Jammeh Uses Online Pseudonyms To Outsmart Gambian Dissidents


Gambian people have always underestimated Oga’s intelligence!

By Max

Dictator Yahya Jammeh for a long time had been using pseudonyms to cause division, spy and outsmart Gambians Dissidents.

My interest to research about constant crisis loggerheads and disunity among dissidents or diaspora activists finally came to conclusion. I discovered that Dictator Yahya Jammeh is totally responsible for this phenomenon. This conclusion was based on a research I personally conducted on some of the pseudonyms or real names used on Facebook and other social media sites as well as various sources from the corridors of power in Banjul.

Gambians who truly know Jammeh will agree with me that he is criminal thinker with an intelligent mind. Jammeh is a security expert who has mastered the naivety of Gambian people. He is very security concern and majority of Gambian people know nothing about the President sitting at State House in Banjul. Jammeh’s criminality and sophiscation is beyond the thinking of ordinary Gambians. As a result of this, he is able to outsmart the most educated and experienced Gambians who worked for him except few people like Dr Sedat Jobe, Essa Bocar Sey and others.


President Jammeh has been using PSEUDOYNMS on Internet since the early days of Gambia-L or (Banta cyberspace) where he used to challenge dissidents or his critics and sometimes acted as a supporter of the regime. This criminal tactic has enabled Jammeh to be fully aware of initial critics or dissidents of his regime and has also helped him to gain significant knowledge of what his enemies think of him or what they plan or envision to effect change.

This is the very scenario going on today as we speak. After the invention of Facebook and other social media sites such as online radios and newspapers where Gambians can freely express themselves against military dictatorship, President Jammeh took advantage of this latest technological advancement and became actively involved online without awareness of his enemies. He became chief critics of his own regime and sometimes he uses other PSEUDOYNMS (real people name) to support the policies of his government and individuals in his regime. Not only did Jammeh use such names to do his criminal acts on unsuspecting dissidents to deceive them but he also used various PSEUDOYNMS with Facebook profiles to spy on them. Yahya Jammeh has ascribed very distasteful and insulting names to himself which he used to deceive Gambian diaspora activists and dissidents.

This has enabled him to befriend most prominent dissidents or activists on Facebook. As a result of this Facebook friendships with so many prominent dissidents including journalists, bloggers, and ordinary Gambians, Jammeh became aware of every activities that is planned or talked about against his government. I know many activists would be suprise to hear that Jammeh himself is constantly online sometimes supporting or arguing with the people about the very government he presides over as the president. This is criminality and intelligent at its best. The Internet is one of the best sources of information where he is able to get first hand information about dissidents in Europe, UK and USA. Gambians need to look at the Facebook profiles and pictures of these PSEUDOYNMS and they will find out that there is common pattern on most distasteful PSEUDOYNMS.
Jammeh has also used these PSEUDOYNMS to create friction and divisions among various media outlets and personalities through his commentaries either as supporter of one group or hateful messages on personalities on other media group. This has created huge problem. It contributed to inability of these individuals in various media to focus on the struggle. This disunity has resulted to name callings and even tribalism which Jammeh is the chief perpetrator among Gambians.

Why Freedom Radio and Newspaper has become the most sourced, publishing majority of the breaking news?

According to my findings, Jammeh himself is behind such news using PSEUDOYNMS to Freedom Newspaper. This is the way to deceive Gambians in the diaspora. This is evidenced by publications of majority of breaking news on Freedom Newspaper before it is news on GRTS or Daily Obsever. These breaking news are usually sensational and they cannot have any serious impact on Jammeh’s regime. It is the same reason that Pa Ndery Mbai is mostly against any significant issues that would make serious threat to Jammeh’s regime and never had any constant player in his newspaper. Looking at the background of Mr Mbai, he is not that educated and experienced than most Gambian journalists who are both in the country or diaspora but he is most connected or sourced journalist today in our politics and struggle to liberate The Gambia from military dictatorship.
Jammeh is totally responsible for this disunity, setback and failure of the struggle.



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    So Maxs, is Jammeh also “Deyda Hydara”??(LoL!)

    Seriously, where is the evidential result of your “research”?? You have told us, BRIEFLY, the conclusions of your “research”, but you give NO EVIDENCE upon which that BRIEF conclusion is reached!!!

    • Very good question Luntango! Let’s now wait for Maxs to varify the out come of his research. Prediction is one of the worst attitude one could think of, and I hope Maxs will come out with evidence, otherwise, he is living in other planet than i know. Therefore, you are right Luntango!

    • LOL! lol! Luntango, really thanks for elevating me to a presidential status but wish me not to be killer, a mystifier and a thief…lol
      On a serious note Maxs can be right for the simple fact Jammeh has no work to do in Gambia but plotting, spying and hiting opponents both at home and in the diaspora.
      I have always maintain that a leader is NEVER stupid, he is either an angel or a devil period.

      • Well predicted Luntango! If [DH] Direct-Handling is not Yaya Jammeh, they have something in common! He often twisted and turning things around from the political parties Back home and the Gambian Diasporas-organizations, but nothing absolutely he says make sense to me personally! He may continue calling himself Honourable Daida Haidara which is to me like a white Egg and a black charcoal.. And he shouldn’t have seen this as a personal attack on him. I am just honest with him!

  2. This is a serious stuff. It is very possible. Thanks Max.

  3. Maxs

    This is probable at best and a conjecture at worst based on what you are prepared to share. Real evidence is required.

    I think Freedom newspaper and Radio’s success is largely down to Mr Mbai’s unrivaled commitment even though some of his publications are morally and legally questionable.

  4. But then everyone could be Yaya jammeh including the Author who knows

  5. The percieving that Pa Nderry might UNCONSCIUOSLY be helping JK is due to his personal attacks when cornered, denied an information or insulted. Here is a guy who has done the greatest work in exposing Jammeh when little was known about his regime and he deserves a credit and big thank you for that. Maturity is a learning process and those who accept mistakes and rectify it will go a long way in attaining WISDOM. Pa Nderry only accepts to bury the hatchet after a microphone fight but he always turns the page when the dust settles. I take it to be a youthful energy which if not properly channeled can lead to misconceptions on his personally.
    I hate to say this but I have observe that since Fatu Camara reached the shores of the diaspora, the struggle is gone “pinti-panta” Lol. Fatu is also a good communicator but too much competition and personality cult is blocking her progress. She is not an enabler but she is in hurry to finish JK and go back home. One must however accept that Fatu heeds to council from her surrounding who are mentoring her to look at the bigger picture. Fatu should desist from thinking that she knows JK more than anybody else that is not true. Every gambian knows very well who JK is after 21 years of exposure well before Fatu join the struggle.
    Besides Freedom, DUGA has contributed the longest and greatest fight against JK. They deserve a big “KUDOS”. Other groups and organisations have also done great jobs in blocking JK from accessing funds and having the Human Rights organisations focus on JK’s beastly actions.
    Now I will always remind you that the diaspora are not the only freedom fighters and those on the ground will have the last say in STRIKING and NAILING JK in coffin for good. Never forget that.

  6. Dida , the evidence are the various PSEUDOYNMS that are used which have common pattern in their profiles . Examples the pictures in each profile and symbolic meaning of those pictures . Dida , you do not have iota of an idea what Jammeh is capable of and what he does in private . Very few closed aides and peoples knows him very much . Jammeh is more than a monster.
    As for freedomnewspaper , that one is open for everyone to know , you don’t have to be too smart to know who is the ” soldier” who always report at freedom. There are other secret PSEUDOYNMS he used privately when he communicate with Pa nderry Mbai . Pa is very aware of this. The issue is intelligent of Jammeh has been underestimated. Can you tell me in all honesty who will be reporting detail information about every activity which are sensational that happen in statehouse knowing the full consequences ? Remember the ” so -called solider ” is always part of Jammeh entourage and majority of time , his reports are true and sometimes he will just give false report to implicate some people and then later they get arrested. This is Jammeh himself who is telling us what he is going to do to those people . Jammeh is criminal and intelligent thinker . Pa Ndery attitude , behaviors and how he safely protect his interest is testimony to this . If Pa is truly an activist , why did he never go to protest or demonstration because here in USA he is very safe . People protest every time . Why is he always against issues that has significant threat to jammeh’s presidency ? Pa Nderry has the numbers of every one in The Gambia because he has access to Gamcel and qcell master contacts numbers . Who would gave him this information apart from Jammeh himself ? Let the Half baked NIa go and sleep . Please for God sake Yankuba Badjie , tell your men to stop torturing and arresting innocent citizens .

    Intelligence , intelligence is what behind all this . Read between the lines. The story is 100 percent accurate , if Jammeh is capture alive any day , I will put forward $10,000 if you find out the story is not true .
    I know my ally ( Haidara ) in this struggle is geniune after reading him extensively . As for Bax , I don’t trust him a bit just like Binta Saidy . Jammeh used female names and picture in his Facebook profile to deceive people . You know we have Binta saidy who hates Haidara and I , she has specifically attacked us even this week by her provocative language .
    Jammeh’s long time closed aide , king papa knows exactly what I mean about Jammeh’s used of PSEUDOYNMS. King papa has never been promoted and has been closed aide to Jammeh for more than a decade. Saul Badjie too is closed to him and he is political/military face and he is well respected among the military right now. My emphasis is right now ok . Today .

    • Maxs I TOTALLY disagree with you concerning what you said about Pa Nderry. What you said about him is pure speculations and malicious. Pa Nderry is not smarter than anyone in the struggle, if he was not genuine and rolling for JK, he would have been exposed longtime ago. Remember Pa Nderry has lot of enemies inside JK’s system at home and If they knew anything about him being a double agent you accused him of, he would have been exposed by his enemies longtime ago. Your insinuations about JK using pseudo names cannot be discarded but no one cannot say for SURE which pen names he uses to instill division and hatred amongst the freedom fighters in the diaspora. Maxs it is not good to speculate, it can lead to wrong judgements and regrets. I would advise you to be a UNITER and not a DIVIDER, this is what I expect from a revolutionary like yourself. Let the dust settle between Pa and Fatu and let’s move on to the REAL and noble fight which is booting JK out of our face.

  7. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bax my in-law, you have been outed!

    Maxs says: “… As for Bax , I don’t trust him a bit..” Lol, Bax you must be reading this sitting in your Kanilai Palace!!

    I am off to a JEREMY CORBYN celebration party in Camden, my in-law. Goodnight.

  8. Yankuba Jobe , and others , please read in between the lines . Jammeh is very very intelligent guy and has mastered criminality for a long time . Please go and look at Facebook profiles of names which are very insulting in both Woloff and mandinka. You will see the patterns . This is forensic and extensive investigation I had conducted. Not only i have made my conclusions on that but I have reliable sources right now in The Gambia who confirmed this story .
    Hiadara , this story has nothing to do with Fatu camara or DUGA . I know these individuals are genuine people and Fatu know Jammeh but not to that extent people might think . She briefly worked at statehouse though she might still have contacts there . She has one big advantage , she is human being who is likeabe , has great understanding though she is self-centered . Fatu has regretted her association with Jammeh.
    Pa Ndery too initially had great love for the country and has contributed a lot more than anyone before but now he has changed , he is working on his interest pure and simple . Pa is very selfish . One observation here too, Pa nderry never talk about stories which has potential to threaten Jammeh’s presidency especially if it was written by other journalists or activists . Did you notice that about him ? If he is truly geninue activist why did he not stop sensational journalism . Example look at Gainako , kibaaro , kairo and Fatu radio , do you see those people engage in what pa ndery is doing ? Why is he in conflict with every one every month if he truly care for the struggle? Why is his family a beneficial to Jammeh’s gesture or kindness ? Why is his family safe considering the so called work he is doing now if he is not in bed with the Dictator Jammeh ? These are all important questions that needs to be asked and analyzed . I hope people start asking these questions . We should get to know him too. Remember Jammeh came with the same sweet and lofty mentality , today he is tyrant and a killer . Gambians open your eyes . I have utmost respect for Fatou jaw manneh , lawyer Darboe and Pdois guys mr sallah and Jatta . They are principled and decent people who care about The Gambia and are consistent in their beliefs .

    • Maxs this will be my last comment about Pa Nderry and Fatu Camara. Before going any further, let me emphasize that I don’t know any of them personally. I started listenning to Freedom about 5 years ago. I stopped watching GRTS over 15 years ago when dissenting views are not allowed in the Gambia. I needed contradictory news, and a freedom of speech platform to hear divergent views and Freedom provided just that. Maxs it cost me a lot of money to listen to the online radios, a poor Gambian cannot afford 24/24h internet connexion from the Gambia, it is very expensive. Thank God I can afford it and enjoying it fully. Remember it was me Deyda Haidara who train Pa Nderry at the Point newspaper and I know the boy lol! lol! just kidding here because my pen name is Deyda Haidara. Judging from your views one can easily notice your bias between Pa and Fatu. Do you love Fatu by the way? I can arrange the marriage Lol lol lol! You see Maxs Fatu only left the Gambia about two years ago, let me tell you that I have never watch Fatushow as I said I put a total blackout betweem me and GRTS. Although I used to come across Fatu in town, we have never exchange greetings much more a conversation. All I know is Fatu is a materialist and loves to bragg about materialism. I am not here to denigrate Fatu, I am just trying to analyse their personalities based on what I hear them say on radio. Fatu is not material for the diaspora living, she is rather a local material who can excel in her domain of talkshows and fashion shows. I would see Fatu in the shoes of DJ Boubs of TFM in Senegal, I am sure she can beat Boubs in the job in matter of one month. I can bet for that. She is talented in animating shows, there is no doubt that.
      Pa Nderry is a different breed, Pa is a hardcore journalist and political and social analyst, pure and simple. Being a journalist he is not allowed to take sides or join any groupings lest he looses his fair and balance principles. Pa is very good at his job, there is no doubt about that, he is fierce and donot bend or sugarcoat the truth but as you said can get carried away in little fights that is not worth it at all and I believe he will get over it just as he did with diffrent people and radios well before Faturadio existed. If you analyse Pa, you will note that he is NOT interested in coming back home anytime soon as opposed to Fatu who wants to come and have a own TV station at home.
      Pa is content with his status in the US reason why he does not worry about who is happy or mad.
      Maxs please do not enter into these petty personal fights, if you cannot mend the ends, stay away but donot add any further division in it. We need all the platforms in the diaspora as we do not have it home. Sometimes it is disgusting to hear them fight all the way to cursing and exposing private matters. We in the Gambia do not approve and is not worth our meagre dalasis to spend on to listen to SCRAPS.
      I always remind the audience that the struggle is in the Gambia and not in the US, UK or Europe, Jammeh is here in the Gambia and it will Gambians on the ground to finish the JOB. Never forget that.
      We should join hands and move ahead, anything short of that is counter-productive and counter-revolutionary.
      Have a nice weekend.

    • Maxs, Maxs ! Shall I call you [Doomie Bai] cousin? Or just Maxs as usual? Please, stop assassinating your own character to the public. The Soldier of PA NDERRY MBAI cannot be Yaya Jammeh, although, the soldier himself should be very careful, he might be one day found himself in a funny position with Pa Nderry Mbai of freedomnews paper. Since 2006, I have been reading freedomnews paper online, and the worst attitude I hate about him, is insulting people’s parents, he should try and refrain from that to avoid being called a rude journalist. But he has been saying it on-and on that, he is a journalist and should not be trusted period! He sometimes made me laugh and sometimes distressful when I listened to his radio – freedom. But is he working with Yaya Jammeh? I will never believe it until someone from somewhere has a clear evidence, not RADIO-KANKANG. Simply because, I don’t think Yaya Jammeh is doom [idiot] that he will exposed his own sexual lifestyle to the Gambian publics or even exposing his own mother’s health condition to Pa Nderry Mbai. Therefore, your speculation or prediction from your Banjul sources are based on nothing but false! Next time get your stories in order!

  9. Haidara , first of all I think you are wrong to assume my article or piece might be about personal involvement between Fatu and Pa Ndery . I have been reading pa since 2006 and I must said he has done great job to expose the dictator but pa has changed over last few years . I was keen supporter of Pa and I admired his work then just like any geniune person who has followed him over the years. Pa Ndery has no good relationship with any one be it , leadership of various organization , groups , journalists ,or activists . He has the biggest platform because of sensationalism and Gambians hunger for real news . Even state department categorized freedomnewspaper as tabloid newspaper . Of course Pa nderry doesn’t like any one to beat him and that is the fight between him and Fatu . That is not my business to be involved in . My business to find out why the struggle is not progressing and whether Jammeh has any role to play in that . I came to conclusion that Jammeh has a role and he is even using PSEUDOYNMS to freedomnewspaper. This has nothing to do with your erroneous and false assumption that I intend to be involved in personal fight between Fatu and Pa Ndery . I do not have any relationship with Fatu and I have never never seen her in person or talk to her . Just be clear . I think readers will judge if you are fair to both individuals in your assessment . There is no speculations and malicious about what I said about Pa Ndery . Example if you followed the reporting of solider , you will notice inconsistencies , how can he be in Dcc , Dakar and the same time knows what is in happening in Banjul or kanillia? It is too naive and outright unintelligent to assume that Pa Ndery cannot work with jammeh. We have seen in the course of history how freedom fighters are won over to the side of an enemy through enticement, Influence and corruption. Example USA intelligence are able to know the enemy through such actionable intelligence from former enemy . Another example , how is Neneh McDonald’s was able to infiltrate the struggle and became an informer to Jammeh’s regime and finally rewarded cabinet position. Another example , how is Waa Juwara of all people who had experienced the worst treatment in terms of torture and threat to his life later became biggest ally and supporter of jammeh . Mr Juwara was later rewarded cabinet positions before he was disgraced and later became politically irrelevant in Gambian politics . Waa Juwara was the only one who was able to come to freedom radio after joining Aprc to showcase Jammeh’s development achievement . There are many countless examples I can give . We have to be open minded to able to see things differently. Because of our naviety and closed minded attitude to underestimate any individual , this is why Jammeh is in power for 21 years. You have agreed that Jammeh used PSEUDOYNMS which I have evidentially concluded but your disagreement is simply that Pa Ndery cannot be double agent . I think if you are fair and honest to yourself , you should go back and analyze Pa Ndery very well over the years . Jammeh knows everything Pa nderry is doing . This is because there is link between two.
    Haidara , Pa Ndery recently has started to work with biggest liar and thief Ebou Jallow who is known to every decent Gambians that he is a liar. How can a credible journalist have someone with such character as Analsyst or pundit on his radio ? A man who was recently offered amnesty from jammeh and he accepted it . Did you not understand that Ebou jallow and Sam Sarr are birds of the same feathers ? Come on , use your brain to connect the dots. Phony characters like Ebou jallow are today biggest ally of Pa Ndery while decent patriotic citizen like Banka manneh , Dr sedat Jobe , Dr Janneh , Mathew Jallow , mr Mbenga of DUGA and many decent journalists or activists like Demba Baldeh , Bamba mass , Pa ousman Darboe , Yankuba Darboe , and all the guys in Fatu radio , kibaaro and some in kaironews all had conflict with Pa nderry . Why is that happening if he really care about The Gambia ? I have mentioned these individuals to you so that you will understand I am not writing because of Pa Ndery personal issues with Fatu .
    Remember , today Pa Ndery is at loggerheads with almost every one even recently Pata PJ has chastised and criticized him . I hope you are not that phony character yourself . If you are following Pa nderry and various PSEUDOYNMS like honestgambia , sachanpandey Yaya jammeh and jammeh fotokilo chapandeyee yahya , and many others , these are all phony characters who religiously followed him and defend him . They are quick to attack any one who has different view from Pa Ndery on Facebook . They also attack or questions anything that is direct threat to Pa Ndery and Yaya jammeh. so those who are intelligent , will be able to see and connect the dots . For security reasons I will not be able to provide you detail information. But one day if jammeh is capture alive , i will meet with you and kaironews team to show you evidence . For now my advise is let us all be open minded and don’t discount anything because Jammeh’s closed aides are his enemies . The only problem they have is that they don’t trust each other and that is our biggest problem . I am sure they are reading me and knows who is writing .

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Maxs, Maxs, Maxs, apply your “research” capabilities!!!

      You say to Deyda Hydara: “Come on , use your brain to connect the dots.”

      No, you Maxs, “connect the dots” and tell us who Deyda Hydara is!!(Lol).

  10. @Maxs….”As for Bax , I don’t trust him a bit…”

    Comment…Accept my sympathies ( and I am not shedding crocodile tears) but I can’t help you out mate, if your “papakaya” and “tamateh” “research” leads you to that conclusion….I can only laugh my head off…

    Anyway, whether Jammeh uses pseudonyms or not doesn’t change anything for me…. And he can definitely not confuse me on.any matter whatsoever…

    May be, he can succeed with confusing the likes of maxs, with that rubbish talk of his presidency being foretold by a marabout…or being a clever political strategist…

    As for Bax, I.am.right now enjoying the beautiful and mild September morning (almost afternoon now) in the West Midlands….thousands of miles away from State House or Kaninlai..

  11. @Maxs….” Jammeh’s closed aides are his enemies…The only problem they have is that they don’t trust each other and that is our biggest problem …..

    { I am sure they are reading me and knows who is writing .”}

    Comment… Oh…! So Jammeh’s close aids know you, Maxs..That’s very interesting… . No need to elaborate at this point but lots of pondering needed…You need to be closely monitored from now on to see if we can figure out the connection..

  12. Bax, I know I am being monitored for a long time , so does everyone including Jammeh. They know it is maxs writing . You know them more than I do since you are very sympathetic to them and their families.

  13. Yankuba Jobe , why do you think Jammeh is not capable of using PSEUDOYNMS to freedomnewspaper? Jammeh has done things which are worst than exposing his mother health information . Who care about his mother health information in The Gambia . A country where there is no privacy or laws to protect personal health informations like we have here in USA or western world . Come on , you are from Jarra where when you are sick whether you like it or not is every body’s business .
    Jammeh has ascribed insulting name to himself . Jammeh is a president who enjoying watching his victim on video being tortured , sometimes he would called to listen to their voices when they are crying at NIA torture chambers . He would assigned jugulars with picture of victims he wanted to eliminate . It is fun for Jammeh to be online at night arguing with dissidents or sometimes acting like a supporter of his regime . All those pictures published by freedomnewspaper regarding young girls he had sex with as well as parties at kanillia are true pictures of his mistresses in The Gambia . Don’t underestimate Pa Ndery , Jammeh is the very one who is supplying him all those informations . The guy is sitting on treasure trove of information , he releases them as events happens . Yankuba Jobe , Jammeh is very intelligent and let us stop underestimating him . Let us Use our brain to think and be open minded .

    • Maxs, Intelligence can be defined as a general mental ability for reasoning, problem solving, and learning. What you use when you don’t know what to do. Yaya Jammeh’s 21 years ruled had indicated us that, he is not an intelligent leader at all, otherwise, he would have done better for the country, rather than killing, torturing and unnecessary imprisonment! Therefore, he is not intelligent!
      Regarding Pa Nderry Mbai, I personally don’t care what he is doing or what he does, but you can’t persuade [convince] me to believe what you have accused him to be without a clear evidence in Black and White from your sources in Banjul. My religion forbid me to accuse anyone for wrong doing without a prove, and until we the Gambians make a quick reform of this [RADIO-KANKANG-SOORCES OF ATTITUDE] our country will remain divided for years to come! Say what you have evidence for, speak what you have evidence for and write what you have evidence for or else, be silent!
      Is this a good lesson for you Maxs?

  14. Bax” you need to be closely monitored from now on to see if we can figure out the connection ”
    From the above statement , it indicated to me you are again not to be trusted because you an agent who is hiding behind Pdois to get to know people. Instead of focusing on the story , your interest is on my identity . Is Binta saidy your girlfriend or wife ? Lol

  15. Thanks Maxs for your truthly intelligent analysis of The Gambia struggle. We have to learn to think out of the box if we are interested in freeing our country from this dangerous criminal called Yaya Jammeh. I have been thinking about the struggle and the contribution of Pa Nderry since 2012. I noticed few things that worries me a lot about Pa. The Dakar conference was organized by Gambians and other Senegalese NGO’s and they invited Gambians at home and abroad. Pa Nderry helped in destroying the conference by publishing all the names and their source of funding. Yaya and his government wrote to that NGO and German government to stop that group from funding the conference. The conference in Raleigh 2013 organized by GDAG, STGDP and DUGA, Pa Nderry tried everything possible to destroy it but he failed miserably. After the conference, he turned to personally attacked some of the organizers. The last day of the conference, he was seem dinning with the few APRC supporters and even visited one of supporter’s home. Pa was involved in flaming and destroying CORDEG since he cannot stop the conference from happening he went after the child and destroy it. Deyda and others, Pa Nderry mission have changed few years ago from working to stop dictatorship in The Gambia to making money from the struggle while he can. Currently, Pa is not working any job. He used to work at Wal-mart changing tires and doing oil changes in people’s cars but Pa quit that long time now. What bothers me the most about Pa is that he will attack any group or groups or individuals trying to bring together Gambians to unify in a mission, he will destroy it anyway he can. He do not want any progressive endeavor to remove Yaya Jammeh because his business is over. The longer he can keep the struggle going on the better for him and his business. I do not trust Pa today or tomorrow and he is not finish yet because most Gambians are naive. God bless The Gambia.

    • Janjanbureh, to tell you the truth from time to time people might percieve Pa Nderry in the very light you potray him to be. In fact to butress your point during the last December attack, him and Ebou Jallolow were at first very happy and hailed PRAISES but as soon as they learnt that the coup failed they turn around and painted the hereos in the negative light. What can I learn from that is that Pa is impulsive and looses CONTROL when things donot go his way. I put this turn around on the fact that Pa wants to see JK go just as all of us want to see him GO. But as people plan, God also plans and God’s plan will always BE. Granted we are all tired of Jammeh but when his appointed God’s time is not over there nothing we can do but to further, pray, work and redouble our efforts, persevere and re-focus on our objective. We should learn from our mistakes and reajust our weapons and strategies to adapt to the new reality after December 2014. However in about a month or so, Pa reajusted and gave credit where it is due and that it is “Honor the Fallen Heroes” as they sacrified their lives to remove Jammeh from State House. Seeing Pa in this light will show the IMPULSIVENESS of his personality and one can never accused him of being a traitor. Instead sometimes he does and says things and turn around to regret it and presents his EXECUSES. Otherwise Pa’s OBJECTIVE of seeing Jammeh go NEVER changed a bit. If a person realizes his mistakes, accepts them and rectifies them, then one can only accept his apology genuinely. Like I told Maxs, Pa is still in a learning process and it will take him sometime defore he finally reaches WISDOM. One can only reach wisdom when accepts that one is not PERFECT and is liable to make mistakes. Wisdom is not about age, it is about being constantly being CONSCIOUS for accepting for yourself what you will accept for others. Simply put it means putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and see how you/him will feel. The reason why I say all these about Pa, is that I listen to Pa each and everyday that God’s makes.
      As for Fatu, since she was working in the Gambia which I live for the past 30 years plus, I hear a lot stories about her at home. Obviously some will love her and other will hate her. In fact the story that strike my mind most is about a woman who told me “haven’t seen Fatu on TV running with the green green boys and girls following JK’s convoy?” lol! Since I donot watch GRTS I told her NO. From this, I take Fatu as a truely dedicated person once she beleives in something. Now that she fights for the struggle we will accomodate her. The only thing I would advice her is to forget about the infightings she was involve at home with people all the way to involving the NIA into the picture, that is DEFINATELY not good. Bitterness is the biggest enemy of man, it can cause blindness up to the point taking actions that one will REGRET later.
      I take all the negativities as a youthful display of temporary STRENGHT. Power belongs to God and one should LEARN to forgive and forget just as one always ask forgiveness from GOD. Imagine if God does not forgive??? it will be terrible.
      Once again let us turn the page and move ahead and not the impression to Yaya Jammeh that he is winning the struggle. Yaya cannot win simply because, he failed God, he failed the people of the Gambia and the world at large. His days are coming to END just like his brother and mentor Blaise Compaore is GONE.
      God’s TIME never fails. We are at the end of the tunnel. Despire NOT.
      The struggle continues. Bon courage!

  16. There is no problem for Jammeh to come online with a pseudonym. what really matters is when followers of Kairo News forums failed to understand the mischiviousness of his participations.

  17. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Maxs, now you gonna get “researched”!!

    “They know who is writing” is NOT THE SAME as “They know Maxs is writing”.

    Yes, Bax my in-law, “lots of pondering needed” about this “Maxs”!!!!!

  18. Janjanbureh, thank you for brilliant analysis and understanding of destructive efforts of Pa nderry over last few years . As I said before PA Ndery has stopped working for the struggle few years now . I have observed that he printed T shirt and had fans club few years ago in an effort to make money . Why would he embarked on profit making venture if he really care for The Gambian struggle ? After this period he began attacking various groups and individuals trying to make name for himself.
    Pa never participated in any meeting , conferences , never work with any human rights organizations in here USA or anywhere which are interested in the situation of Gambians to improve. Gambians such as Dr Janneh , Fatu camara and others are seriously working with human rights organizations such amnesty international , Jeffery smith of Kennedy human rights centers , as well as showcase the plight of Gambians at the highest level of the USA government and UN. What is Pa Ndery doing in these years , sitting in his room receiving sensational informations from Jammeh to deceive Unsuspecting Gambians. Why is Pa Ndery always interested and report private citizens life/ affairs which usually cause huge sensationalism in public domain ? Which Responsible journalist do that unless he works for TMZ ( American tabloid TV or newspaper ) ? Why is Pa Ndery attacking mam Sarr who even conducted brilliant interview to expose those igonrance MPs in The Gambia ? Why is Pa Ndery not getting along with Yanks Darboe , and others at kibaaro news ?
    Naivety and underestimation of individuals in our society resulted to our current predicament . Jammeh was not taken seriously and never properly looked into who he was / is and the same thing apply to Pa Ndery . It Is igonrance to underestimate his ability not to work with Jammeh or totally against the success of the struggle considering all these negativities he has been engaged to destroy various individuals and groups. A well respected and seasoned diplomat like Dr sedat Jobe was insulted by Pa Ndery on freedomnewspaper / radio and imam baba Leigh was also ridiculed by him . So what is Pa Ndery up to if he truly belief in the Gambian struggle ? Those who want to see things in black and white are clearly living in a world of mediocre and narrow view of seeing things . In this world of intelligentsia , we have to think outside our perceive limited perspective, zone Or view and learn what is impossible . This is how technological advancement , discovery of important medical breakthrough , counter terrorism , economic entrepreneurism and advancement , and fast communications advancement are all achieved today . Gambians needs to wake up and educate ourselves. It is through curiosity mind that we will be able to learn what we don’t know and I think it is Better to be curious than to deny the impossibility. Who thought of Jammeh coming to power in 1994 and later became the most liability and destructive tyrant to Gambian people ? Please Gambians stop worshipping human being and be inquisitive to learn . In Islam , the first verse of Quran teaches the believers to learn in the name of the lord . Scripture passage in Proverbs 1:7 say ” the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge “. So if you are a believer why are you not curious and have open mind to learn everything under the planet including perceived impossibilities ? Come on let us use our brains to think critically .

  19. Dida , I am not an idiot and destructive force that you Are. You and Bax are birds of the same feathers . At least for you , I already know your destructive and geninue aim toward our country , that is the slightest difference between you and him. Of course my identity is immense interest to both of you as well as Jammeh and his collaborators.They know it is maxs writing . Since Bax has offered his sympathy to Jammeh’s officials and their families I came to conclusion that he is one of them . I have twice confronted him to declare his positions on this issue based on his rigid and dogmatic views I came across .

  20. Yankuba Jobe , you have described the definition of intelligence as ” general mental ability for reasoning , problem solving , and learning”
    Great job for that. But now looking at your definition , do you notice the phrase ” mental ability for reasoning”? Reasoning is closely link to thinking which has cause and effect , therefore it can be good or bad . Intelligent People make bad reasons all the time. This is why most criminals are intelligent and they can outsmart people . You have different types of reasoning which are broad topic for this discussion , hence since you have indicated that you studied human psychology if I am right , I would suggest you go back to psychology 101 at the college level to refresh your memory about reasoning . You might think Jammeh is dumb but for your information he is criminal intelligent thinker .

    • Maxs, Maxs! I think you want to be a great teacher, but allow me to rectify you here before jumping over to your definition of intelligence!
      I have never said that, I have studied psychology and I am a psychologist, but what I have said was, I did study [PRICIPLE OF MANAGEMENT WHICH CONSIST HUMAN SPYCHOLOGY]. This is what I have said on my previous comment.
      Regarding to your definition of intelligence: Thank you for referring me to 101 and for college refreshment course. I am not old enough not to go back to school! I am learning a new things every day Maxs, and not necessarily need to go back to the classroom. And there is something missing in your personality, and I don’t know if anyone of your friends ever told you that before, your lack of understanding other people. I did not say, you are wrong or right about Pa Nderry Mbai, but for good sake, provide us an evidence period! And above all, Pa Nderry is one out 1.500000 million Gambians, with or without Pa Nderry this struggle will continue until the justice prevail in our country. We have been struggling to fight for injustice and inequality in our country before Yaya Jammeh took over, and we will not rest until we achieve our objective, which is justice and equality for everyone, not only particular areas or particular people.
      Thank you teacher….

  21. Haidara , why you are so obsessed with Fatu on this issue of Jammeh using PSEUDOYNMS to freedom ? I have mentioned a lot of decent Gambians who are at loggerheads with Pa Ndery , these are people who are in other media groups , activists or journalists . Why is pa Ndery never participated in any meaningful ventures except his radio show which is basically based on sensationalism ? According to your own statement , you started listening to him five year ago , I have been listening to since 2006 and even last night I was listening to his sensational interview with M Njie . Come on , use your brain to connect the dots about sensationalism Pa Ndery always involved in . Do you see any such sensationalism on any newspaper or radio ? On Fatu newspaper , do you see personal lives of private citizens being displayed ? Only people who she profiles are the rogue NIA or jugulars which is good to expose those wicket souls. Please stop defending Pa Ndery . I followed him more than you do unless you are making things up .

    • These questions you should ask Pa Nderry directly. Call his radio, I am sure he will listen to you and will provide his answers, the boy is that OPEN to accomodate dissenting views. I said earlier that will be my last comment on Fatu and Pa. If you want my opinion, I know Fatu’s character and I know for a fact that she has no respect and will always land herself into trouble for want of material, and a fighting spirit that will land her in trouble. If it has not been the fight that landed her into the very NIA net that she collaborated with and the insisting of her family to NEVER return to Gambia under Jammeh’s rule, she would have been back to the regime longtime ago. I know Fatu’s Dad and he is a friend of mine at home. I will stop here otherwise I will spill the beans and it will not advance neither the struggle nor the unity amongst you Gambians in the diaspora.
      My personal fight is right here in the Gambia. I only listen to online radios and I have no Facebbok or any other social account.
      I rest my case.

  22. Yankuba Jobe , thank you for being a genius to know my personality. Your assumption about me is very wrong. Intelligent people who are following PA ndery for a long time now know that he is not working for the struggle. I understand your personal efforts to discredit me because of your brother Baba K Jobe issues which I wrote extensively. Any way, all I can tell you to use your brain to connect the dots if pa ndery is working with Jammeh or not. Why Pa Ndery always go against issues that has no significant threat to jammeh’s presidency?

    • Maxs, You will never be able to silence me, no matter whoever you exposed or will expose within my family members. I am not defending anyone, but just the truth! Please, stop lying to the people and use your chicken brain. You are as intelligent as Yaya Jammeh of Kaninlai, believe it or not. Any God fearing person would not allow to associate himself with you. Because, most of your comments and articles based on false predictions and lying. If I have to give you a point, I will give you one out of hundred [1 out of 100], which is extremely poor rating!
      Take care.

  23. Correction : Yankuba Jobe, why pa ndery always go against issues that has significant threat to jammeh’s presidency ?

  24. Yankuba Jobe , wow your rating is good because atleast you gave me one credit out of 100, that means at least you are following me lol. If I have zero credit then I will say I have no impact on you. I think gradually you will get my points because learning is continuous process . I am willing to teach you things you don’t know as long as you have curious mind to learn about Dictator Jammeh . You and I will meet in jarra karantaba where we will sit down and have some Naada before I give you all my evidence lol.

    • Maxs, you must be from Jarra, you have mentioned my favourite lunch! [NAADA]. First time you made me feel home sickj! You have scored two point Maxs!

  25. Haidara , your efforts on this discussion is to make it personal issue between fatu and PA ndery . You have been defending PA but at the same criticizing Fatu camara . My conclusion on this research was about the connection that I have found between Pa Ndery and Jammeh . Freedomnewspaper last publication yesterday includes a story about fatu camara in which she was accused of being involved in visa denial of her co wife below .


    From the reliable sources , Pa Ndery was able to get this letter when NIA arrested fatu camara and during her detention, they accessed her previous email account which informations was passed onto Pa ndery . If Pa Ndery is not working with jammeh, how would he get someone personal email informations ? Do you think fatu camara is stupid enough to pass her personal emails to Pa Ndery ? Please use your brain to connect the dots by asking a simple question ” how is Pa Ndery able to get this letter ?
    This is further evidence to prove that Jammeh is using pseudoymns to freedomnewspaper .

    • Maxs, are you really well???? tell us how does CNN, ABC, NSBC, BBC, RFI, et al get their news if they don’t get insiders to provide those informations????
      A journalist gets information, by using money, sentiments, persuations, women, paparazzies to get infirmations to relay on their mediums? By doing so they attract audience, advertissments and means of continued EXIXTENCE. i am saying all these to remind you to DETACH your bitterness on Pa Nderry from his journalistic job. Would you blame the above medias and those I have not mentioned for shedding light on things that the public did not know?? NO.
      So Pa having informants all over the world is his CONSTITUTIONAL and the 4th estate rights which is the PRESS.
      Without the press what would the world look like??? han! Maxs, I am sure our “goro” Luntango will be laughing his head off…really!
      Look I no have no beef with Pa or Fatu, they are both doing fines jobs and both are young, energetic and sometimes get carried away just like yourself lol!
      Move on brother Maxs, we have better and more pressing JOB to do.
      Removing a dictator is not a child play.

  26. Yankuba Jobe , actually I love Naada , it is something I missed very much . Hopefully we will enjoy that together . So you see I have two points now . Lol

  27. Haidara, journalists has responsibility . you talking about someone private email information being published on freedomnewspaper. So are you suggesting that journalists can hack people email account without any consequences? No journalistic ethics or rule give you that rights to invade or hack someone private email . Don’t you hear about the consequences of British phone hacking scandal. The news of the world was closed , it’s former editor Andy coulson was jailed for one year six months for conspiracy to hack phones and several staff were sentenced for conspiracy to hack phones . Publication of someone private email message is violation of their privacy and is criminal act . This email was forwarded email to Pa ndery . He is working with Jammeh . You don’t the answer the question ” how did he get someone email message ?” Who forwarded to him ?

    • Pa did not hawk the email. How he got it is not important because several people at the NIA and the IT specialist that broke open the hard drive or better still whether the proprietor gave it willfully or under duress is ALL not important to Pa the journalist.
      Pa’s only interest is to access ANY INFORMATION and publish it under the “Source Protection” act covering the journalist field.
      Maxs frankly speaking, you are ridiculing yourself more and more and it is better to stop and reflect before you expose yourself.
      I like you brother but I cannot help someone who insist on bending the laws and facts.

  28. Correction [D-H]! We normally spell your [infirmation] like this way, information! Your reactions based on Mr. Max’s comments has clear indication of your desperate and dissatisfaction of your former ally’s attitude toward Pa Nderry Mbai, you see what I meant before about you own unjust and dishonest attitude?
    How would you describe Max, if he is well or not? The same Maxs, you had described just less than a month ago as one of the most talented young man, and even promised me that you and Max will visit me at Karantaba on my firm. Please, explain to me now, what went wrong between you two former ally? Personally, I believe you are the human chameleon who changes colour in any environment, just for simple recognition or recommendation. If you want to be respected, be truthful, be honest and be humbled. Maxs has all right to express his opinion, if he suspected anyone of wrongdoing in this ongoing struggle, if he can provide any evidence against that particular person, therefore is no need for you to attack him or questioning him if he is well? Because he thinks, Pa Nderry Mbai is one of Yaya Jammeh’s agent in the struggle which I personally don’t believe that yet! It’s all about freedom of expression, as long as he is not insulting anyone parents! Wakeup D-H from your dream, the world is far ahead of you old imaginations. He who laughs last, laughed louder!

    • Waw Yankuba Jobe..lol. You really make me laugh, if there is someone dreaming it is you seating in your confort zone somewhere far away from Jammeh. I am taking the biggest risk being under the nose of the NIA and debating with you. If you donot accept TRUTH, you are not friend. I am still an ally of Maxs but not BLINDLY or unjustly. Pa Nderry is not around to defend himself and you yourself accepts that Pa Nderry is not not an agent yet and I agree with you. This is the ONLY point of contention between me and my ally Maxs. Now the laughs, the dreams, the imaginations all belong to you.
      I am not in competition with anyone in this forum, I am simply here to express my opinion.
      Have you prayed for Baba Jobe this friday?, he really needs it. Don’t laugh.

      • [D-H]; good -U- turn! I pray for Baba almost every single day and all those before him for forgiveness, mercy and the blessing of Allah upon them all, and I exclude no Muslim whoever passed away before Baba Jobe. But allow me to make my point simple and clear to you [D-H], I am not on this forum to favour anyone, neither expecting any favours from anyone. All I’m trying to do is to convince the Gambian commentators on online media to refrain and be flexible whatever they writing or saying on-air, and that include you [D-H]! I will never defend Pa Nderry Mbai, if he has been accused of wrongdoing, but I need to see the evidence to believe it, simple as that! And I try not to judge people, based on speculation or [Radio-Kankang], but facts. Basically, you might thought that Yankuba Jobe is attacking because of my previous attacks on him directly or indirectly. You are absolutely wrong! If you want, you can up more revelations about Baba Jobe and see if that will silence me or not. My struggle did not start with Yaya Jammeh, and it might not be the end of it, if the same rubbish still exist after Yaya Jammeh.
        I know the danger zone you are living right now, but I am not also living comfortably in Europe while, the majority of my families are living in the Gambia, that’s one of your misjudgement about my state of happiness or sadness. Please, think before making such conclusion about someone you don’t know.
        Regarding my comment on [Dreaming, laugh and imagination], which made you laugh! Good that you laughed! It all has to do with your previous comments, you did force jump in the ring accusing me of threatening Maxs and calling him names. Precisely that’s what you are doing, questioning him, if he is well, and all other comments you have made against Admiral. Who are you to call people all kinds of names, but no one is allow to call you any name? You are on a wrong place on wrong time! Furthermore, I have nothing absolutely against you as a person, and at the moment we both have one common goal! Yaya Jammeh of Kaninlai must Go! The future will predict by itself, if my struggle is over or not.
        Thank you for your understanding.

        Waa-Alaikum – Salaam- Waa- Rahmatullahir- Waa-Barakatuhu.

  29. Yankuba Jobe , I think Haidara has an nterest in defending Pa ndery while he try to expose fatu camara. His effort to discredit this article and term it as my personal involvement in the fight between fatu and Pa Ndery is not only false but it is malicious , dishonest and hypocrisy. He has been on the record consistently defending Pa Ndery and he even called him hardcore journalist which is false considering the style of Pa Ndery who is at loggerheads with almost all decent Gambians whether they are his fellow journalists, activists , leaders in various groups or even private citizens. Your limited understanding of political struggle and inconsistency is a clear testimony of your myopic view of our diaspora struggle to remove military dictatorship. Why do think PA Ndery cannot work with jammeh when you have torture victims like waa Juwara joined forces with Jammeh through influence, political corruption and enticement? I don’t believe that you even know Jammeh as you claimed . Your assumption that ” every Gambian knows very well who jk is after 21 years of exposure well before fatu join the struggle” is not only outright false but also dishonest . Why do we continue to educate Gambians about corruption, human rights violations, atrocities and even what jammeh do in his private life in relation to his sexual predatory life. Double standard , hypocrisy , nepotism and malicious intent will never move our country forward . I believe you have special interest in defending Pa Ndery and I think you should make it clear to us why you doing that. You should be bold enough to answer all my questions if you honestly believe in defending your ” hardcore journalist”. With that I ask again ” how did Pa Ndery get private email forwarded to him “? Why is he in conflict with every decent Gambian who is this struggle except unknown pseudoymns like you , honestgambia and others weird characters ?

    • Maxs you are also here defending Fatu and beefing with Pa Nderry. It is your rights. Now if you are not happy about Pa Nderry, like I said before, call his radio and confront him. You know Pa Nderry will NEVER run away from a debate.
      Now If you are sure that Pa Nderry works for Jammeh then bring it out but do not pester and temper us with your scrap and want to impose on us to beleive it.
      You behave like Yaya Jammeh himself, a little dictator who no power but the keyboard which cannot effect any change to remove Military Dictatorship lest you break your heart. If you are brave like us come home and join us in our clandestine movement to fight Jammeh despite his arsenals, junglers, green green and the kangoroo court under our nose.
      We are almost on weekend, chill, drink and party…There is LOVE in life. Isn’t it?

  30. Deyda, I have read and agreed with most of the article you wrote over the years but I do simply disagreed with you about some of the excuses you are trying to give about Pa Nderry actions. Pa is still learning the art of Journalism. Pa has an impulsive behavior which means that he changes his behavior depending on what is going on. Pa is fair and balance when it comes to doing his work. Deyda, I know Pa Nderry more that most of you and I have met him few times. I will be straight forward with you, Pa Nderry is incompetent as a Journalist and he will not listen to any advise from anybody. He is a political opportunist who is only interested in what he can make out of the struggle. He is a bootlegged Journalist and please stop finding excuses for him. Thanks.

  31. Janjanbureh , this guy Haidara did not know anything about Pa Ndery , the excuses he gave are very hypocritical and defensive . I have no personal issues with Pa ndery or anyone in this struggle . Haidara’s assumption that Pa ndery is not here to defend himself is false . How do you know that he is not reading this comments. Haidara ,honesty and truthfulness is what will help to achieve our goals . So how a so called journalist got his information does not Mattter ? That is false and incorrect. It does matter that is why we have journalistic ethics and rules. Have you ever seen any responsible journalist published someone email without her consent? There is what we called privacy and protection of personal information laws . Those NIAs who hacked fatu camara’s email and forwarded her emails to Pa simply committed criminal act and Pa ndery also is liable in publishing private information online . Use your brain to connect the dots that every profession is governed by laws . So in your mind , it is ok to get any information in any how? How would you feel if kaironews decided to publish your identity? You see , you should be thinking twice before you write . If you are sitting in Dakar , please eat your Benachi and go to sleep because you don’t know what Pa ndery is up to . Those in USA knows what he is up to and what he did . Your limited exposure won’t allow you to understand what pa ndery is up to . As I said before , I have been following mr Mbai for ten years now and I religiously followed him then but he has changed over few years now .

    • One can now imagine why you put Mr Pa Ndeery Mbai under your [REDAR], after exposing Ms Fatou Camara’s private e-mail, which is illegal and should be considered as an act of criminals, and if Fatou Camara did the same illegal act, she should be put under your REDAR too, not one journalist should take the blame of something, which both of them have acted irresponsibly, regarding the similar issue. I hope, both will learn their lesson from this. You just shouldn’t evaded someone’s privacy without his/her concept. For that matter, you have won [D-H]! He should try not be a Bias in this struggle. Predictably, his identity is not a big secret as he thought it is, no one is interested to know or expose his identity to the publics until if he starts to campaign for division among the Gambians, which I don’t think, he will do for the sake of his own security. We are comfortable to call him -[D-H]! So please, let be called Daida!