Police Release Detained Magistrate

Magistrate Jaiteh/Standard Newspaper
Magistrate Ebrima JaitehJaiteh/Standard Newspaper

Kairo News is trying to find out the terms and conditions of Magistrate Jaiteh. He has linked his detention with a land dispute case he had tranferred to Bundung Magistrate’s Court. Jaiteh said his professionally executed decision was within the ambits of the law.

Gambian authorities remain tight-lipped on the case. Even the police officers who arrested and held Magistrate Jaiteh would not offer eexplanation.

However, most people believe that the soft-spoken Brikama Magistrate has been targeted for wrong reasons. Theg are convinced tthat Magistrate Jaiteh is a victim of witch junt by a government that harbours anger against him over his decision to set free Sheikh Muhideen Hydara, the Caliph of Darsilameh Sanghajor Sheriff caliphate six months ago.



  1. Even though he’s now been released, apparently without any charges proffered against him, his illegal arrest and detention are telling on the weak and ineffectual state of the Gambian legal profession.

    The Gambian Bar and Judiciary are no longer regarded highly even in the eyes of the public; thanks to the massonary lawyers and judges from the sub region. Their Gambian colleagues have learned the trade and are now arguably even more compromised.

    This is why they are trampled upon by the powers that be with impunity. The professions are not fit for the purpose.

    I have never seen a cowed profession like them. Their ranks are generally filled to the brim with unprincipled, greedy and self-centered lawyers the majority of whom don’t stand for justice.

    Of course there is a tiny minority who are different. But it’s obvious that the professions are seriously in need of proper MOT.

  2. These are the nonsenses and abuse of power that should STOP in our country.
    Jammeh is not part of us. He is alien to our culture of peace and tolerance. He hates Gambians whiles we gave everything before and now. Inshallah we will get rid of him and take him to where he belongs..in the dustbin of history.

  3. I think it is historical mistake to allow such a heartless individual to lead the nation and today we are paying for it . Those who helped jammeh to get this job are equally morally responsible for the crime and destruction he brought in our country. Each one of them will be punished in one way or the other . Today some of them are dead in ugly ways while some are suffering and are hopeless thanks to the karma of poor farmers across the country and hard working mothers and dads who spend their meager resources on taxes only for those in power to steal and abuse them . Jammeh will face similar fate. Looking at the life of each of these people who abuse Gambian people , no one has stable and peaceful life in their personal lives or their families .Peace and stability in individual life depends on the deeds and actions of the individual . We must fight to change this barbarian system in our country .

    • Marx, you said it all beautifully.
      They thought Allah wasn’t taking stock and will not deliver justice and purnishment at the appointed time.
      Let them taste what they denyed in the past. Good ridance!