Burglars Break Into Opposition Leader’s House


By Abdoulie John

Burglars broke into the house of a prominent Gambian opposition leader and stole valuable items including his laptop computer.

The startling news was contained in a dispatch issued by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

“Hon. Omar Amadou Jallow’s well-fortified home was burglarized last Tuesday in what can only be described as a professional and meticulous operation,” the party said.

The report said Omar A. Jallow’s house is well fortified from the exterior but the burglars used a ladder, and some heavy-duty tools to break down his window, and pry open the burglar bars to get into his office.

The party described the theft as “the Gambian style Watergate burglary, intended to disrupt and undermine the vociferous resolve and determination of Hon. OJ and the PPP, to end tyranny in the Gambia in 2016.”

Contacted by telephone to shed light on this incident, the PPP leader confirmed that the story. “I took the matter up with the police and the watchman is still in their custody helping investigators in their task,” he told this reporter.

However, police spokesperson Lamin Njie seemed to be left ‘completely in the dark’ as he was not aware about the burglary case targeting one of the Gambia’s high profile politicians. He promised to get in touch with Kairaba Police Station for more details.

One year ahead of 2016 elections, speculations are intensifying as to whether the act posed by burglars is politically motivated. In the coming days, investigators are expected to reveal more evidence in a case that is attracting wide-spread media attention.




  1. The criminal regime is behind this act of terrorism and spying . This is an attempt to undermine mr jallow’s tremendous stand to end autocratic and military dictatorship. It remain to be seen what the outcome will be but when the pressure is mounted on evil regime in their complicit in this state sponsored terrorism , the watchman will be nailed for the crime at the end .

  2. Another premeditated assault , with intent to stay in power by any mean necessary, look no further than Kanilai murderer in the name of Yaya Jamneh.