It’s Time To Defeat Overstay

Astute Kemeseng Jammeh has natural fighting spirits!

After 50 years of attaining nationhood from the Great Britain, The Gambia has been ruled by only two leaders: Presidents Sir Dawda Jawara and Yahya Jammeh. The former ruled for 30 years until 1994 when the latter seized power by forced, complaining about a whole range of issues, including overstay in power. Then junta Chairman Lt. Yahya Jammeh swore that “no one would ever be allowed to rule the country for more than ten years.” The same man has already ruled for 21 years and intends to do so for a billion years, despite getting signals that Gambians are sick and tired of his government’s failed policies and its entrenchment of gross violation of human rights.

A prominent opposition figure told the weekend UDP rally in Tanje that Gambians “must learn from the messes caused by overstay in power.” Kemeseng Jammeh, the man who has been a formidable opposition during the First and Second Republics, urged Gambians to resist President Jammeh’s plans to rule indefinitely. The former Jarra West Member of Parliament wants President to “learn from the lessons of Jawara’s overstay.” The take home for the title-hungry leader is to leave power, which is not in Jammeh’s books, for he thinks he is the only Gambian gifted enough to govern. This is an insult to our intellect and intelligence. President Barack Obama scolded African leaders for thinking that they are the only people capable of ruling or unifying the country. Such leaders have simply failed their responsibility to effectively govern.

Kemeseng Jammeh said Gambians have had enough of President Jammeh’s bitter pills. He cited the pains farmers go through in tilling the land only to deny them from selli g their produce. “The APRC government will be remembered for creating failec groundnut seasons for farmers,” he said, reminding his audience about the Jammeh government’s legal tussle with ALIMENTA, a company that had its businesses illegally closed down,” Kemeseng added. The result was that ALIMENTA won the fight and The Gambia fined millions of Dollars.



  1. The first mistake all of us Gambians made is to allow a FOREIGNER to rule us.
    Jammeh’s dad is not a gambian. Jammeh’s mom is not a gambian. None of them naturalized during their hay days in the first republic. Our constitution clearly stated who should be a gambian qualified to be a president. Jammeh should’nt be president in the first place according to our constitution. Pa Ndery of freedom raised this salient question yesterday and I strongly believe Jammeh should be challenged in the courts to prove his gambianness. If he has the guts to deny our elderly who are barely 65 years old the presidency then he should be challenged to prove that he is a gambian qualified to be president.
    We gave Jammeh TOO much leeway over the years and now is the time to put the records straight with his nationality.
    I strongly beleive UDP and all opposition parties should challenge Jammeh and take the matter to court. Even if the court does not say the LAW, the whole world would have known that the Gambia is ruled by a damn foreigner.
    Thank you Pa Ndery for raising this IMPORTANT question at the appropriate time.

    • DH,
      You have become too nationalist now, but you are right! And this was my problem and the problem of many Gambians, during the previous Government of the PPP and the recent one. Although, we are all Africans, and our fellow African brothers and sisters from the neighbouring countries should be allowed to work and live in the Gambia, but they should not be allowed to take any leadership position in our country, and this was a greatest human error that took place in the Gambia in 1994! First time when I heard the news that, our Armed forces had overthrown the 30 years of PPP rule, I was very happy, and I took my bicycle and biked around in Amsterdam, spreading the news, because Uncle Sir Dawda stayed too long, and was not functioning! Although, we all grew up under his leadership and his a very, very peaceful gentle man, no doubt about that, but we need development, just basic clean water, sanitation, employment and education for our children, not only his kindness! Next leader should be screened from the first generation to the fourth, and this could be either mother’s side or the Dad’s side, otherwise, we will go from the frying pan into the fire!

      • Yankuba, this matter is beyond nationalism, it is illegal and fraud.
        I agree that, we should make sure we are never ruled by foreigner again. NEVER again.

  2. DH…Jammeh is a Gambian…He is just a bad Gambian…Even if he was not born in The Gambia, there is no doubt that he lived all his life in The Gambia; from childhood to adulthood..The Gambia formed him and made him what he is…

    However, I agree that a “foreigner” should not hold high public office, especially the Office of President…But we got to first sort out our “citizenship” conundrum before we can definitively say who is a Gambian and who is not..It’s not as straight forward as we may think..

    There are many “Gambians” ( 2nd or 3rd genetion born.and bred in the country) who actually fall within the “stateless persons” category because they are not “Gambians” by law..

    This is because the previous government failed to implement the citizenship requirements of the Independence Constitution or failed to educate and assist those who were resident but not born, but could have registered to be citizens by 1967 or so, to and acquire xitizwneishp.

    Legally, these “Gambians” are foreigners but no sane person would want to enforce such stupidity on the population…At least, that’s what I hope..

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Bax, how is jammeh a Gambian?? Not that I am saying he is not a gambian but those who claimed he is not have provided reasons for their claims whether valid or not. I would like you to also provide basis that jammeh is a gambian. I think that will enhance the debate over jammeh’s citizenship.

    Frankly speaking, I don’t know what to believe but clearly there is a shadow of a doubt over jammeh’s citizenship

    Deyda H sounds like Donald Trump lol!

  4. I think Yahya Jammeh’s citizenship was raised in the early days of his regime if I am not mistaken . It was raised by a Gambian who claimed Yahya jammeh was not born in The Gambia and the matter was taken to court and it was decided In the court he was born in The Gambia . Can someone please verify this ?
    I have a belief that Yahya jammeh is not one of us , that is he is not a Gambian citizen by birth just like Ousman sonko. Because you never know today Gambia is run by the foreigners who came to Gambia as grown up men or as a child . Yahya Jammeh’s connection with cassamance rebels is well established and he has more sympathy for that region than Baddibu , kiang , jarra , kombo or Basse or any part of Gambia. Yahya Jammeh’s regime security and survival depends on the sons and daughters of cassamance and foni . These are the people who he employed in his inner circle and security chiefs or as errand boys . Today 99 percent of green boys are cassamance citizens who used to come to Gambia as house mates or servants . These people no longer do this job and today they are the green boys who sit in kanillia and other parts of foni . Green boys has no Job but to party and defend the dictator . They are jolas from cassamance . Jolanization of Gambia has always been Jammeh’s priority and it is evidence in every aspect of his government ,actions and deeds . They are the only tribe he trusted .
    I very much doubt his citizenship at birth and historical ties in The Gambia . I have always maintained that Gambian people did not know Yahya jammeh and was never vetted for the position of presidency because Gambians are naive and majority never asked any questions . It is too late now to be fighting over spilled milk. I think Bax and Yahya might have similar background based on his writings and unwillingness to accept common goals lol . Remember he claimed to be from fajikunda where he grew up and Fajikunda is new jola settlement hahaha .

  5. Lafia…

    We know that even if Yaya Jammeh was not born in The Gambia, he grew up in The Gambia…He went to school and spent all his life, including the critical formative years in the country..

    In my view, it makes perfect sense on moral and humanitarian grounds, that such a person becomes a citizen of the country…

    Infact, many countries have got rules to grant citizenship to such people, either by merely been born in the country or living there uninterrupted for a certain number of years…I think it is 10 years in the UK..

    Also at independence, there was a route to citizenship through registration, so Jammeh’s parents would have been qualified if they were in the country between 1965 and 1967..

    The most important reason is that the man has lived in The Gambia all his life and even served in the armed forces, providing personal protection to the previous president…

    I think even if he was technically a non citizen, these facts mitigate strongly in his favour, to be granted citizenship in any sensible society..

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      This is not what I ask of you, Bax. What I asked of you is to demonstrate how Yahya Jammeh is a Gambian as per you very own claim.