HRW Report Is All Tribalist Conspirasy; Jammeh Is A Democrat

Samsudeen Sarr Alhagie Ceesay Ebou Jobe

This is what Sam Sarr, the new dictator Jammeh’s mouthpiece said about the Human Rights Watch findings. With all the people tortured, killed, exiled, wounded, disabled, Sam Sarr is hanging onto tribalism as the main reason people reject Yahya Jammeh. What a buffoon, self-serving fool!

Read an excerpt from the long winded nonsense:

“If the Gambia was to create such commission as demanded by the government’s opponents, I think a truth and reconciliation one should be about addressing the tribalism that for decades stratified the country’s ethnic groups according to their political importance based on nothing tangible but backwardness. The Jolas, the tribe President Jammeh hailed from was always discriminated against, their political roles and voices marginalized and above all their status reduced to the lowest in a social hierarchy that was demeaning and very unfair to them. That negative pervasive mindset has over the years become a habit among the diehard members of the “superior” tribes who will go to their graves refusing to accept that a Jola is ruling the Gambia. And believe in me, this Jola has been doing it far better than all the members of the master tribe leaders before him and the master race before them-the British colonialist. As a matter of fact President Jammeh like President Obama found the countries they inherited in the worst state of mess and in record time brought about their recovery that historians will one day admit together as being the greatest to happen in modern times.

Take for instance the most ever popular Wollof leader first appointed Chief Minister of The Gambia during colonial days Mr. Pierre Sarr Njie. He was a lawyer who because of unethical practices was debarred by the British before he got into politics in the 50’s. Yet when the Mandinkas started demanding their rights to be enfranchised, the British tried to collaborate with Mr. Njie in a plan to hand over the Gambia to Senegal. Even the Akus had to fight against the conspirators to effect what would have been a monumental disaster.

Then next was Sir Dawda Jawara the post-independent leader of the Gambia who fought a successful battle of enfranchising the Mandinkas and getting political independence for the country from Britain in 1965. However for the thirty years or more he ruled the Gambia, he did little to improve the bad living conditions of the Gambians and ran the country as if he was a Black British who constantly sought endorsement from Queen Elizabeth 11 up to the day, on 22nd July 1994, when His Excellency President Jammeh put it to him that enough was enough. Trust me in his book Kairaba, published in 2009, the ex-Gambian president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara explained how he was upset with the former US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt for condemning the British government in 1943 after a stop in Bathurst ( now Banjul) for the inhumane and despicable manner they treated the colonized Gambians. Sir Dawda felt that the twenty-four hours Mr. Roosevelt spent in the country was not enough for him to judge the British that harshly. Well, did he want him to take a week’s tour of the country first and see beyond Bathurst before concluding about whether the British were doing a good job or not? Anyhow in a subsequent chapter in his book, Sir Dawda further wrote how glad he was to get his first job at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Bathurst after finishing school. He was a lab technician where he said the hospital was segregated into whites only wards and black wards. He revealed that even the most important Akus who were next to the Europeans in terms of importance couldn’t be admitted in the whites-only wards even if that area was empty and the rest of the wards overcrowded. Sir Dawda concluded by admitting that the discrimination in the hospital was a quintessential representation of the society the British had built in the Gambia. But Roosevelt was still to be blamed for saying what said about the merciless British.

As a person he couldn’t be accused of tribalism as such but the political era he oversaw was corrupted by tribal elements well entrenched in his government who played its filthy game of to acquire votes and stay in power. These are the losers still huffing and puffing over why it shouldn’t be them but a Jola who didn’t mean anything before. They don’t understand that if the British and French did not demarcate the region in 1888 and cut through their habit that spread from the banks of the River Gambia in the Fonis to the Guinea Bissau border, the Jolas would have developed into the most viable economic, political and social establishment within the vicinity. It was the same Europeans who in their divide and rule policies instilled in the Gambians this politically-instigated tribal feud. They are the ones cutting the aids to the Gambia because President Jammeh refuses to be their puppet. It is even said that the Europeans are the ones who tell African puppet leaders not to ever allow President Jammeh to become ECOWAS Chairman. And his colleagues don’t know how to ask Europe to stop dictating their affairs. Every time President Jammeh addresses world leaders in any convention, they applaud him with standing ovations because he tells the truth as it should be. So what is wrong with letting him take the leadership position of ECOWAS for once when less experienced heads of state are offered the position whose performance usually appear like duplication of their predecessor’s.

Among the people tortured, killed, exiled and disabled by Jammeh included members of every tribe of the Gambia. Sam Sarr is lowest of the low in horrendous disregard to human rights.

Anyway let these politically tribal elements spare us the nonsense of President Jammeh stepping down when he was elected by the people of The Gambia who I can guarantee you will re-elect him next year because they still strongly support his policies and his unifying administration.

Tribalism starts from within the tribe itself. Most these tribes in the Gambia claiming superiority over the others entertain very obnoxious practices of discrimination within the tribe based on whose ancestors were Griots, blacksmiths, cobblers, slaves, and the like. The HRW perhaps don’t know that people’s rights are being violated physically and emotionally among tribes in The Gambia fanatically oriented along such backward mentality.

Ironically however, only the Jola tribe of President Jammeh and I think the Manjagos don’t practice such nonsense among the Gambian tribes. Yet folks like Felicity want to play along with the ignorant campaigners vilifying President Jammeh day in day out to please those who will care less if the country degenerates into tribal war like what we saw in Rwanda in 1994.

President Jammeh has done a tremendous job of constituting a political atmosphere in The Gambia that has over the years taught the Gambian people that Manjagos, Jolas and the other formally marginalized tribes in the country are equally as important as the Mandinkas, Wollofs and Fullas who for years acted as if they were the only ones who politically mattered in the country. He has also proven to everybody that he may look and sound different from the common leaders of the past, nevertheless he his track record shows a leader second to none in the entire African Continent. The true Gambians will continue to pray for his good health and long life together with members of his immediate family including his wife and children.”

Samsudeen Sarr

New York City

The rest of the terrible indefensible rant can be read here:



  1. Sam sarr , your stupidity , ignorance , bigotry , tribalism , selfishness and lies with catch up with you soon .

  2. Oh really Mr. Sam Sarr? It is shameful to descend to certain depths of cronyism and irresponsible griotry. You very well know that most of the garbage you spew here has no basis in reality and one can imagine you slamming your eyes, your mind, and your conscience tightly shut as you force yourself to say things that you very well now are grossly untrue and unsubstantiated. Please remember that God hates hypocrites and those who would tell lies to please earthly wielders of power. it is utterly irresponsible to promote the kinds of rotten and dangerous tribal sentiments you spew out in this garbage.

  3. What Gambia is this guy talking about where Jolas were discriminated against and marginalised..?

    The fact that he failed to give a single example of how this was done is proof that he is lying and he knows it…

  4. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Well, Sam Sarr is nothing but a failed drunkard who buried his head deep into yaya jammeh’s behind that he can’t see. I have one information for you Mr Sam Lobster Sarr,you remember just after the 1994 coup when you attended the torture a neighbour of yours name witheld for now. This guy is in Europe now and still traumatised from the ordeal. You can’t deny that, you know who I’m talking about. The guy said you kicked him and threatened him with a bayonet although he called you out and said “suma mag ji lu takh nga ma deff lee”. So to say that there’s no torture in the Gambia is a big lie.

    • Oh my, oh my, oh my……………, atleast he, Sam Sarr dare not tell us,’yes, there is torture in the Gambia’, after being a torturer himself. One shouldn’t expect that much honesty in such a persona. Sam Sarr is really bad to our children’s health and strenght and doesn’t mean bringing him down, because only such people themselves are wrath in their own lifes and sorrow in other peoples lifes.

  5. Sam is an idiot. Please let him continue his bull shit talk.

  6. Lafia Touray la Manju

    So Sarr wants to tell us only mandinkas live in the protectorate during the time of the introduction of universal adult suffrage in the Gambia and prior?? Is he a Gambians?? I ask because no gambian who knows his or her country will make such a ridiculous statement. Take him to Rehab. He is not well.


  7. First of all, I don’t know where to begin my comment about such ungrateful stupid opportunist and idiot Mr. Samseedin Sarr’s article. Overall this years in exiled in USA here, this idiot stupid retard Mr. Sarr is wolf in sheep’s cloth spying for monster dictator jammeh. Mr. Sarr, I have three or few words for are damn selfish opportunist puppet shameless and fearless of Allah just to please Monster dictator Jammeh. Your days are number like disgraceful imam fatty. Just shut up your stupid mouth with your pathetic retard article and focus on kissing dictator Jammeh’s ass.

  8. Is Sam Sarr out of his mind. Sam…..we are talking about right abuses such as, killings, disappearance, torture, exile, not unsourced history, tribal slur and stupid ranting. He will surely judge you fairly. I wish you just drop dead wherever you are. Bloody national disgrace. I am inviting for to an open debate on your stupid piece in any medium of your choice.

  9. Could someone call Sam Sarr on his office phone No:+1 212 949 6640 and ask him if the raiding, abduction, kidnap, illegal detention of villagers in foni in 2009 during president Jammeh’s witchcraft exercise was also a tribally orchestrated allegation meant to tarnish Yahya’s image bcus he is jola??

    Or ask if his arrest and detention from August 1994 to 1996 was a result of tribalism.

    I rest my case while I await his response.

  10. Reading this has made me feel physically sick with revulsion.

    I remember Kama Badgie, my own Jola Headmaster, and many other Jolas who were in the high places during the first republic and couldn’t disagree more with Sam “Sorrow.”

    With minds like this deluded imbecile within the Professor’s heriti cult(so called government), and it’s clear there are many, one can see why the Gambia is where it’s.

    I don’t want to sound alarmist but peddling this sort of twisted lies and bigotry is clearly designed to sow discord and lay foundation for tribal conflict. God forbid.

    This man is truly dangerous!!

  11. I read with distress that Sam Sarr is writing using falsified erroneous historical facts to defending the un-defendable:

    1. Sam attacks Pierre Sarr Njie the Lawyer who in actual fact has ever defended Sarr’s father (who is better known as “Sarr Vagabond” or “Sarr Bandit”) Indeed Sam Sarr’s father (Sarr Vagabond) was a well-known criminal in the Gambia and each time he taken taken to court, Lawyer P.S. Njie would appear for him in court and would advise him (Sarr Bandit) to say that he was a Christian and would bring a fake Catholic father to testify that Sarr Vagabond was indeed baptized at his church. The ploy was for Sarr Vagabond not swear using the Holy Quran to avoid blasphemy and to instead falsely swear by the Bible.

    In fact the easiest way to find and locate Sam Sarr’s family house is to go the main Sere-Kunda Sandika market and ask vendor to point you Sarr Vagabond’s compound and there you are.
    It is therefore ungrateful for Sam to disown Lawyer P S Njie

    2. Sam argues that Yahya is not accepted simply because he is a Jolla whereas some main reasons that Honest Gambians are against Yahya are:

    – Yahya came to power undemocratically through forceful military Coup “Highway Robbery Government” and suspended a civil Constitution to Rule by Force of Military Decrees

    – Continued to torture, kill, maim and summary execute as evidenced by the credible UN and International Reports

    – If Gambians were against the Jolla tribes then how come that people like the Honorable Bakary Landing Kuti (BKL) Sanyang were Ministers under the past regime and able to own properties that he Yahya has confiscated to build in Electoral House and now using it as part of his Foundation Headquarters. What a rogue?

    3. Rightly so Yahya has appointed Sam Sarr (Baron Munchausen) the man he baptized as the “World Liar” and posted him to the World Forum to defend Lies and Lice.
    By the way, how many elections did yahya Jammeh claim to be winning? and Is it only the Jolas, 10% of population voting for him? Sam grow up.

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      “Bushmen PPP, scallywag Jawara”!! says Pierre Sarr N’jie.

      COOORRRR … Mr. Mbye Corr! Historians seem to disagree with you about PS Njie!

      Berkeley Rice on Pierre Sarr N’jie (Excerpts from Enter Gambia, Birth of an Improbable Nation)

      11/09/2015 – The Standard

      A few blocks away from Mr Jahumpa’s office, at 19 Buckle Street, is the headquarters of the United Party, the only significant opposition force in the country.

      Back in what UP leaders like to think of as the “good old days”, before the vote was extended to the provinces, the UP was a major power. It still has strong support from the Wolofs in Bathurst and the surrounding Kombo, but there are simply many more Mandinkas up-river than Wolofs in Bathurst. This fact became clear in the 1963 election when the PPP won twenty-seven seats in parliament, to the UP’s seven….

      Observing this impressive imbalance, three of the seven decided to join the PPP. The PPP’s New Gambia greeted their move joyfully: “With the withdrawal of Janneh, Jones and Jagana, the United Party is fast sinking and will soon close up”.

      The UP has not closed up, and its leader Pierre Sarr N’jie, still looks forward to the day when the UP will once again be the ruling party. His appetite was whetted by a one-year term of office he served as Chief Minister, just prior to self government. British officials who worked with him at the time are not as anxious as he is to see him back in power.

      “He’s charming chap,” says one of them, “but he’s impossible to work with – totally disreputable”.

      The building on Buckle Street houses the UP headquarters, Mr N’jie’s residence, and the offices of N’jie Brothers, a leading Bathurst law firm. The firm specialises in registering foreign designs, patents and trademarks such as Daimler Benz, Coca-Cola and Planters Punch, at $14 each. The two brothers – Sheriff Aidera N’jie and Ebrima Dawda N’jie, an MP and former Minister – now handle most of the firm’s business, since PS is busy with party affairs, and also because he was disbarred several years ago for misuse of a client’s funds.

      “We could easily have thrown him in jail,” says an official involved in the case. “It was a clear-cut case of fraud. But by the time it was settled he was Chief Minister. What could we do? You can’t throw the bloody head of government in jail. So we just had him disbarred.”

      To reach PS N’jie’s office, I passed through the firm’s offices on the first floor, where several young clerks sat copying legal documents by hand and discussing politics. In the compound out back a rooster and three chickens scratched in the sand beneath the party’s blue Land Rover. The party leader receives me upstairs in an outer room, where several party regulars sprawled in lounge chairs, and led me into a small room overlooking Buckle Street. He wore a beige linen sport jacket, red checked shirt and a plaid bow tie. Known as one of the sharpest dressers in Bathurst, he buys most of his clothes on his trips to Paris and London.

      Like many Bathurst Wolof’s, Pierre Sarr N’jie is a Catholic and grew up in a fairly prosperous family. “My father was a trader – a successful trader. He was a nephew of the last king of Saloum, Semu Joof. After school here in Bathurst, he sent me to King’s College at London University. I only stayed there a short time. I was to be a doctor, but I don’t like blood. So I moved to Lincoln’s Inn, where I studied law. All the N’jies are lawyers – my brothers, my cousins, we even have a niece studying law in Munich.

      All the N’jies are educated, but this man Jawara, he is not educated. He’s only got a veterinary diploma. I am much more popular than he is. Did you listen to the crowds at independence? They did not cheer him. They always cheer me. He should never have won the election in 1963. We should have won except for a scallywag of a chief who deserted us.”

      Asked about a short-lived political “understanding” between the PPP and UP, N’jie became irate. “You can’t have an understanding with a man like that. He never means anything he says. He’s a liar. He’s a rascal – low-born, and low-bred. You see, the PPP are all Mandinka people, and Mandinkas only understand money, meat and groundnuts. They are all crazy. Character and honour is meaningless to them.”

      “Do you include people like the Cabinet Ministers Dibba and Sissay, when you speak about Mandinkas this way?”

      “Dibba and Sissay? They are ignoramuses.”

      “How about the three United Party MPs who crossed over to the PPP?”
      “They are not politicians. They were afraid. They put money before party and the country. You don’t get politicians in a backward country like this. A real politician has to be able to wait. He must wait twelve or thirteen years, like the Labour Government did.”

      “What do you think about the prospect of The Gambia becoming a republic, with Mr Jawara as president?”

      That would be all right for someone born with servants in the house and everything, like I was. But these PPP men are all from the bush. This Jawara is a scallywag.

      When I was PM and I said ‘yes,’ it meant yes. Not this man. It’s the result of coming from a low family – the lowest of the low. His Ministers and MPs are the same. Kah forged checks. Daffeh stole from the District Authority treasury. Famara Wassa Touray served a prison term. Singhateh stole money. When the police issued a warrant for him, he ran away to Sierra Leone. Then he came back and stood for election. I know these things because I am a lawyer.

      “What about the rest of the opposition? Do you feel Mr Jahumpa and the Congress Party have any future?

      “Jahumpa is dead now, for deceiving the people.”

      “What do you think of the rumours that he receives something from the Communists?”

      “He is not a Communist. People here are not ready for Communism. It’s too rough and ready.”

      “How about ME Jallow, the union leader? Could he start a national party?”

      “Jallow could never start a party. He is a ruffian, and Gambians are dignified. They don’t want a ruffian as PM. Besides, all the workers are members of the UP. None of these people you mention are important. I’m the only man they’re afraid of here.”

      Luntango says: At least PS Njie was a straight-talker!

  12. Lafia Touray la Manju

    If the mandinkas, fulas and the wollofs are all against jammeh because he is jola, my question then is; who are the people who have been voting jammeh to victory all these years?? Can Sam Sarr answer this question for me please??

    • He won’t tell you though he knows very well who……………let me tell you who have been voting jammeh to victory all these years; a few Mandinka, a few Fula, a few Wollof, a few Manjago, a few Bainunka, a few Konyagi, a few Saranhule, a few Serer, etc.,……………you know………, a bit of all of them out there and the ‘jackpot’ of Jola voters don’t need to come from Gambia, they flow in from Cassamance. It cost Sam Sarr and his counterparts ten kilo of rice and five litres of cooking oil to get ten Jolas from across the border. It is as easy as that and Sam knows it. That was why when humans didn’t vote for him…….., the Jinn did.

  13. This piece is too dangerous I got sensations of physical illness just for reading it. I am very worried about our coexistence if we let this criminals run our country even for one more day .

    What makes this even more disturbing is that, some of us in this forum , share this tribal views of Sam Sarr , did you read any condemnation from them??

    Sam Sarr said this about Jawara, I quote : As a person he couldn’t be accused of tribalism as such but the political era he oversaw was corrupted by tribal elements well entrenched in his government who played its filthy game of to acquire votes and stay in power. (Sam Sarr)

    Does this sound also familiar? For a moment I thought this chapter was writing by some one else in this forum. God Save The Gambia.

  14. Snakes don’t brush their teeth they say so Sam won’t either. All tribes where equal in the Gambia and no specific tribe has been marginalised or discriminated against. Opportunities in the Gambia means sending your children to school or engage in farming or business at one’s very own abilities and iniciatives, determination and social orientations. Government as far as this matter is concerned then, was present everywhere as schools, agricultural demonstrators, village health centers and Ngo irrespective of geographical location, tribal or party politic affliation in the country. Those who didn’t fall within this range are people obliged to find petty jobs(BARANYINI) totally at one’s very own discretion. Despite our underdeveloping attitudes then and now, members of many different ethnic groups have dreams to be educated or acquire a prosperous life. There was an idea of democracy so you can spend ten years of savings in ten days of party nonstop.
    Sam’s mouth and fingertips are really venemous.I wish I never come across a shameless hypocrite like him.

  15. I think you are head dipped into the worst of his idiocy than anyone of us. Watch yourself @la Manju because this guy runs the risk of getting himself and others with him in the rehab……

  16. It was Maurice Boucaille – the renowned French Scientist and Author – who said “There is no compulsion for man to accept the truth. But it is certainly a shame upon the human intellect when man is not even interested in finding out as to what is the truth!…..”

    Sheriff Samsudeen Sarr’s verbiage on the report produced the Human Rights Watch should not come as a surprise to anyone, given the man’s recent political re-birth as a born-again. If a man could author a book on his thoughts and experiences on the 22nd July 1994 Military takeover; sold the same book to the unsuspecting public as the absolute truth between him and God only for him to turn around and say it was all fiction written out of anger, certainly there cannot be anything else surprising about such a man, especially in the domain of integrity. His verbiage only goes to confirm Maurice Boucaille’s statement that “There is no compulsion for man to accept the truth”.

    I would have loved to give Sam a perfect cliché on his broad-daylight attempt to re-write our national history, but time is not on my side to do that. However, I would like to share with him two of the wise sayings of the Magi of Manding:

    1. Until the death of all the elders of the village is ascertained, a child must learn to censor whatever they say at the village square.
    2. To know everything may be easy and good but to say/write everything that one knows is neither easy nor good.

    By summoning courage to disseminate these blatant lies in writing, Sam has inadvertently dug his own political grave. Yahya Jammeh has proven, over time, that he is not the type to put one’s neck on the line for. Sam has gone very far and Jammeh himself knows that. Borrowing from William Shakespeare, Sam has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more. It is just a matter of time before his political demise is announced. Maybe even before the 2016 elections.

  17. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    I love the Magi of Manding wisdom. Are you sure they are not Ethiopian? I will add them to my collection anyway. “Murdered sleep” – nice one from the Bard – Macbeth I think. Thanks.

  18. Lafia Touray la Manju


    Another story about PS Njie’s UP is that their most effective campaigner and propagandist was a Mandinka. His name is Honourable Numukunda Darboe(MP). His son, Lawyer Ousainu Darboe, is now the leader of the biggest opposition party in The Gambia.

    Njie himself was a good friend of Hon. Darboe who remained loyal and supportive of Njie until his death.