‘Don’t Worry About Anti-Islam Noisemakers’

 The Chief Imam of Detroit Islamic Center has advised Muslims to be least worried about “idea bankrupt politicians fond of taking swipe at Islam and Muslims.’

Imam Momodou Ceesay told a congregation of Eid-ul-Adha [prayer of Sacrifice] on Thursday that they should only be scared of extremists Muslims whose interpretation and thinking are different from theirs.

“So many noises have been going around about Islam and Muslims. You have nothing to fear about this deen; if you have anything to fear it should be those Muslim individuals with complicated mindset, think and act differently,” the anchor of weekly Islam program on Kairo Radio said. He defended his statement with a verse in the holy Quran that “Allah is the one who sent his Prophet with a clear religion [deen] that is guaranteed to flourish over all other religions even if nonbelievers or idol worshippers hate it.”

Imam Ceesay said it was an irony that “some politicians who are idea bankrupt on how to turn around people’s lives have decided to badmouth Muslims and Islam. Their statements are meant to score political points but we have seen the backlash they received. Even the people they want to attract don’t want to associate with them,” Imam Ceesay said.

“I have always told you that whenever they attack Islam, they make free publicity for us as thousands of people will go online and buy literatures to learn about Islam. If a thousand people research about Islam I believe we will take 300 of them,” Imam said, amid shouting of Allahu Akbar [Allah is Great] from the congregation. “So do not be bothered because we benefit from their noisemaking.”

Imam Ceesay had earlier preached on the importance of the Eid of Sacrifice, which originated from Prophet Abraham. “He was Allah’s Prophet and Friend who was ready to sacrifice his son, Ismael just to fulfill Allah’s command and promise. This was the reason why Allah blessed Abraham with a ram from Heaven and gave him the glad tiding in the form of a son who became Ishaq.”

“The crux of Eid prayer is the sacrifice of small or large ruminants for Allah’s sake., who does not want the meat, advise you to share it with neighbours, the needy and poor. “On this day, Muslims should have socialise and have fun but within the framework of Islam.”

Imam Ceesay said it was also the day when Prophet Muhammad was obligated to sign a treaty with musrikeen [nonbelievers]. “The Prophet sent his companions [Ali and Abubakarr] which was not an easy decision for him, especially at a time when he was left with only a very few people.



  1. I love and admire Imam Ceesay. He is a Fountain of Knowledge. Anytime he speals, you easily realize wisdom at work. May Allah give you long life.

  2. May Allah [SWT] Bless you and your entire families. Eid Mubarak to you -Yaa-Uzhtash. My great teacher.

  3. Verily Imam Ceesay, the noise-makers are those extremists who occupy the world headline news every day and taking pride in killing fellow muslims right inside the mosques.
    Those of us born in Islam are very worried. Those that have no religion or comptemplating in joining Islam should be WARNED not to beleive that Islam is ONLY about so-called Jihad.
    We the Muslim have a BIG JOB in discrediting and dis-owning those extremists who use the name of our religion to kill, maim, decapitate, and brainwash the weak and the un-versed. As Satan will NEVER die before the END of times all peace loving humans should join hands and vehemently expose those individuals and groups behaving as if they own the world or that Allah gave them a special message that was not given to mankind before.
    Thank you Imam.

    • Deyda, I have been hearing you several times; “Muslim Extremist, but could you clarify here to your readers, who are the Muslim Extremist, and why you call them Muslim Extremist? And please, with evidence that they are Muslims, and what is the definition of [Muslim]? Are those gunning down the young Palestinians in their country are also Muslim Extremist? Or those shot and killed the Black teenagers in the United State of America are also Muslim Extremist? If you can not answer these few question with evidence, please stop hypocrisy and focus on what you believe, and pray for peace, if you are a true Muslim.

      Salaam Alaikum..

      • Yankuba Jobe, you are one of the muslim extremist.

        • Deyda, That is your personal opinion about me, and I am not going to deny it or accept it! Be your own judge, and God is my witness. I am who I am and you are who you are, it doesn’t bother at all!

          Salaam Alaikum.

  4. Good message….Very able ambassador of Islam….Always enjoy his Friday “sermon” on Kaironews…May Allah (SWT) amplify the voice of Imam Ceesay and those like him, so that millions will learn about the true teachings of Islam..

    Eid Mubarak to all….And may Allah (SWT) accept the Hajj of the departed in the Mina accident and reward them with the highest of honours in Janna…Ameen

    And thank you Kaironews for.giving Imam Ceesay air time on your invaluable station..May you all be rewarded with the best of rewards from Allah (SWT)

  5. Mr Jobe, I in the context of the venerable imams sermon and Mr Hydara’s comment, I refer you to teachings of Caliph Al Bagdadi as an example of Islamic extremisim. These are the people who quote the Quran and Hadith to destroy our African heritage as un-Islamic, and behead ordinary people for listening to music. More closer to home, these are people who are now condemning every way we have practised Islam in our part of the world. Granted that there are extremist in all ideologies including other religions. but we must deal this cancer in our midst, and if you think it is all western propaganda, go ask the people of Timbuktu in Mali.

    • Modou, Before Islam, people in Africa, Arabian or any other part of the world were killing and Enslaving each other like animals. It happened in the Gambia, Mali, Senegal, Guinea and other part of Africa. It was Islam which brought peace, brotherhood and love to one another, let us refuse to be manipulate by anyone, who hate Islam as a religion. This is the most difficult and trial period for Muslims and none Muslims, soon or later, there will be peace. Mandinka saying [ Kana-Pisaaly].

      • Yankuba Jobe, the Holy Koran never banned slavery.
        With this simple fact, one can understand that you did not read the Koran neitheir read history specially relating to slavery, colonialism and now “EXTREMISIM”.
        Read, read and read again brother or else you will distort truths and facts.

        • Deyda, You need to read! Did I say that slavery is forbidding in Islam? Marsh Allah, teach me brother how to read Qur’an, I will be grateful if you can do that for me. I am not too old to learn Qur’an. History, Maths, Geography, science and English were my best subjects in school, but I’m still not too old to be your student in Arabic and History. Be careful not to assassinate your own character to the Gambians, and stop predicting about if one can read Qur’an or not. You should try and know the person first. Ask Imam Ceesay, if I can not read Qur’an. full stop. You have been warned!

          Salaam Alaikum Brother..

        • Deyda; “My reaction to your comment here will base on prayers. May Allah (SWT) Make Qur’an spring in the hearts of all those who read it, and Make it light (NOUR) in the chests of the readers and drive away their grievances, and remove all harms [danger] away from them.

          Deyda, if you read Qur’an, just say Ameen! [Salaam Alaikum].

  6. Yankuba Jobe , One of the greatest Muslim extremist that I know in our country is imam Abdoulie fatty who has supported, advocated and was the religious mouthpiece of state sponsored terrorism in The Gambia . Imam fatty even equated the evil , dictator Jammeh to prophet Nuah in one of his sermon. He went further to sow seed of religious intolerance , discord and hatred to Ahmadiyaa people. To me he is no different from Bin Laden in the Gambian context. If you are looking for Muslim extremist , he is one of them . Gun violence in USA has nothing to do with Muslim extremism. USA has gun culture as a result of second amendment rights which I hope the next administration will bring in sensible gun regulatory policy which will enable every decent and law abiding citizen to own a legal gun as a form of self defense from future tyrannical and oppressive government in The Gambia.

    • Maxs, I am not differentiating the Muslim Extremist or the other Extremist, but I am generalising the Extremism itself! You have right wing Extremist in Europe and USA. Right or wrong? I condemn all forms of violence, be a Muslim, Christian or none believer. Therefore, I am only trying to tell you guys that, the problem in this world today is not only about Muslims, it is a Global problem, not even few months ago, in Asia hundreds of Muslims were killed and some were forced to leave their homes to exile, and don’t forget Maxs, the Muslim population in the world today are more than 1.5 Billions and only tiny number of them are committing crimes against humanity. The most Islamic scholars i know are constantly preach peace and love for one another. Frankly speaking, there must be justice for everyone, otherwise, will be difficult to maintain peace anywhere!

      Salaam Alaikum

      • Bravo Yanjuba Jobe, here you are talking sense. Once you stop the personal attacks and concentrate on the issues, you will make rational and logical contributions.
        Waa Salam.

        • Deyda; You can’t be ignored because of your lying attitude. You said, Yankuba Jobe is extremist and that was not a personal attack, you said it again, I don’t read Qur’an, which was the biggest lying attitude of you. If you don’t know someone, please stop predicting nonsense about that person. “I read Qur’an daily bases, and understand it in Arabic language too”. Although, you are hiding in your little dangerous zone with false identity to attack anyone you damn fit, which is one of the worst attitude a true believer of God should behave. I did warn you to stop assassinating your own character to the Gambians, but it seems to me, you are not listening, therefore I shall now refer you to [TANKA TANKA] for help.
          Above all, may Allah (SWT) make Qur’an spring in the hearts of readers and make it light (NOUR) in the chests of all readers, and protect them from all the dangers they may be worried about. Ameen!
          Wasalaam Alaikum.

  7. My view on extremism is that it will be disingenuous for us Muslims to deny that some of those who go around the world blowing up people are indeed Muslims…

    For us, and according to tradition, the fact that they say the SAHADDA , they pray and fast,etc, is sufficient for us to bear witness that they are Muslims…However, only Allah (SWT) knows what is their “hearts” and whether they are Muslims or not..

    What we can say with certainty, is that their acts of terror to pursue their global, regional or national objectives (whatever that may be) has got nothing to do with Islam and is routinely condemned by the vast majority of Muslims…

    If terrorism was “Islamic”, then the globe will be chaotic because all ONE BILLION PLUS MUSLIMS will be engaged in it…Just like the prayers, the hajj, the fasting, etc…

    And thus, we can say that the term “Islamic Terrorism”, is a fraudulent one coined by those in the media and political establishments around the world, who have an agenda against Islam and use the opportunity to portray Islam and Muslims in a negative light…

    Terrorism has NO faith, NO colour, NO nation, NO region and in some cases, no ideology or discernable motives at all (just sadistic acts of terror for its sake)…

    My advice to all (including to myself) is that we must resist repeating anti-Islamic propaganda that is sometimes very subtly “wrapped” in.”analytical discriptions” intended to hide the real intentions of the analysts, reporters or columnists…

    Indeed, as DH has pointed out, the Quran may not have prohibited slavery as it had idol worship, gambling, alcohol, etc, but I think a closer look at the Quranic Message in total, will show that the basic concepts on which the idea of slavery is/was built, have all been spoken against and dismissed by the Quran…

    The concepts of one man’s superiority over another; of subservience of one man to another; of the economic exploitation (“eating another man’s sweat”) of one man by another; etc have all been spoken against by the Quran in the strongest of terms..

    In my own little man’s understanding of the Quranic Message and Islam, as a whole, I would.say that slavery therefore, has no place in Islam because its basic foundations have been destroyed by the Quran…

    The Quran, as the finally revealed Devine Message to mankind and Islam, as the chosen way of life for it, brings the good news of universal brotherhood, peaceful coexistence, equality of the races, economic and social justice and unity of worship…The concepts and practices of slavery are incompatible with neither of these…

    Hence, anyone who believes in the Quranic Message and understands Islam with wisdom, will not even condone slavery, let alone own a slave, in this day and age…

    One may be tempted to say that the early Muslims, including the Prophet (SAW) owned slaves but one needs to approach that subject with caution and put that fact into the context of the entire era, particularly the political, social and economic realities prevalent at the dawn of Islam…and the monumental task that one man (Prophet Muhammad SAW) faced in delivering The Message that was intended to transform an entire society and generations after it…It would not have been a good idea, even to the most novice of architects, to start off by destroying society via the very foundations on which it was erected..

    For me, Allah (SWT), in His infinite Knowledge and Wisdom, knows that mankind will graduate in wisdom, intellect and knowledge in due course, to see and understand that slavery was unacceptable and thus ban it completely universally…

    I think we, the 20th/21st century generations have reached that age and thus, have outlawed slavery and all other forms of inhuman treatments, through the Universal Declaration of Humanity..

    • Bax; May Allah (SWT) reward you for this wonderful clarification for everyone who believe in Almighty Allah.I hope Deyda may benefit from your this great clarification. I don’t read Qur’an! Said Deyda, hopefully he does, but maybe with little understanding. May Allah increase our knowledge with wisdom.

      • Definitely Yakouba Jobe you are indeed a Muslim extremist and you come across as one. May Allah bless all the peace loving people of the world regardless of the religion they profess. God is love and nobody be it Muslim,Christian, Hindu,Jew, Buddhist have a monopoly on the truth. May Allah sow the seeds of peace in our hearts. It is not your religion which takes you to heaven but your deeds towards your fellow human beings.

        • Leral Gambia? I don’t understand what you meant by that , but be your own judge! May Allah save the Gambia! Certainly, my Christian friend will call you a liar, if he has access to read your comment about me, but that’s the Gambia today, nothing I can’t do about it! Stay bless.

  8. Oops….meant to.write….”The concepts and practices of slavery are compatible with neither of these..”