarce resources have built hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Me as a villager from rural Gambia have seen the difference.

    What have Sall accomplished. He is riding on the back of the developments put in place before him. Jammeh does not have these privileges as we all know the Gambian people were totally neglected by the ppp regime for 30 good years.

    One of the main problem with African leaders is that they are mainly interest in outside recognition versus doing their job that we elected them for.

    Jawara is very guilty in that category and Macky is no less. Macky spent good part of his life in Texas. For him to be leading ECOWAS shows only not how much we are in trouble as Africans but also failing the promises of our great leaders like Garvey, Mandela, Nkrummah, Touray, Lumumber and others.

    Last week Kaironews reported massive outbreak of beggars on the streets of Senegal /Dakar. These are the things that our leaders should be focused on instead of photo shuts with western leaders. They will never help Africa to emerge from poverty.

    Yes, they will announce giving us millions because we do what they want us to do. How long will we hear these millions and have no positive impact on the poor people?

    I am not a politician. I am just a concern Gambian because I think there is scarcity of truth in the diaspora.

    I am sorry if I offend anyone.

    • Janko Camara

      Malang, as a Gambian like me, you are entitled to your opinion and support for the leader of your choice. Divergence of views is a significant ingredient of Democracy and this must be acknowledged by all democrats.

      It is true that Makie Sall took over a country that has a very solid foundation established by successive Senegalese leaders starting from the late President Senghore. It should also be acknowledged that he is further building on the solid foundation inherited from his predecessors.

      Having said that, I completely disagree with your assertion that “Jammeh [have] started everything from scratch”. Do you imply that there were no schools, health facilities and a somewhat political culture that has respect for basic human rights up to July 1994? I consider your assertion as an insult to some of us who have been around for a long time and have lived through the Jawara regime and are living through the so-called alternative provided by Jammeh. Jawara may be accused of being a somewhat laissez-faire leader whose docility was exploited by some hawks in his government to betray the public trust and confidence reposed in them. However, there was a comparatively solid culture anchored on the respect for basic human rights which Jammeh inherited from his predecessor and which he woefully failed to further advance. Of course, people of The Gambia are partly to blame for this deterioration of an otherwise fine culture. We all have our hearts pitched in one tent or the other, however, we must avoid trying to re-write History by coming up with baseless assertions like the one above.

      By the way, I have never been a fan of the PPP regime. However, I do not need any lecture to know that comparatively, it was a far better administration than what we have in The Gambia today. Nations are supposed to be advancing, as years go by. If after 21 years, we are still stuck comparing the Jammeh regime to that of his predecessor, then something is fundamentally wrong with our psyche as a people. For me, that is to say, development is static. In reality, what has happened to The Gambia is a classic case of Arrested Development and the actors as busy living the past when the rest of the conscious world is moving forward. The person who will be “starting from scratch”, in my view and given the current state of affairs, is that person who will take over from Jammeh when The Gambia is eventually freed from his tight grips. This is because Jammeh has not only destroyed our modest political gains, but also he has completely destroyed the economy and our social fabric such that in The Gambia of today, anything goes and everything is acceptable so long as it serves the end. The parlance that “the end justifies the means”, has become so true in today’s Gambia, no matter how detrimental those “means” are to our collective wellbeing.

    • Son of Africa

      I thank you for being and honest humans. Keep the path of truth. Long live Babili Mansa

    • Son of Africa

      Dear Malang,

      Don’t be sorry for voicing your opinion. without taking sides we know what the Babili Mansa has done for the country. We can have a discussion about how to move forward and improve the lives of our people but we cannot overlook the effort he has made to improve the lives of the Gambians. May be not enough but it will never be. Even Allah does not grant us all our wishes.

      You Gambians think you are suffering? Please go to Central Africa and some part of Asia (India-China) and see the kind of leaders they have there, but you will not hear the people demonize their leaders because only a father knows his family better, not some stranger.

  7. Malang , you do not have to be sorry in expressing your ignorance about the development standard of Senegal and that of The Gambia as well the achievement of jawara’s government . For you to say that “jammeh have started everything from scratch” is not only outright dishonest but also insulting to the intelligence of Gambian people. As genuine citizen, telling the truth will earn you respect but if you lie to the world like in this case you are just exposing your sycophancy and indecency . If Jammeh started everything from scratch as you indicated , which government started Gamtel as an example. Just to show you are lying I will give only one example. Ignorance is a disease , therefore get some education first before you lie to the world .

    Malang said “I am sorry if I offend anyone”.
    From above quote, you clearly know you are lying. If you believe that you are speaking the truth then why do you apologize? I am only interested to point out your lies because you are indeed not speaking the truth.

    • Son of Africa

      Dear Max,

      Apology does not mean guilt. You apologize if you feel you have hurt someone feeling. Please don’t learn too much from these people there who don?t know how to be sorry anymore in this world full of sorrow even when they are wrong

  8. Malang…

    I think it is good that you have the courage to express your support for Jammeh and hold a different view from the rest of us here..And I hope that people will respect your rights to hold the views you hold and engage you on that basis…

    I also hope that you will be ready to stay here and defend your position with the type of maturity you have shown above ..if indeed, you are a Jammeh supporter..

    For starters, if we remove ourselves from all the misleading propaganda of the AFPRC/APRC regimes and some sections of the anti-Jammeh camp, perhaps we may come to a common agreement, that on the balance of evidence before us, Jammeh’s ascension to power was a serious impediment to our nation’s wellbeing, despite some of the achievements you mentioned above..

    Moreover, the achievements you mentioned need to be contextualised, and their impact on the economy and lives of the people properly gauged, if we must pass a reasonable and sensible verdict that reflects the regime’s performance during these past two decades…

    It is no good, and disappointingly simplistic on your part,to just cite the accomplishment of projects, without examining the manner in which they were funded, the conditions attached to the acquisition of such funds and the overall impact of these conditions on the economy and the lives of the people.

    Equally important, before any verdict is passed and songs of praises are sang for Yaya Jammeh, is the establishment beyond any reasonable doubts, that the funds acquired were used for the purposes meant and not diverted into any personal accounts..and that Gambians are paying value for money and not lining up someone’s deep pockets…After all, previous Audit Reports from the Auditor General’s office had indicated that the “Capital Development Account” was not being audited for years..


  9. I can understand this type of simplistic approach of viewing national development efforts from the unschooled and formally uneducated masses, for whom the mechanisms and procecesses/procedures of government is simply too complicated to comprehend, but individuals like yourself have no excuse for this uninformed approach.

    You have claimed and that there is a “scarcity of truth in the diaspora”, but you have yourself “massaccred” the truth when you claimed that Jammeh “had started everything from scratch..” There could be nothing misleading and further from the truth than this claim.

    This again demonstrates the lazy attitude of some of our countrymen, particularly the young ones, who are content with the misinformation they have been fed and always ready to chant the lies of the regime as historical facts, instead of doing a bit of research to establish the truth..

    A little effort would have shown you that The Gambia in 1994, had come a long way from The Gambia in 1965. You would have known that the viability of The Gambia, as a modern nation state, was doubted, not only by outsiders, including our British Colonialists, but also by our very own people within the political and business establishments then.

    My generation (independence children ) and probably the one before us, were disenchanted and frustrated at the pace of development and lack of opportunies, but the fact that The Gambia was not only a viable state in 1994, but also a well respected member of the community of nations (which has now been lost) is indeed a great achievement by the Jawara Administration..

    Almost all the state’s institutions of administration and accumulation, which are the requirements of a modern state, were established and strengthened by the Jawara Administration before 1994…

    Just to name a few examples, the PPP inherited an almost nonexistent air and sea ports at independence, but these were developed to international standards by 1994..The mere construction of an airport terminal by the AFPRC, does not negate the tremendous achievements of the PPP in this sector..They have done far more than the APRC in this sector..

  10. Malang: Beggars in Gambia are being arrested for begging in public and this is a law meant to stop foreigners knowing how bad the economy is being managed. Despite this, beggars are everywhere in the community trying to survive. Building a school here and a hospital there without the requisite educational or medical materials has not much benefit for Gambians. Do you know that to have operation in EFS Hospital, the patient has to buy the needle, bandage, medicine and all other materials needed before he/she is operated on. There is nothing that is happening in Gambia that is not happening in Senegal. So which truth do you want to say to us?

    • Son of Africa

      Great opinion. Please lets create an organization to start helping resolve all these issues you have mentioned. I am sure we have to start from some where right. At least the infrastructure is there.

  11. The economy and its management today, even by their own admissions, through the Budgets and Audit Reports, is absolutely shambolic…I don’t think even the loudest of his sycophants would dare to compare the economy under him and Jawara..

    It is unbelievable how much the national currency (the Dalasi), created and introduced by the Jawara Administration, has lost its worth over a 21year period.

    Isn’t it an irony, that a man who ascended to power on the basis of claims of high cost of living, amongst many, is now presiding over a country where majority of workers cannot afford two bags of good quality rice from their monthly pay.? So it’s a no brainer to see that the economy under Jawara was in a much better state than under Jammeh..No need to even waste time to argue this point…

  12. If Malang’s parents were victims of this regime human Rights abuses like children of Hydara, koro ceesay’s family, and other countless Gambians whose family members are murderd, disappeared and millions who live in fear, he won’t come forward to claim that jammeh brought development and progress in our country. Malang is completely ignorance of gross human rights violations, corruption and total impunity in The Gambia.
    Jawara’s government has laid down the foundations of institutions of government which jammeh came to destroy. Today, corruption in The Gambia is far worst than 1994 when jammeh and his gang of thugs criminally overthrew the elected government of The Gambia.
    Malang if your sister or family member was kidnapped and raped by jammeh, I don’t think you will come forward to claim that jammeh brought development to Gambians.
    Malang, if your uncle or father was tortured by this regime as it was done to so many Gambians I don’t think you will come forward to claim that jammeh brought develo. Gambians.
    Malang, if your father is fired illegally from his job because of his political belief, I don’t think you will come forward to claim that jammeh brought development to Gambians.
    If jammeh seized your father or family land or businesses, I don’t think you will come forward to claim that jammeh brought development to Gambians.
    I can list so many crimes committed by jammeh which you know are all heinous crimes against citizens.

  13. Two areas where much noise is made by the sycophants of the regime are in Education and Infrastructure development, particularly roads (including bridges)..

    Indeed, The Gambia experienced a certain level of the concentration of efforts to expand education and improve the road quality, but the question is, “was all this started from scratch ?”

    Let’s examine the facts…In education, for example, it was during the transition period (1994-1996) that the project to build almost all middle schools were initiated…

    I remember attending the laying of.the foundation stone for the Kalagi Middle School project, where the the Direction of Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) at the time, Mr Andrew Silver, revealed that the entire project was going to be funded by the GPA.

    The question that needs to be asked, Malang, is under which administration (PPP/AFPRC) was the GPA able to accumulate so much surplus as to fund that project…It certainly could not have been the AFPRC because they were barely a year into office when these projects began..

    The University of The Gambia is another of the pet projects that the Jammeh crowd like to shout about..There is nothing wrong with that, but the problem is when you claim that it started from scratch..This is absolutely untrue.

    Efforts to establish a university started at least a decade before July 22nd 1994…A commission established by the PPP to look into the feasibility of a university concluded that the country was not in a position to run a university, but recommended a gradual move towards that goal, by the creation of specialised institutions, which will lay the foundation of the university..

    The government thus began creating specialised institutions like GTTI, MDI, Gambia College schools of Education, Public Health & Nursing and Agriculture, Rural Development Institute (Mansa Konko), NARI,Hotel School, etc, all of which made the University Extension Programme possible…

    The university project may have culminated with Yaya Jammeh, but it did not begin with him or his administration.

  14. With regards to infrastructure development, often claims are made about the roads Yaya Jammeh “built” as testimony that he has surpassed Jawara’s 30year effort…

    I think the problem of these people is their lack of understanding or inability to differentiate “Road Building” from “Road Rehabilitation”..

    Yaya Jammeh has only built ONE road in The Gambia and that is the Kaninlai trunk road from the main highway…All the other roads were just rehabilitated because they were left to deteriorate by the previous government..

    The problem that the PPP had, was the lack of maintaining the roads that they built or rehabilitated and as a result, many were left to deteriorate beyond recognition by the 1990’s…The roads though, were still there but the road surfaces (mostly oyster shells) were all gone completely in many places..

    Incidentally, the APRC also has the same problem of non-maintenance…Banjul roads which were all rehabilitated by the PPP and in very good state in 1994, are so bad today that van drivers avoid the city completely because it has become the “city of mud”…Whatever happened to “economic super power status”..?

    Some sections of the Kombo Coastal Road are also suffering the same fate..The old Yundum-Wellingara stretch is said to be so bad that van drivers are avoiding that area.

    So it is not true that Jammeh started from scratch even with roads development..He inherited an already existing network of main and feeder roads and rehabilitated some…Unfortunately, his administration is also afflicted with the “No maintenance culture”..

    • Son of Africa

      What is wrong with us Africans? Will you be a better ruler if you were in power? You keep spitting out the serpent words and hating on our leaders. You all open the door for these slave masters to keep killing our leaders and hurting our people. Allah will call you all to book one day for have such a heart of rock.

      We know how much you want to see our leaders killed, but what you plan, you should know Allah is a better planner. Please look for other ways to bring your case to the people without being such a traitor all the time. Start providing some services to your own local communities and help the country instead of doing everything to keep our people down.

      Why do people focus and keep looking for new ways to get rid of the president? We are spiritual people in Africa and I believe that our strength lies in our solidarity because that is the only moment we will find out who our real enemy is. We should have a better and more respectful attitude towards our leaders no matter our opinion and judgement.

      No more hating please, please I ask you all to look at the mirror for a second and ask yourself what you are doing to help just your immediate family with all due respect. May Allah guide our journey in this borrowed life and help us come together with or without the influence of power. Ameen!

  15. Where is Malang…Mr Malang, there’s nothing wrong with having a small brain, but at least think a little.

  16. Son of africa this is not about “insulting malang,” truth be said every sober Gambian should be aware of the destitution and poverty that is prevalent in Gambia. Any sane person should be concerned about the current economic situation in gambia. I think it will be very heartless to not think about countless number of kids going to bed hungry because of Jamneh’s greedy grip on every sector of business in Gambian. We are fedup it has been a gruelling 21 years jammeh is not the only competent person Gambia. He has put us in shame isolated us from the rest of the striving world. If jamneh is not selfish and self centred why not step down?.

  17. Son of Africa , you asked what I am doing to help my family or community. My answer to that question is I am very productive citizen who care about my family and country at large. It is because of my love for family and country that is why I am contributing immensely to change the situation of my family and country. I found your question as ignorance and idiotic as questioner yourself, I think I need to educate you so that you will be free from continuous indoctrination and sycophancy .,
    I asked Malang simple questions about ” how would he feel if jammeh sexually abused his sister , murdered his father , confiscated his uncle business, imprisoned his brother for ten years at mile two without taking him to court, illegally fired his father from work , detained him illegally and so on “? I think these questions are legitimate questions because you have thousands of our fellow citizens who experienced these situations. Now the question is , is that the right thing to do as a leader or decent human being and what are we going to do to change the system which brought untold sufferings to our country and her people?

  18. Son of Africa , your Allah you are talking about knows you are not telling the truth and your president lied , steal , raped , loot and killed people all the time . Therefore, it is ignorance folks like you who bring your hateful religious beliefs to justify crime against humanity. This is exactly what the terrorists are doing. Jammeh is a terrorist who hide behind state apparatus to kill , torture , kidnap and instil fear in people. Get some education about what your Allah said in Quran. Allah who majority of Muslims in the other part of world worship said in the Quran ” if you kill one human being without any justifiable reasons which He Allah has mentioned in the Quran , is like killing the whole human race ” . Please read the Quran to know the justifiable reasons he mentioned. All the killings that happened or done under Jammeh’s regime are totally against what Allah said in the Quran because they are not justifiable reasons. I do not like to talk about religious perspective in our politics but I think sometimes ignorance folks like you needs to be educated when you bring your religious and fanatic view to justify oppression. Get some education. The first verse of the Quran ask mankind to seek knowledge so that we can live just and decent way of life. People like you have very ignorance belief about Islam which doesn’t represent the purpose and the way Islam have been in the lives of Muslims . Educate educate yourself ., I hope you do not get your education from Muslim terrorists like imam fatty , Bin laden or those in supreme Islamic council who supported and promoted state sponsored terrorism in The Gambia. If you do not know about politics please ask questions.

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