The Godfathers: Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Et Al

By Suntou Bolonba

Baba K Jobe is not the only political Godfather of the Gambia. Blame Gambian writers and intellectuals for their failure to say nothing about the Jammeh dictatorship.

Apart from Dr Baba Galleh, Dr Sedat Jobe, Dr Abdoulie Saine, Late Dr Boro Suso, Dr lamin J Darboe, Dr Malanding Jaiteh, Dr Amadou Janneh, Sidi Sanneh and few others, the rest of our Gambian scholars and academics mute on the system we are fighting to disable; some are even working behind the scene to strengthen the dictator.

Sall and LeighWhy the deafening silences from the following Gambian scholars: Dr Ebrima Sall, Dr Cherno Barry, Dr Tijan Sallah, Dr Lamin Leigh, Dr Momodou Sallah, Dr Abou Jeng and the many with PhD doctors. Not that they have to say anything; however, I think some of them are authors and social thinkers who are thinking Africa-wide whilst avoiding anything remotely Gambian. We also have to acknowledge that some scholars are helping underground against the dictatorship as well. If the scholars – bearers of the light – fear the consequences of saying something openly, how will the laymen and women feel?

Taking on from where the writer Max [pen name] left off. It is vital that, Gambians commence documenting all the individuals who dressed up, cemented and made the then Chairman of the AFPRC military Junta [now President Jammeh of APRC] acceptable to Gambians.

Baba K Jobe [RIP] was singled out for special treatment. In fact, his latest article was so popular that it earned the title of the most commented on Kairo News. However, the reality is that the group or interest group that ‘gave a human face to the dictatorship’ is way beyond the machination of one man or woman.


Dr Isatou Njie-Saidy’s profile includes the manner she betrays her late husband’s legacy and giving the most dangerous element to the Jammeh dictatorship, ‘the motherly, feminine sympathetic touch’ that deceives majority of Gambians. She is the Godmother of the Jammeh’s rotten system.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta – What about the Nuimi breed who is calculating and providing consistent fatherly shoulder to President Jammeh. He is also a God-father to the APRC and real traitor to the common Gambian decency.

Yankuba Badjie – He is both manipulative and self-serving person who deceives Gambians regularly due to his humble background and close relationships with many Gambians before joining the ruthless system.

Lang Tombong Tamba – Former army chief is another manipulative double-faced Godfather.

Amadou Samba – The lawyer-turned-business magnate is the God-father engine tasked with connecting the business angle of the Jammeh dictatorship.

Barristers Pap Cheyasin Secka and Fafa Mbai both served as the legal God-fathers of Jammeh’s rotten system.

Neneh Mccdonald-Gaye, a long serving dangerous associate, effectively did Jammeh’s bidding in the media. Who forgets about the role she had played in spying over opposition journalist at GRTS?

Current Paramount Chief Sanyang of Lamin is giving a traditional face.

Former Associate ‘Imam Abdoulie Fatty’ hid behind religious to justify dictatorship. He was the religious touch of the system.

Banjul Imam Ratib of Banjul, Alh. Cherno Kah is is also another ‘religious face’ of the Jammeh regime.

Christian Clergies – except the late Bishop Telewa Johnson – willingly became ‘religious faces’ of the Gambian dictatorship.

These are just the few who occupy the many layers of the Godfather position. President Jammeh – the man who ascended to power without an inkling of how a state is being run – has been able to have grip on power thanks to the underground guidance and support of our Gambian academics and intellectuals. They have become the light used by Mr. Jammeh to crave the darkness. Did Jammeh turn against them, which is usual trademark, is anyone’s guess ? Even if he does, they certainly nurture their wounds in secret or else write their own obituary.

One needs to understand that merely being a civil servant occupying a top position in present and past does not make one a Godfather to Yahya Jammeh or an enabler.

Let us now reveal the Godfathers – the men and women who will be baptised in the post- Jammeh – to re-educate them in understanding the essence of sovereignty and pure love for one’s nation. I hope Papa Kumba Loum, Janko Camara, Deyda Haidara, Bajaw and others can systematically provide the handiwork of these individuals.

Let us not accuse innocent people. It is erroneous to associate the quiet Gambian IMF academic Lamin Saidy Leigh with the Jammeh system. He is a quiet man who wishes to conduct his affairs away from politics.

We can blame the many Gambian academics who say nothing on the dictatorship. They are many; we can blame the Dr Leigh’s on that score, the Dr Ebrima Sall, Dr Cherno Barry, Dr Tijan Sallah, the many Gambian authors who quietly avoid any critical analysis of the Gambian problem vis-a-vis the Jammeh dictatorship. The culture of silence cements the aura and demi-god mentality of a tyrant.

If you disagree with anything, send your rebuttals to



  1. To help you under the role of Godfathers in African politics, follow the link below, imagine if we play our cards rights, we can intellectually and committedly undo the self-centered approach of the Fabakary Tombongs and co.

  2. Suntou an intelligent provocative article, here is another link of Nigeria’s God Father.

  3. Suntou, i think there are many Gambian intellectuals who we assume are working secretly to help strenghthen military dictatorship in our country since day one . These individuals are not known to the public and therefore we do not have evidence to implicate them in supporting the dictator . This is why we are not able to expose them like Baba Jobe .Those who are openly supporting the dictator Should be criticize and call out for their lack of patriotism . Gambian academics who refused to say nothing about dictatorship are not only doing deservice to the country but they are self-center. Most of these individuals have benefited from Gambian taxpayers during the course of their education . They have betrayed Gambian people just like dictator jammeh betrayed Gambians .

    Suntou said ” let us not accuse innocent people . It is erroneous to associate the quite Gambian IMF academic , Lamin saidy Leigh with the Jammeh system . He is a quiet man who wishes to conduct his affairs away from politics “.

    I find the above statements very interesting and has exempted Lamin saidy Leigh from those we should blame for not speaking up against the dictatorship .Why Lamin saidy Leigh is different from the rest such as Dr Ebrima Sall, Dr Tijan sallah and others who you claimed that they should be blamed for saying nothing on the dictatorship . I think they could also used the same reason you have ascribed to Lamin saidy Leigh , that is “they wish to conduct their affairs away from politics ” which I don’t think is justifiable when it comes to national issues . I think the blame should be placed on all those Gambians intellectuals or academics who refused to speak up against dictatorship and those who we think are secretly helping to strengthen dictatorship without exception for any individual .
    Isatou Njie saidy is deadly . Her hypocrisy and deception is beyond imagination.
    Neneh Macdonald Gaye prostituted her way to her current position . Her political prostitution started in 1999 when she was working with Gambia radio and she became closed to the dictator during that time . Because of her sexual appeal , dictator felt for her. During meet the farmers tour of 1999 , she became sexually involved with the dictator and has since being a call girl until she fell out with Jammeh during her last assignment as Gambian ambassador to USA . Prior to December 2014 statehouse attack , she again went back to her usual habit and she is now a favorite cougar or MILf to Jammeh.

  4. Suntou said ” let us not accuse innocent people . It is erroneous to associate the quite Gambian IMF academic , Lamin saidy Leigh with the Jammeh system . He is a quiet man who wishes to conduct his affairs away from politics “. Max
    Max, actually I did point out the area we can blame Lamin Saidy Leigh et al. I included him in the bracket where the able and potential leaders like Dr Sall, and others fit in. Since we are in the media, we regularly come across certain allegations against guys like Lamin Leigh. The rumour is that he assist the Gambia government in procuring IMF loans and that means he support Jammeh in some quarters. This is the kind of allegations I was referring to.
    I know lots of Gambian brothers in International system who do help the Gambia gets some favourable support, however, they are looking at the Gambia not Jammeh, although I would rather they don’t help in the government get such supports. Thanks

  5. Thank you for your clarification . I understand the situation of people like Lamin Leigh . On one hand , they have institutional responsiblity and the other hand , their personal political belief . This is difficult situation to be in because if he discourages imf from helping the country , that might be detrimental to the country and on the other hand if imf bail out or give Loan to the government, it might be seen as supporting dictator jammeh.

  6. Ousman Lous

    Dr Sall is a good comrade to Halifa Sallah. That does not absolve him anyway. All the above mention intellectuals are complicit in their silence. And there are many more out there. True Baba Jobe is not alone.

  7. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Suntou said:
    “The rest of Gambian scholars and academics are mute on the system we are fighting, some are even working in secret to strengthen the dictator …”

    Luntango says:
    Witch-hunting surely!!! Ife fanang Suntou??? Luntango ya efang Sai!!! (as Caesar would have said to Brutus if they spoke Mandingo)

    Really Suntou, you just have to look at the level of debate – and the abuse!! – to see why Gambia’s REAL intellectuals avoid getting involved in online debates and discussions. My children and I met the wonderful Professor Saine (a truly sane Gambian) some 5 years ago and look what has happened to him since then once he got involved in Gambian Diaspora politics. Any Gambian intellectual seeing the treatment that Prof Saine and CORDEG received over the last few years would avoid Gambian Diaspora politics like the PLAGUE. Yes, I did say PLAGUE!

    • Dida, I missed the glaring reality here. Luntango was a key propagandist for the ‘revolution’ turn bloody and messy. Who will forget the strategist subtle propaganda role you played! Kana Ifan Sai, sonn Tonyala.
      The main essence for one to choose to be a scholar is to face harsh reality and outright intense criticism. Our own folks tend to see their academic credentials as poverty alleviation and fancy fancy job opportunities. It is sad, but if those who worked hard to reach a level of intellectual achievement are only comfortable with grand offices and refuses to stand up for the common man, i have zero respect for such scholars, since their work is unbeneficial to the people that matters, the common man/woman. The likes of Nkrumah, Sekou Toure, Cabral, Lumumba, Mandela, Ghandi, Sedia Jatta, Ousainou Darboe, Halifa Sallah, and the Dr’s i mention above and many other scholars, whether one likes them or not was to be critical and uncomfortable. Thanks

      • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

        Suntou Balong-ba, you sound like a Socialist!

        You say: ” … if those who worked hard to reach a level of intellectual achievement are only comfortable with grand offices and refuses to STAND UP for the common man, i have zero respect for such scholars, since their work is unbeneficial to the people that matters, the common man/woman …”

        1. “Stand up for” is a loaded term Suntou – and sometimes very misleading!! Blair and Bush said they “stood up for democracy”, but infact the bank balance of their private accounts shows that both in Libya and Iraq they “stood up” for their PERSONAL POCKETS. It has just been published by the BBC today that UK Labour MP Mann – the man most against Jeremy Corbyn – claimed “expenses of £177,000 (in addition to his MP’s salary). Most are in it for themselves Suntou.

        2. Secondly, one does not need to “stand up for the common man” to benefit the common man. We are all proud of the thousands of teachers who taught as at school and made us the people we are today. They did not have to “stand up” for us – they just needed to be professional and do their job (I did not get paid for the after-school-study-session today when Yr 12 filled up my room for an hour). The doctors at MRC working day in day out to cure people and make them well are not “standing up” for anyone – they are just doing their job to the best of their ability. Last week KairoNews highlighted Lawyer Lamin S Camara’s representation for the Brikama Radio journalist. Lamin S Camara has saved so many people and is rightly respected for his work – but he is not “standing up” for anyone: he is just being a damn good professional lawyer.

        I think “intellectuals” who chose to pursue their career and leave politics to others have every right to do so; just as intellectuals such as the late Dr Taal who chose to follow a political path have every right to do so.

  8. Dida , how about the opposition leaders in The Gambia who are facing death threat and constant harassment ? Are Gambian intellectuals better than those opposition leaders who have sacrificed everything in their lives to fight for better Gambia? Stop your ill-conceived and negative statements .

  9. Suntou the exposure of the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Devilish Syndicate, EVIL yaya Killer DEVIL itself, & ANY aid-abets is gradual on-going process; until the fully restoration of democracy & rule of law in Gambia…

    As some have been exposed already, others will continue to be exposed in due course; we have Murderous kanilai Tyrannical aid-abet enablers in all strata of our community across the board, not only in a particular sector…

    Their evil, connivance, indulgences, collusion & participations vary in ways & forms, in that, some are MORE evil in their acts & participations….

    We have EVIL Murderous kanilai Tyranny enablers amongst even the Opposition; Amat Bah, with all his hullabaloo, is “hands in glove” in symbiosis with the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical yaya DEVIL, for mutual benefits; Amat isn’t contesting all the stage managed sham-elections for the sake of “democratic electioneering” only, as claimed; thereby legitimising the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Oppression on decent Gambians…

    This is why we will still be faced with numerous challenges in the struggle, to reclaim salvage Gambia; but that’s no excuse to falter in our resolve to dig & oust the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Oppression which is threatening the social fabrics of our decent Gambian people…

    Those influential compatriots in the International Community & Organizations should influence, to impact positively on the community instead, with good governance preconditions attached to the loans & grants awarded to the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Syndicate…

    We shall discuss & document ALL EVIL aid-abet enablers who entrenched Murderous kanilai Manipulative Tyrannical Oppression in Gambia, for accounting in post dictatorship…

  10. deyda haidara

    Hello Suntou, when I read your article, I sat down wondering what to say. Not that I don’t have anything to say but where to start. Firstly all the names you mention of Gambians living in the diaspora are unknown to me. I left the “toubabo” land over 30 years ago. Lol! When you ask us to contribute our opinion on the subject matter, I said waw! I know only the people living in the Gambia in the list. However my take is that the silence of the many Gambian intellectuals, professionals, academicians and scientists living in the diaspora is a real cause for concern. Their silence is not justified one bit. In fact to put it mildly it is pure hypocrisy and cowardice. Our living condition is not about politics; it has nothing political, it is about survival and the restoration of democracy and rule of law in our beloved country. These learned people should always remember that the Gambia had the most advance democracy, human rights and rule of law in the whole of Africa from independence up to 1994. So loosing it since 1994 whiles erstwhile dictatorships are moving towards democracy should be a shame to a people who use to be first in the democracy class. If these doctors are too young and never tasted the true meaning of freedom at home during the first republic then I will not blame them for their cowardice. If they are old enough to have enjoyed freedom in the first republic and remain still silent then I call them traitors, unpatriotic and selfish.
    One need not be an active politician to contribute in fighting dictatorship with the objective to restore, justice, democracy and rule of law in our homeland.
    These will be the very intellectuals who will come back home in post Jammeh era to showcase their academic credentials and wanting to occupy the top positions in the Gambia. We will certainly welcome them in the land of freedom but will surely ask them what were their contributions in fighting dictatorship? Surely we will need their expertise and as Gambians will enjoy their full rights but will not impose anything whatsoever on powers that will be in post Jammeh era. The ball is in their court. Monkey work baboon eat will be a non-starter for them in post Jammeh.
    Fighting dictatorship is not easy; it is risky, tough, and painful and requires a lot of sacrifice. So all hands should be on deck wherever we live. A dictator will not fold his hands and watch freedom fighters push him out of power without giving a though fight back. So whoever does not contribute to this noble fight and cause cannot claim a future position that freedom fighters have laid their lives, comfort, and material gains to engage in the removal dictatorship in order for ALL Gambians to live in peace, democracy and freedom in our homeland.
    My next posting will be axed on those on the ground enabling Yaya Jammeh to enslave and exploit Gambians.

  11. I am very worried about the original write up.

    It may have been written with good intention; but it is no more than a which-hunt. I don’t think it is wise to drag people into the arena against their will. Doing that is against the principle of democracy and freedom of choice.

    Many international civil servants are constrained by the nature of their work not to make public display of their opinions.

    Above all, the editors should be aware of their legal responsibility and the credibility of the paper.

    • Kemo-Ba, don’t be worried. If you watch the Senegalese television regularly, you will see what I am talking about.
      During Sekou Toure’s reign, with all his one-partyism and tyranny, Senegalese scholars use to keenly listen to him and analyse him well, Camaralaye’s book even depicts him ‘big beast’.
      And now, Senegalese intellectuals and academics counter punch each other on prime time TV. Where is the debate leading by Gambian intellectuals? Nowhere.
      Now this is not to say, the comments and contributions by the many commentators here is not educative, but it is happening mainly outside the Gambia.
      If any among the Dr’s i mention sue me, I will happily meet in them in the British high court. Dida Halaki will be on my side. Let our brothers and sisters leave their comfort zone and partake in the struggle to see a democratic and pluralistic Gambia.
      For one to merely use your resume for high offices is an achievement, however, to many, it is betraying the conscience of our people. The article is not intended to assault the academics, but to arouse their awareness that, we are watching them at the time of needs. In Post-jammeh era, it is hoped that all of us will witness that, and then again, we will unashamedly look each other in the eye and pretend that nothing is/was wrong. When then shall we uplift ourselves if those who know better abandon their country’s debate when it matters?

      • Phew!!

        I fundamentally disagree if you are saying once Kaironews and its contributors see you as an intellectual, then you must take part in the public discourse about the Gambia – no choice in the matter.

        By implication it will also mean that if you don’t partake, then you must be against what Kairownews and its contributors see as right and obligatory!

        Do we have to be this self-righteous about our views and perceptions?

        Do we have to resort to witch-hunting of intellectuals? Do we have to make a “slur” on their characters because they choose to be apolitical or neutral for whatever reasons – personal and/or professional? Is this the case regardless of whether or not they are occupying public space in the Gambia at the moment?

        If this is what is expected of Gambian intellectuals, then I am quite happy and consider myself lucky that I am not an “intellectual!”

        • Kemo-Ba
          You are getting yourself confuse. This is a straight forward subject. To help you, read the rethinking of academia and academics:
          Rethinking What It Means To Be a Scholar.
          Rice, R. Eugene
          Academia is one of the professions in which socially constructed fictions have tremendous power. Years of graduate study and the power of academic mentors creates an environment which deeply socializes future academics. The image of the academic professional which is currently promulgated emerged during the expansionist (post-World War II) period of higher education. In this conception, the scholar is seen primarily as a researcher pursuing knowledge for its own sake. The teaching role has been given much less emphasis. During this same expansionist period, higher education began to serve a much broader and more diverse clientele with more varied academic needs. For these two transformations to now become compatible, a broader conception of scholarship is urgently needed. Such a conception would have at least four elements. While new knowledge acquired through reasoning and analytical theory-building is valuable, knowledge gained through experience must also be seen as legitimate. Second, specialized knowledge must be reintegrated. That is, scholars must look for new relationships between the parts and the whole. This synthesis can be achieved through an emphasis on interdisciplinarity. Third, scholarship must begin to address the pragmatic needs of the larger world. The pursuit of knowledge to solve societal problems must be valued as scholarship of the first order. Finally, the scholarship of teaching, in which research is conducted on effective and appropriate teaching methods, must be emphasized for all scholars. Teaching that is not grounded in the most recent research is not appropriate for a college or university setting. A 21-item bibliography is included. (PAA)

  12. There’re two or double sides to a human being or person; which relate to the individualistic, & the communal or societal…

    No human being is an island; one leans on society for our own good; likewise, one MUST aspire, to impact & contribute to betterment of same community, & world at large, for prosperous advancement of humanity in general, including ourselves & families…

    Whether one is self-centered introverted like our Murderous Tyrannical kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL, & EVIL aid-abet cohorts, or selfless comrades & innocent peasant Gambians, the efforts for ensuring uprooting the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical , for restoration rule of law & justice in Gambia, is incumbent upon all & sundry as birthright…

    Havoc in Gambia will affect ALL Gambians, collectively & individually; it’s unfair to expect one to assume, the responsibility of uprooting the current Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Oppression of Gambians only tasks for others…

  13. Isatou Njie saidy a Dr/PhD? I always wondered why our media especially the independent ones keep referring to her with that esteemed title.

    The last time I checked her CV on the statehouse site it said her highest level of education attained was a masters degree.
    There rampant intellectual dishonesty in our society and our media just runs with it. Cases in point “dr” yahya Jammeh, “dr” njogu bah ( paid $500 for his doctorate)

  14. Luntango Suun Gann Gi


    You mentioned Lawyer Pap Cheyasin Secka and my friend Lawyer Fafa Mbai. But nothing in Gambia is what it appears on the surface (as all Luntangos learn quickly!):-

    Both Pap Cheyasin Secka and Fafa Mbai were victims of the previous regime and that explains their role in the Jammeh regime.

    Ditto Jammeh’s “business elite”: they were locked out under the previous regime and only found the doors open for them under the new regime.

  15. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Pap cheyassin Secka been a victim of the previous regime?? Come on Dida, be a serious man. Pap Cheyassin once appeared on TV when he was Attorney General, confessing to his own participation in the 1981 coup. He was definitely the author of his predicament.

    By the way, why did he turn against his own best friend, lawyer Ousainu Darboe, up to the extent of assuring Jammeh that he would lock-up Darboe for Jammeh’s political convenience. He even did the most extraordinary thing in the trumped-up murder trial involving Darboe when he was Attorney General. He appeared in person to lead the case against Darboe. When was the last time you heard an Attorney General of any country doing that??? You are talking about his best here Dida..

    When everybody ran away from him from1981-1992 including his Banjul relatives, it was Darboe who was standing by him, representing him in court for free and taking care of his family including his ageing mother. Instead of been grateful to Darboe, Secka turned against Darboe just to please Jammeh. Dida, don’t make me talk.


  16. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Fafa Mbaye’s name was said to be associated with some financial impropriety at one of the state Institutions when he was Attorney General. According to BB Darboe on Freedom radio, Sir Dawda decided to instruct some lawyers to investigate with the possibility of bringing some criminal charges against Mbaye.

    The investigating team concluded that there was no enough evidence to be able to secure a criminal conviction against Mbaye given that the burden of proof in criminal trials are always high. Jawara then uses his own judgement to relieve Mbaye from the position of Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

    Mbaye then went on to craft a lucrative legal career for himself. It was the Jammeh regime who turned him into a homeless man overnight by seizing his properties including his home along the Kairaba Avenue. So Mbaye is actually a victim of the second regime, not the first.


  17. Dida, just your same lies-mongering stuff, as usual…

    You mentioned Sarja Taal “staying out of politics” but wasn’t Taal not in ndongo-Banjul connivance, aid-abet with our Murderous Manipulative kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL, to disappeared Chief Manneh; what’s MORE, & DIRTIER oppressive politics, than that…???

    Both Fafa Mbye & Cheyassin Secka being “victims” of PPP regime doesn’t justify for their connivances in aid-abet entrenching Murderous Tyrannical Dictatorship to destroy Gambia for us ALL; they themselves, & ALL decent Gambians, & friends, are expected to aspire to make, Gambia, our only home, & world in general, a better place…

    As educated elites, they’re supposed, & expected to do BETTER, if they were to be worthy to themselves, their families, communities & world at large…??

    Suntou’s write up, is supposed to generate debates for compatriot engagements, in searches for solutions for our Murderous Manipulative kanilai Tyrannical Oppression; finding remedies to ensure, restoration of rule of law, justice & tranquillity back in Gambia…

    In that, it’s now possible in this our generation, age & time, to bring the table to all stakeholders, rather than dragging everyone around the table…

    Both Secka & Mbye expected the Gambia, & PPP in particular, to treat them well; which explains why they, from their experiences, & EVERYONE, Gambian & true friends, to contribute our own quotas, individually, & collectively, to ensuring Gambia in particular, & world at large is a better place, from the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Oppression…

    You bring on your dubious despicable arguments, as usual, citing some Western criminality, in attempts to justifying the Murderous Manipulative Tyrannical Oppression in Gambia…???

    Just why do you believe Gambians deserve what we are going through currently under the Murderous Tyrannical yaya Killer DEVIL jammeh; why can’t you please leave us alone, to find solutions to our predicament without distractions; & why can’t you reciprocate the hospitality Gambia community accorded to you, instead of aid-abet enabling the oppressive Manipulative Murdering of Gambians…

    • Bajaw , Some people born great while others achieve greatness through hard work and dedication, but if I can make a guess , you are born great.

      Just keep going like crazy and do not look back until is over. Every time you put your pen down, The Kanilai devil, a single premeditated murderer suffered from Hypertension , which ultimately will kills him without single shot been fired. Keep it coming, Keep it coming brother.

  18. To free the Gambia, we must first free ourselves. We must slay the beast within and discover our true nature. When we get to that undeniable place where all concepts end, including that of freedom, then Jammeh would become as irrelevant as his own fart. The fact is Gambians don’t want freedom, what we really desire is to carry on as normal without the troubles inflicted by Jammeh and his protagonists. We must first individually discover who we are really (and by this I am not referring to the trivial characteristics of nationality, tribe, etc), but who we really are before we were so heavily conditioned by those trivial characteristics. When we go beyond the limitations of a so called birth and its consequent attributes, then we will discover what freedom really is. Because we believe we are bodies controlled by minds, we will forever remain in bondage, with or without Jammeh. To be free, we must give up all concepts whether political, religious, or otherwise. In that undeniable, unfathomable place, even the idea of a ‘you’ who is separate with agency, will no longer hold true. We will come to discover that even death is myth!!! And that Yaya Jammeh is as irrelevant as the moon appearing in daylight – uninteresting!

  19. I could not disagree more with Luntango!

    He is peddling myth based on perception…

    Can Luntango tell us how Pap and Fafa were victims of or victimised by the previous regime? They were well placed to seek redress if they were unlawfully treated.

    There is no record of this having been done by both men.

    After all both of them are highly educated in law.

    Whatever doors “business elite” might have found open in the Professor’s administration, it has not led them to anything tangibly good for the nation!

  20. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bajaw, Calm Down! As the great man once said “An attitude of rapture has never saved anyone”! – the reason is that when you are busy shouting and screaming you miss obvious points:- LIKE actually I said “Dr Taal chose to join POLITICS”!!!! You fashion a response to me on the basis that I said the opposite of what I actually said!! Calm down and read properly.

    Lafia Manju Touray: Fafa Mbai was “investigated” by the Jawara regime for exactly the same reason that Nigeria’s Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman is in court TODAY!! This has all been documented by a British Historian at Birmingham University in a book on The Gambia. Fafa borrowed my own copy of the book many years ago – but I am sure Gambian academics will prove my point.

  21. Dida, your rectification is noted; a fallible oversight; both you & Sarja Taal choose to enable the Murderous kanilai Oppression against Gambians & humanity at large; essentially both of you mortgaged your souls to the Murderous Tyrannical kanilai Killer DEVIL to aid-abet the oppressive persecutions, & murder of Gambians for whatever reasons…

    No wonder you can choose to defend the indefensible in attempts but can’t convince anyone genuine Gambians on twisted lies propaganda…

    Why can’t you answer my questions in the last paragraph?

  22. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Dida, you are wrong. The two have no similarities. Fafa’s issue have something to do with the Central Bank. According to BB Darboe, there was a very strong suggestion that Fafa mbaye was culpable albeit not strong enough for criminal charges to be brought against him. He was not taken to court but it was clear that he cannot remain in the Cabinet let alone as Attorney-general under such cloud. That’s why he was sacked. He should have offered his resignation in the first place. He was not a victim of the first regime but the second regime which made him homeless overnight.


  23. Lafia la Manju, Fafa Mbye was the brain behind the military dictatorship degrees issued in the first or early days of the Murderous Tyrannical afprc-bandits masquerading cum-soldiers…

    Dida, why twist things that Gambians know more about, than ANY luntango for that matter, including dida halake…?

    Fafa himself & / you dida here twisting, can’t blame anyone for Fafa’s personal predicaments; he’s victim of his own selfish indulgence, against & above the innocent Gambians; reaping his own fruits of the Murderous Tyrannical Syndicate both of you (fafa & dida) connive to enable…

    Pap Cheyassin was opposition party leader, at some point, if memory serves well, NLP, National Liberation Party, during PPP days; tell us what’s “Secka’s troubles with PPP” about…?

    Secka too, aid-abet & enabled the same Murderous Tyrannical kanilai Killer DEVIL…

    Nobody, either Gambian OR foreign, will succeed in sowing, nurture & maintaining the Murderous kanilai Tyrannical Oppression in Gambia, which can only lead to strife if not stopped, as done in other places…

    By your description of both Mbye & Secka’s inferring ‘retaliatory’ participations, in nurturing Tyrannical kanilai Oppression on innocent people, due to your alleged “PPP victimisation”, what justified their endeavours in aid-abetting Murderous kanilai Tyranny in Gambia, against themselves, families & innocent communities who had NO hands in their alleged PPP victimisations…?

    Dida, go on your voluntary aid-abet enabling the Oppressive Murderous kanilai yaya Killer DEVIL, until it possibly recycle you in the Murderous kanilai Oppressive machinery again, as you are looking for, within the little time left; but EVERY endeavour, gets a reward for EVERYONE…

  24. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Pap Cheyassin Secka was involved in the 1981 abortive coup led by kukoi samba sanyang and which led to the death of at least 500 gambians. He was tried and convicted by a competent court and sentenced to death. This was commuted to life imprisonment by Sir Dawda Jawara exercising his perogative of mercy. Secka was given clemeny in 1992 by Sir Dawda again exercising his perogative of mercy. Secka soon left Mile 2 prison and re-lunched his legal career. He attained success in it within a short period. He could not, however, resume his political career having automatically been barred from contesting public office due to his criminal conviction in connection to the 1981 abortive coup.

    In 2000 while serving as Attorney General, Secka confessed to his involvement in the 1981 coup on TV And thereby confirming that his conviction and sentencing were right and in line with law.

    Secka died in 2012 apparently from heart attack.


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