‘Jammeh Creates Traditional Power Crisis’

DemboPresident Yahya Jammeh has been accused of creating power crisis in The Gambia’s traditional ruling structures.

“Power belongs to Gambians – youths, men and women. Yahya Jammeh has no power by himself. Gambian people have the power to effect change. President Jammeh and his APRC government create power crisis in our traditional ruling structures,” Dembo By Force Bojang tells a Busumbala rally. “They took the power from villagers and town residents; they (the APRC) impose village heads and chiefs on people and in the process destroy the social cohesion they have been enjoyed,” Mr. Bojang tells United Democratic Party militants.

“Because people are denied the right to choose their traditional leaders they don’t want to help these leaders when Jammeh throws them under the bus,” he adds, dispelling some wishful thinking that Jammeh cannot be defeated at the polls. “It is erroneous to say votes cannot remove Yahya Jammeh. Let Gambians register en mass, vote for the UDP candidate and see how President Jammeh is going to lose badly. Yes, votes can remove Yahya Jammeh any day.”

Bojang does not expect any wise or caring Gambian to vote for Mr. Jammeh and his APRC when the level of hardship has peaked.

The former Bakau parliamentarian takes a swipe at the national television, describing it as “the biggest propaganda tool for the APRC. The Gambia television has no meaningful program aimed at educating or sensitising Gambians. Why can’t IEC be invited to regularly tell Gambians what their work is? Why can’t the police be out there sensitising Gambians on their role? Instead of introducing meaningful programs, the television is reduced to a praise singing tool for Yahya Jammeh.”

Bojang says a UDP-led government will totally liberate Gambians in all sectors. “We will liberate the agricultural sector by allowing experts to freely to use their knowledge without hindrance or interference. We will ensure proper and efficient functioning of government departments and their line ministries.”

He explains how the Jammeh-led junta fooled Gambians. “Yahya Jammeh and his junta in 1994 told us that  they overthrew former President Jawara for overstaying in power. Yahya Jammeh said no one should be allowed to put his face on our currency. But here is the same person who betrays his own statement. Jammeh simply loaded himself with contradictions.”


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