Gambia Ranks 4th Poorest Country

Oga explain why your country is in the doldrums. You would’ve resigned if you stand for something. Only those who stand for something fall for something!

Despite President Yahya Jammeh’s endless rhetoric of turning The Gambia into a donor country, Silicon Valley of Africa or food self-sufficient, the West African nation today ranks the 4th poorest country in the world, ahead of only Malawi, Central African Republic and Burundi. This is not Jawara’s Gambia known for being the economic hub or supermarket of the subregion, a Gambia where food poverty never existed before July 1994 when Jammeh and his thugs rewrote our country’s history.

Sadly, 11 of these poorest countries featured on the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) list are in West Africa. Disturbingly, The Gambia has been singled out for having the most flamboyant and wasteful president in Africa.

Here is the list of the poorest countries in the world as classified by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2015.

Look at the figures that speak for themselves. Let Jammeh and his gang of bandits know that they can cook figures at the Central Bank and Finance Ministry to make the economy look better but truth will always surface, no matter how long it takes. Since 1994, President Jammeh has been the only Gambian putting up enormous weight and amassing record wealth, which is why he is worth more than the State.

Now the scavengers, the griots and sycophants all over the world specially in Africa should tell us if a chief thief president displaying stolen monies in a poor country dishing out millions of $$$$$$ to foreign praise singers is acceptable to people who have conscience. You be the judge.

1 Burundi $315,2

2 République Centrafricaine $338,7

3 Malawi $352,7
4 Gambia $384,2:the Singapore, the Dubai and the Silicon valley of Africa
5 Madagascar $392,6
6 Niger $403,4
7 Libéria $469,1
8 République démocratique du Congo $478,2
9 Guinée $545,6
10 Togo $578,1
11 Guinée-Bissau $582,2: Richer than the Gambia
12 Afghanistan $614,9
13 Uganda $625,3
14 Mozambique $626,2
15 Erythrée $630,3
16 Burkina Faso $631,4
17 Mali $672,2
18 Sierra Leone $675,2
19 Ethiopia $702,1
20 Bénin $709
21 Comoros $736,8
22 Rwanda $742,9
23 Népal $751,1
24 Haiti $829,6
25 Senegal $934,6

Courtesy of Deyda Hydara



  1. Senegal should annex Gambia,Gambia was created by the British for their own imperial agenda,goals and objectives.Gambia as a modern nation-state is simply not viable,that’s why any IDIOT with few determined boy scouts and AK47’s can take over and run the affairs,lives and livelihood of a whole generation(s) of people.God save Africa!
    Meanwhile so called Gambian intellectuals are busy with their petty self serving agendas.

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      It is Gambia who should “annex” Senegal!! Britain was the SUPER-POWER. Britain GAVE Senegal – and the rest of West Africa that it did NOT NEED – to France (including most of the desert areas lol).

      Senegal BELONGED to The Gambia – but the French were allowed to have it because the British didn’t want it.

      You say Senegal should “annex” Gambia because it is BIGGER. Well, the Arab nations are far bigger than Israel and no one can see them “annexing” Israel.

      Furthermore, Senegalese elite enjoying life in Dakar are too wise to try “annexing” Yahya jammeh’s Gambia – considering the trouble they have had putting down the little local insurgency in Casamance. Jammeh may end up overthrowing them in Dakar (lol).

      Best to think in terms of a family Confederation of Senegambia – not “annexing”.

  2. Ousmane Jane , if Gambia is not viable as a state due to military take over , then why do we have countries like Nigeria , Ghana , and many others throughout the world which had similar experiences in the past ? Think before you put your thoughts online . Dictator jammeh is destroying our country with the help of your “good man ” Dr Mbowe .

  3. Luntango Suun Gann Gi


    Luntango says: Bax, my in-law, surely a “Road to Damascus” moment!

  4. Mr. Luntango, either you don’t read history or you need to do more research.
    But I can tell you this, these two countries have the same culture and traditions.

    America has removed Saddam Hussein out of power for human rights violations.
    Senegal as a neighbor and much bigger has an obligation to do something. Either a regime change or help dissidents to take back their country.

    Unless you benefit in Gambia government, but even though, we ALL know the human rights abuse taking place in The Gambia.

    So regime change in The Gambia is long overdue. New transition would be welcomed by patriotic Gambians.