Tobaski Day Reflection: Will Gambians Rise Up Against Jammeh?


By Deyday Haidara

“It is taking the Gambia 7560 days for a population of 1.8 million and no one still dares march to State House to chase Jammeh OUT.”

I am nobody, am an ordinary Gambian citizen tired of fear rule and hopelessness.

For the past 21 years Gambians were wishing that the masses got up, go to the streets and protest or better demand CHANGE. This has not happen and I wonder why? Today is Tobaski day, for the first time in my life I watch and listen to a Pope Francis deliver a historic speech full of WISDOM in Congress. What a speech? I felt a deep communion with the Pope in saying in plain and simple language what no man dare tell Americans and the world in the seat of power of lawmakers. I retained two salient points amongst many, that is 1- A remembrance of the Indians the true land owners of the Americas and 2- A reminder to the merchants and industrials selling arms and deadly weapons just to make money and watch indifferently people killing each other without remorse. Only a Man of GOD dares speak such truths to the world and Pope Francis is ONE.

On the other side of the globe, In Saudi Arabia, I watched the sad news which took over 700 lives amongst whom our Malian, Nigerian, Niger, Senegalese Muslim compatriots took a toll. This sad event which took place when people were moving to perform the 21 stones rite that were supposed to be thrown at Satan, attracted my reflection. The number 21 struck my mind in coinciding with the 21 years of Jammeh’s iron fist rule of our dear and tired Motherland. Since mind and matter are core to human existence, I thought of offering 21 self-prayers, not in a special Islamic or Christian way or even Charity way but simply wishing deep in my heart that Jammeh leaves our presidency after 21 long years of injustice, impunity and economic downturn.

Many a times I wonder why Gambians living at home don’t move to the streets as seen in many countries around the world? What is so special to 1.5 million people who cannot lift a foot and say ENOUGH Jammeh must GO? This is too worrying and perplexing to the normal mind.

It took Burkina Faso 9720 days for a population of 15 million to finally chase Blaise OUT.

It is taking the Gambia 7560 days for a population of 1.8 million and no one still dares march to State House to chase Jammeh OUT. Business as usual, Gambians will lay back and put their faith and lives waiting for GOD to do the job for us. If such is the ultimate solution left for Gambians to witness a post-Jammeh era then we better say 21 prayers NOW and throw 21 stones to virtual Jammeh and HOPE.

Whiles the King of Saudi Arabia, Custodian of the holy sites is thinking of decapitating a 21-year-old boy just for protesting, Pope Francis is busy preaching PEACE and abolishing the DEATH penalty. Whiles Muslim extremists take pride in exploding their bodies inside mosques; Pope Francis is busy preaching religious TOLERANCE. The Pope turned our Tobaski day into a happy day and delivered the Day’s sermon for those who fear GOD. Bravo! Pope Francis you made our day despite the heavy loss of Muslim lives.

Since Gambians are generally cowards including Yaya Jammeh who hides behind GUNS to survive, let us therefore put our trust In GOD.



  1. Happy Eid Deyda. Some good reflection, the Pope spoke well, although the Republicans didn’t want to hear.

  2. Thanks to fellow citizens of the opposition parties of the Gambia on the ground, for all their fearless efforts in the past. They are really the ones for now. Eid mubarak to all of them down in the Gambia.
    It is seventy years now when the world have had an obligation to rise against a common enemy.

  3. Sorry forgetting to pray for all victims in the Hajj. It is every Muslim’s wish to meet their natural death during Hajj. May their souls rest in perfect peace.