‘We Provide Checks And Scrutiny’

speakerThe Speaker of Gambian Parliament  says the Public Accounts and Enterprises Committee is not on a witch-hunt exercise. Abdoulie Bojang says the parliamentary committee is not created to go after any particular individual or institution. Bojang says the committee aims to ensure there is transparency, probity and openness in all public institutions.

Speaker Bojang makes the statement while briefing deputies in Banjul. Mr. Bojang is the chairman of the joint parliamentary committee. He will over a session on the annual reports and financial statements of all public enterprises and agencies of the government.

Bojang says the session is a statutory exercise, aimed at providing checks and scrutiny. It is also meant to ensure that government institutions are accountable to the people.

All public enterprises or agencies are required by law to submit annual and audited reports to parliament within three months after the financial year ends. Bojang expects all agencies to comply with the deadline because there will be no deferral.

The Auditor General and Director of Internal Auditor Directorate are scheduled to brief deputies on the status of the parliamentary enterprises committee’s recommendations.


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  1. Mr Bojang should first start his transparency with Dictator jammeh who is richer than Gambian state. Jammeh’s corruption and mismanagement of state resources is there for all to see . Mr Bojang should stop telling lies to Gambian people . A day will come when he and his master will be accountable to Gambian people , that day is fast approaching .