Ebrima Jawara Arrested, Charged


Ebrima JawaraEbrima Jawara, son of former President Sir Dawda Jawara, was yesterday arrested and charged with economic crime, The Point reported.

Apart from being the project coordinator of Central Projects Coordination Unit, an agricultural project, Mr. Jawara was also decorated with five other official titles.

The ambitious man who has been accused of bulldozing everybody in getting into Jammeh’s good books has apparently hanged himself.

Jawara authored a book showering praises on President Yahya Jammeh while damning his father’s ousted government for its failure to develop the country.



  1. Jammeh is very unpredictable ,and does not have permanent interest or friend . He is both political prostitute as well as real life sexual predator and male prostitute. Young jawara will learn his lesson hard way just like those before him. He should have been grateful enough to defend his father’s legacy and good work he started. The mere fact that he jumped ship to Join human rights abuser to oppress Gambian tell a lot about the man . It remain to be seen what the outcome might look like for him . He now join the club of ” former enablers “. I wish him speedy trial and I wish sir Dawda good health to see the downfall of the son who disowned his legacy.
    At least I am right about one of the possibility ( theory) that I put forward sometimes ago about his relationship with Jammeh, that he will be used and become a victim .

  2. “Kununding Meri Meri Lah..”- Mandingo adage…

    The party begins for our destructive Ebrima; how far it takes determines your fate; ‘if not from other’s, one can learn from own mistakes’…?

    The DEVIL is nobody’s friend or confident; we MUST all aspire, to serve & make humanity prosper, than indulge, impact or participate in predicaments of fellow humans…??

    No one regrets, EVER, in investing, contributing & participating in societal cohesion & humanity advancement…???

  3. Now I have an idea why even junior Government Officials have managed to erect mansions and eating beef steak on a daily basis.