We’ll Solve Gambia’s Land Crisis

DemboA key opposition figure expresses his party’s commitment to resolve what he calls “President Yahya Jammeh’s orchestrated land crisis.”

Dembo Bojang, a former parliamentarian for Bakau, describes land crisis as one of the worst legacies of the Jammeh regime. “The UDP government will regulate land issues in The Gambia, particularly in the Kombos. We will make sure that land is managed and controlled in accordance with land policies and regulations,” Mr. Bojang assures party militants in Tanje.

He says it beats ones imagination to comprehend as to why the people of Kombo are dishing out their lands -their most precious commodity – to President Jammeh. “Sometimes I wonder whether Yahya Jammeh’s marabouts or spiritualists have worked on the people of Kombo who are desperately giving out their inherited lands to him. They are doing this through his (Jammeh’s) agents. The people of Kombo will have a lot of questions to answer to their ancestors and children if this senseless practice continues. This is very sad, so to speak,” the veteran politician says almost shedding tears.

However. the man affectionately called Dembo By-force, adds that Jammeh’s land grabbing is rampant in other parts of the country as well. “History will always judge Gambians for electing into office a President who had no family responsibility, let alone govern a state,” Mr. Bojang says, reminding Gambians of the “the daily uncertainties they have been experiencing since Yahya Jammeh forced his way into power.”

Mr. Bojang also touches on the plight of a record number of innocent Gambians jailed on flimsy or trump up charges. He also reminds his audience on unsolved assassinations such as those of Ousman Koro Ceesay, a former Finance Minister in Jammeh’s cabinet and Deyda Hydara, the Editor of The Point who were murdered in 1995 and 2006, respectively. The Jammeh regime refuses to investigate both assassinations, let alone prosecute suspects.


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