White Lives Matter! Black Officers Charged

Black Cops Learn that White Lives Matter

Luntango Suun Gann Gi muses from London, UK

Two dumb trigger-happy police officers from Louisiana, Mississippi USA, made the mistakes of their lives when, having racially profiled a runaway driver of being a Negro, like themselves, they opened fire to “neutralise” the suspect.

Unfortunately for the officers, the miscreant driver and his son the passenger, both mowed down in a hail of the police officers’ bullets, were — white Caucasian!

The powder had hardly dried on the muzzles of the police officers’ guns when they were arrested and charged with murder! A superb and timely response from the Police Department saw to it that the black officers were banged-up straight away to spend their first night in the slammer!

Louisiana was spared the costs of an unduly long investigation into how the shooting happened. Obama did not have to cry that “that boy could have been my son”. That greasy-haired “Reverend” did not have to fly in First Class on a private jet from New York. The Police Department did not wait to see whether both the miscreant driver and his six year old son may have been armed. No white Civil Rights leaders of the KKK kind needed to come to town. No Fergusson needed to burn, no Baltimore needed to burn, to let the Police Department know that White Lives Matter. No need for a Justice Department investigation. The Police Department itself knew that White Lives matter and they needed to act immediately. And they did.

The dumb and misguided black police officers, clearly brought up on a diet of Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop (“Black cop with a gun white-man’s worst nightmare” – blah, blah, blah) remain shell-shocked behind bars as they contemplate a life-time in jail. A life-time in jail virtually guaranteed because the prosecutors will ensure that a non-biased all-white jury is empanelled.

God Bless America.



  1. These two police officers have extensive criminal history including rape and civil rights violations according to various reports. The police department will do everything possible to heap every kind of blame on these officers but they are fully responsible for having hire such criminal individuals. The police department will be sued by citizens for their role in civil rights violations from these officers . This case is not about white police officers who are predominantly engage in shooting death of blacks rather a black officers who killed six year old white boy. There are so many cases of these type of killing. Police bias and unfair treatment of blacks are reality in USA Due to 300 years of institutional racism and brutality against blacks . There was history of police brutality in USA and this is why whenever a white police officer kill a black , there is always public outcry from citizens , civil rights leaders and politicians . Even whereas there is progress being made in terms of policing , civil rights leaders , justices department and federal government are continuously working to ensure that police violence against minorities ends . It is the same reason that even if Dictator Jammeh is gone from The Gambia political platform , the effects of his military dictatorship will remain for long time to come .
    Dida , this is why I related your view to our current predicament which you happily support . Jammeh’s brutality is far worst than those racist white / black police officers or unscrupulous police officers in USA because there is always accountability in USA whereas in The Gambia , there is total impunity. Jammeh has ordered his military to kill protesting students in 2000 but up to today , no one is accountable including himself .

  2. Maxs…Your love for “American Democracy” will not sanitise what is obviously the most undemocratic and unjust practices by state officials and state departments in the USA .

    You can try to rationalise the actions of the authorities in this case, as hinging on.the supposed past “criminal records” of the officers involved, but that if anything, has only exposed the “UNFIT FOR PURPOSE” recruitment policies of a nation that prides itself as the greatest democracy on planet earth..

    The fact of the matter is that numerous similar police actions that resulted to the death of “blacks”, at the hands of “white” officers, were not treated with the urgency we see here, even when those officers were shown to belong to extremist, “white” supremacist groups..

    Your explanation of “criminal” past of the officers may be true, but it does not explain the urgency and manner this case was dealt with..There has to be other explanations..

    The Gambia’s problems (rampant human rights abuses) are more to do with a rogue administration than anything else, and will disappear with the end of the regime, whilst the US is bedevilled with instutionalised racism that will unlikely go away, because many are satisfied with the “crumbs” that fall off the elites’ “dinner table”, which is unfortunately envied by many around the world, and think nothing of the hideous system they live in/under..

    America, undoubtedly, has many great aspects Americans can be proud of, but it also has many unsavoury aspects too, and institutionalised racism, which seems to be in display here yet again, is one such thing aspect..

  3. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    PhD level theory below my in-law! Yes my in-law, Maxs obsession blinds him! The blatant police shootings of civilians in America are downright racist and would never happen in The Gambia – even under Jammeh (I see no parallel between USA’s trigger-happy policing and The Gambia’s tragic 2000 public disorder incident). As you say Bax, USA’s lynching of its Negroes may continue for another 400 years!

    I bet you the likes of brave Maxs piss themselves as soon as they see a US police siren behind them! Even Pa Mbai and the rest of the Cyber Warriors behave like Pussy Cats in their daily lives around America – scared out of their wits by Uncle Sam’s trigger-happy cops. THEY SPEND ALL DAY ACTING THE GOOD HOUSE NIGGER! Maybe that is why they take out all their frustrations and anger out against HELPLESS people at home from the safety of their drawn curtains and their poor keyboards! God save Africa from these psychos!

    (That’s my PhD theory to explain the Cyber-Lunatics!)

  4. Bax said ” Gambia’s problem ( rampant human rights abuses ) has more to do with a rogue administration than anything else and will disappear with the end of the regime, whilst the US is bedevilled with institutionalized racism that will unlikely go away , because many are satisfied with the “crumbs” that falls off the elites’ “dinner table” which is unfortunately envied by many around the world , and think of nothing of the hideous system they live in/ under ”
    Bax , first of all you failed to understand that USA institutionalized racism which we all agreed on was put in place and supported by various US administrations for 300 years up to 1960s when federal government began to formulate civil rights laws to recognize rights of minorities ( blacks ) and women . The racism and slavery were historical and ugly part of USA history like how slavery was part of African history . Even today we have effects of that ugly part of our history too in The Gambia. The consequences of that ugly system in USA makes it extremely difficult to completely eradicate racism today . In Uk and Europe which has not officially institutionalize racism like USA , racism is very rampant and is even more racist society than USA.
    Secondly , you sound like mr Momodou Sabally when he gave anti-Mandinka speech during which he also displaced and minimized human rights violations in The Gambia and talked about racism in USA . Your rhetoric is from Dictator Jammeh’s playbook because instead of acknowledgement of gross human rights violations , you went on to indicate that the effects of military dictatorship ( human rights abuse ) will disappear with the regime . You have clearly demonstrated your lack of understanding of the impact of military dictatorship in Gambia . The effects of such dictatorial regime takes long time to reverse And undo just like effects of institutionalized racism in USA . Looking at military dictatorship in Africa and elsewhere , it took very long time for democracy and rule of laws to establish . Examples are Nigeria , Bissau and Burkina. This is because young generation born in such system tends to learn dictatorial tendencies and human rights abuses . It is like having abusive husband in the family , children born in such family tends to learn such behaviors.
    Thirdly , majority of American citizens are not satisfied with status quo or institutionalized racism and that was why they have fought hard to eradicate it . This fight involved both blacks and whites who worked hard to end slavery and institutionalized racism . As a result of this fight , today we have seen progress in race relations and this is evidence in every aspect of American life . Today we have first sitting black president and currently a leading republican candidate for president is black man named Dr Ben Carson . Therefore there is some progress but we still have police brutality done by minority racist white cops . This is why justices department has made recommendations in terms of policing after Fergusson demonstrations . It is also the same reason that I and millions of black Africans can live and work peacefully in USA without facing much discrimination , segregation like in the past. It is the same reason that president Obama has initiated reforms of justices system and today leading law makers in both parties are taking up the ideas of criminal justices reforms so that Millions of their fellow Americans can have second chance to improves their lives .
    When it comes discrimination and bigotry that is found in every society or race . In The Gambia , we do have discrimination , tribalism , nepotism and bigotry in every aspect of our society and today it is more prevalent than ever before because of military dictatorship where jammeh and his cronies form hegemony and enjoy preferential treatment .,
    My love for American democracy or any democracy is that , human beings needs to be free and make independent decision to improves their lives with limited government roles to create an environment where an individual can utilize their potentials to the best of their abilities in pursuit of happiness and life goals but government not to interfere with fundamental human rights and rule of laws .
    I think most people are envious of USA because of its stand on basic human rights of its citizens and how free people are in USA compare to many countries around the world . US foreign policy is gear towards only sole interest of its citizens.
    Are you telling me that dictator Jammeh’s human rights violations has not been institutionalized ?

  5. Dida, I don’t blame you because you have very limited knowledge about USA . Most of the time your references are made about gangster rappers , musicians or comedians who have extensive criminal history . Please for God sake , make references about educated black man or policy makers to make your points . Comparing UK and USA , I can tell you , black people are more free here , have better opportunities and recognition than UK . If Obama was born in UK , he won’t even be in house of common or parliament . Only advantage in UK is that more people live on welfare and government subsidies than USA because USA is capitalist society . You need to work hard and you don’t live on handout here . Probably you are one of those on welfare lol . In all seriousness you need to visit USA and you may have the courage to speak against your friend jammeh lol . Majority of USA police officers I encounter are discipline and respect individual rights more than Gambian military officers or police force who I encountered in various checkpoints throughout the country During my last visit . In fact , during my last visit In The Gambia , late at night , military guy pulled out his gun on me and my friend as he asked for our papers . I have never experienced that here in USA .

  6. Dida , you will not see the similarity between the racist police brutality in USA and Dictator Jammeh’s human rights violations in The Gambia because you are Jammeh’s apologist and unreasonable supporter . Those who are smart and open -minded have seen the similarities . You called year 2000 Massacred of 16 Gambian students by Jammeh’s Regime as “public disorder incident ” , clearly if your children are one of these victims you won’t called it that name . Killings of 16 young Gambian students was deliberate acts and the order was given by Dictator jammeh. In modern American history , you have never heard the head of state gave orders to kills it’s citizens on American soil especially if they are demonstrating legitimate grievances . I think it will be good idea for you to move to Banjul’. I know Bax is hiding in his little apartment in UK and would never go to fajikunda as long as Jammeh is in power because Gambia lack basic freedom and economic opportunities he has in UK .

  7. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Suntou, I see you have some QUOTES from me. I learnt at the feet of the school drop-out Master.

    It was once said of The Greatest Living Humanist, the one and only Muhammad Ali, that he was “Spouting a Torrent of Quotable Quotes”.

    I showed a short video of the great man boxing, nay dancing, to a class of teenagers yesterday. One boy asked: “Sir, who was better, Ali or Tyson?”. I kissed teeth loudly. Class laughed.

    We must do a piece on Ali for KairoNews sometime.

  8. The worst scenario for such terrible police killings is Europe. When such headlines are made in the U.S, a similar incident is likely to follow elsewhere in Europe in imitation, and that is; if such an injustice and crime can be played and committed by United States of America……, why not we too imitate. Its is wonderful for me to observe that every single vice and short fall in the American freedom and democracy is a success and a cause for celebration in many rogue so called democratic European member states.
    I was chatting with a fellow Senegalese brother in Dusseldorf who showed me a video footage of a certain European police in a news conference after a fellow Senegalese citizen fell from a third floor balcony and died during a police raid in their residence. They are hustlers indeed who are referred to as the ‘SPREAD on the MAT SELLERS’. Whether those police have had a court order to carry out the raid in their residence or have improvised one after the incident is not clear to me but, this is what one of the police have to say in that news conference on the case however; that, ”untill such dead bodies are returned to their native countries in Africa and buried, calmed will not come amongst a demonstrating Senegalese community and the town as a whole. ‘Oh my God’, I said. This is Europe. You will hardly see alledged police racial killings in such European community countries in the international news much more in headlines. U.K is definitely related to all such crimes thought to be taking place around the E.U.
    Dida needs to know well, the western hemisphere, including the U.S.A. and the only way to do that is by travelling and not reading. Comparing the rule of law in the U.S to the Gambia is mockery to our democracy restoration process though I can quote from an old time human rights activist that, ”Muhammed Ali, who won his title in the ring, got strripped off of his title in an office”. who knows?……..with two or three people with him in that office. Dida was ‘DICTOCENTRIC’ then and now he is eurocentric and this is a real fact that @Suntou missed.

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Agapm, Max, you guys have clearly not just fed yourselves on Uncle Sam’s beef burgers but also on his PROPAGANDA too.

      I am amused by your professed goals of becoming The Gambia’s AHMAD CHALABI. Chalabi, the Bush Admins SELECTED RULER of Iraq after Saddam, was contemptuously side-lined by the realities on the ground – and died recently with his CiA-funds long cut off.

      Anyway, it is Armistice Day here in UK tomorrow and I shall fittingly declare a Unilateral Armistice and wish you guys PEACE, Chi Jaama, Assalam Malaikum, Shalom.

  9. @Luntango sorry for my late coming.Please believe it !, this is the best of your comics I will ever come across. Good, very good. Chi Jammah as you like.