Guinean Leader Wins Election

president condeGuinea’s President Alpha Conde has won a second term, the country’s election commission has announced, six days after polling ended.

Mr Conde, 77, won in the first round with about 58% of votes cast.

Main opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo, who has denounced the vote as fraudulent, won 31%. He has called for peaceful protests against the outcome.

European Union observers said the vote was valid despite some logistical problems.

Candidates now have eight days to file complaints before the constitutional court validates the results.

However, Mr Diallo said in a statement he would not appeal to the court.

“I will invite the other candidates and all the citizens who are the real victims of this electoral hold-up to organise, conforming to the law, peaceful demonstrations to express our disapproval of this situation,” he said.

Mr Diallo pulled out of the elections on Wednesday alleging fraud.

The allegations included ballot boxes being stuffed and some 400 polling stations staying closed.

Figures released on Friday showed a turnout of about 66% of Guinea’s six million registered voters.

It was Guinea’s second democratic presidential election since independence from France in 1958.

Clashes during the election campaign claimed several lives.

Mr Conde became president in 2010 in the country’s first democratic election after decades of fighting authoritarian regimes, during which he was sent into exile and prison.

In that election, he defeated Mr Diallo in a run-off.

Courtesy of BBC Africa 



  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Elected into office, aged 77 and in The Gambia, they are telling us ” you have to be 65 or under. Ridiculous!

  2. indeed the age limit in the gambia is wrong and stupid.

    Jammeh knows he is not the peoples’ choice hence his desperation to do any thing to stay in power. some day soon allah, evil and tragic Jameh will be no more whether he likes it or not….

    Allah bless the gambia…

  3. Gambia’s problem is historical. We have never been nationalistic. Once we choose to put our tribal and regional differences to the side for the betterment of the country Yaya will be gone