Charges Against Teranga Manager Dropped

Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay/The Point Picture
Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay/The Point Picture

The Banjul Magistrates’ Court has dropped a charge of sedition against the managing director of Teranga FM.

The magistrates’ court sitting presided over by Principal Magistrate Momodou Jallow dismissed the charge against Abdoulie Ceesay yesterday at the request of a police prosecutor.

Alpha Badgie, in his application under Section 68 of the Criminal Procedure Code asked the court to withdraw the misdemeanour charge against the beleaguered radio journalist. Badgie submitted that the defendant (Abdoulie Ceesay) is being tried at the high court on the same charge. He said a case file has been sent to the office of the director of Public Prosecution as regards the matter. The prosecutor however, did not pray for the discharge and acquittal of the accused.

Defending counsel for the accused, Combeh Gaye Coker, who also cited Section 68 of the Criminal Procedure Code prayed the court to not only withdraw the charge but also discharge and acquit her client. Coker submitted that the said section is explicit and clear about what the court should do when the prosecution at any stage of the trial withdraws charges before a subordinate court.

In his ruling, the presiding magistrate quashed the charge, discharged and acquitted the accused though he (the accused person) was not present in the court.

Mr Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay is the managing director of Sinchu Alagie-based community radio, Taranga FM. He was arrested on July 17 and dragged before a magistrates’ court in Banjul on August 4 on a charge of seditious intention for allegedly distributing pictures of President Yahya Jammeh showing a gun pointed at the president. He had since been kept under prison custody. Prosecutors alleged that he used his mobile phone and distributed the said photos of the President to one Zainab Koneh and Fatou A Drammeh who are both protocols at the Office of the President. Mr Ceesay, 25, denied any culpability. He has however been denied bail three times at the magistrates’ and high courts.

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  1. The state has no case but a witch hunt to eliminate mr Ceesay. Fatou A. Drammeh was Alagie Ceesay’s friend who was used as a witness in this case along with her friend zainab Koneh. These so called protocols girls have escaped from The Gambia because they realized that they cannot lie against Alagie Ceesay. Zainab Koneh was brainwashed by Jammeh that he would take care of her, provide her with scholarship and promise to give her better life. Instead these girls like eight other girls living with jimbee Jammeh at marina ( the mansion where they live ) were used as sexual objects by the president . These girls are on the standby for Jammeh’s sexual gratification . Awa Drammeh was recruited from July 22nd beauty pageant and was later hired as protocol officer in Jammeh’s sexual team of young beautiful girls .
    Alagie Ceesay was targeted because of dating Awa Drammeh and also his continue efforts to do his journalistic job . Alagie is very defiant in his believe in freedom of expression and he has been playing Killa Ace music which is critical of Jammeh’s regime. When the witnesses left the country , the Dictator and his gang of thugs have no choice but to drop charges. Gambian people should stop being used to eliminate each other . The case of Alagie Ceesay is another example of how dictatorship works. We must commend these brave young girls for saving Alagie ceesay’s life. Jammeh and his henchmen are bunch of cowards who prey on vulnerable members of our society , that is young beautiful girls . Those who continue to disbelieve Jammeh’s capability because of their limited knowledge of his activities are just plain ignorant . Most of these young girls are themselves blackmailed by Jammeh before accepting any offer as protocol officers . Jammeh’s used his security forces to threaten their parents first in some instances so that they would Allow their daughters to be part of so called protocol team. There are other unimaginable tactics he used to get these girls as his sexual objects at statehouse . Jimbee Jammeh and Ndey Jammeh are the chief pimps in Jammeh’s sexual exploitation . These two ladies are from the same parents . They are both sexually abused by Jammeh before their current roles as chief pimps . It was the same role that Isatou Jammeh used to play but she was mad at the dictator when she realized that Jammeh was sleeping with jimbee Jammeh who happened to be her sister . Jammeh’s instructed his juggulars to eliminate her through stage accident . Isatou Jammeh was involved in that staged car accident which led to her paralyzed and couldn’t do anything . Today she is not part of Jammeh’s protocol team and she has since been quite while her own sister jimbee Jammeh continue to destroy herself and young beautiful Gambian girls. Jimbee Jammeh and Landing Jammeh who is the main driver picked up these girls in various part of the greater Banjul area. This is family enterprise in sexual exploitation of young Gambian girls to satisfy Dictator Jammeh’s sexual desire .
    Few of ministers such as Fatima Badjie was also victim of Jammeh’s sexual exploitation and later appointed as youngest minister in Gambian history . There are others who are in NIA , military and even NGOs who are all victims . Statehouse is simply a brothel and the place where all these sexual exploitations occurs is second floor of statehouse call Jamaica house . This is not far from where the Dictator sleep .

  2. Correction . I want to say Fatou A Drammeh was Alagie ceesay’s girlfriend . I also referring to Fatou a drammeh been recruited from July 22nd beauty pageant .

  3. All in all a tragedy for this young man. I think Jammeh is beginning to panic. Lurid revelations of his predatory behaviour on our young girls, and the international implications of that criminal behaviour is beginning to worry Jammeh’s handlers.
    Confusion in his camp is evidenced by the release of purported confession statements under NIA custody of his onetime press secretary. Do they think anyone in their right thinking capacity will believe such revelations.
    CNN is currently running the freedom project, and I think the handlers of these Jammeh sex slave victims should contact the program makers for the girls to tell their story.

  4. We might have to burn the state house and build it again because this satanic character called Yaya Jammeh has stained that national pride. The man is a disgrace to the Gambia and its people. How long can we as Gambians expect this behavior from the office of the president? I am embarrassed and sad when I read some of these type of stories coming from my beloved country called Gambia. It is important that we do something about his case collectively without waiting for the next election. What elections I asked?

  5. Janjanbueh , these cases are well documented at UNHCR , amnesty international and other foreign embassies. World leaders are aware of these cases as well . Our opposition leaders are too weak and scare to talk about these cases in The Gambia. These sexual abuses alone should result to Jammeh’s impeachment or removal from power if it happened in civilized societies but this is Gambia for us . Only the victims and their families are the ones who are suffering and most cases the blame goes to them . Even the so called journalists are so scare to write these stories on the front pages of their newspapers . senegalese intelligence and leadership is well aware of these sexual exploitation. Among the staff at statehouse , current and Former army officers such as , General Martin, General Saul Badgie , General Borry Colley and many closed protection officers and members of jugulars team like Rambo , ousman and sang Correa all are aware of these abuses of young beautiful girls. Sexual exploitation and kidnapp Are among the crimes Jammeh committed . The good thing is the victims are coming out one by one , right before the election , you will hear a bombshell in the statehouse. As we speak , there is a little boy called Yaya Jammeh who is the illegitimate son ( having a child in wedlock ) of DIctator Jammeh at statehouse . This particular child’s mother was a protocol girl who passed away few years ago after she gave birth to this child. The mother was impregnated by Dictator Jammeh and she was young beautiful Fula girl who later poisoned by the dictator. The child is about five to six years old under the care of Jammeh sisters at marina house ( the Mansion Jammeh built for Jimbee Jammeh and her family at statehouse ) . He is healthy child who DIctator Jammeh loves very much . General Saul Badjie and few closed protection officers are aware of this child . Muhammmed jammeh is definitely sick child with Down syndrome.
    The name given to our statehouse by Jammeh’s closed relatives is jamjam house.
    The opposition leaders don’t know nothing about the Jammeh’s personal lives .
    I have been saying this for long time , the easiest way to get rid of Jammeh is to use our young beautiful girls just like it was done to sanni abacha . The weak, fragile and disunited oppositions will never remove Jammeh from power . My best hope to remove Jammeh from power is the women or girls.

  6. Modou, I think it is great suggestion the handlers of Jammeh’s sex slave victims to contact cnn freedom project . I think normally international media pick up the story from local newspapers or advocacy groups which highlight these cases. We know newspapers in the Gambia will never write any stories of Jammeh’s sexual exploitation or abuses. Newspapers in diaspora should take the led in this front . Example faturadio , has been doing excellent job in documenting and interviewing these victims . I think kaironews and other media should do the same thing. Already there has been confusion in Jammeh’s camp. Currently they are making efforts to contact these escaped girls in Senegal or Mali but these girls have started talking to media. These resulted to lot of firing of protocol girls at statehouse. Jammeh closed protection officer Umpa Mendy was first fired and reinstated then General Martin was fired next when these sexual predatory behaviors of Jammeh came to light prior to so called prison pardon .
    There has to be advocacy groups which showcases the plight of these vulnerable girls . Activists and opposition parties leaderships should be involved to push these crimes awareness at international level . Jammeh is sexual predator there is no doubt about that.

  7. what this PIG(Yaya Jammeh) has done to the wonderful people of the Gambia and to the Gambia as a nation,is classified as destruction on earth and for that matter,his blood is HALAL if this can be done without taking a single Gambian life in the process.We also have to keep records of those helping him in the destruction of our beloved nation (THE GAMBIA).Inshaa Allah there will be a day when they will be taken to court to face justice.
    May the All Mighty Allah protect the Gambia and her good people.